Israeli Russian Agitators Penetrating & Creating Havoc In U.S High Tech Firms

The “comrades” agitating in US high tech corporations to cease working on US military projects need to be idntified and arrested immediately. They are Russian GRU/FSB agents operating through Israel.

Russia, China, Iran and Israel are very happy that Americans want to kill their own high technology sector. ‘We won’t be war profiteers’: Microsoft workers protest $480m army contract…

How Israel Arms The Enemies Of The United States…

Also: (Brendon O’Connell) – David Icke Australian Tour Visa | Netanyahu’s Best Friend

Icke will go down as the reason for why The Tavistock Institute is so successful. Every time one of their managerial class has doubts about the coming mass population cull, they just drag out this self evident fraud money making grubby con artist as proof the masses are dangerous and easily led and need to be placed in minimum security gulags known as Smart Cities. Designed by Israel, manufactured in China.

Despite Israel running every single high tech enslavement routine – Icke will not touch it. 5G is gonna kill us! Its all being done in Israel – icke will not touch it.

He has money to make and a Tavistock Insitute routine to fulfill. Also: (Brendon O’Connell) – Finding Trial Transcript Brendon O’Connell | Hate Speech Trial