Only The Left Can Save The Right – A Chat With A Revolutionary | The American Awakening Interview

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A chat with Left Trade Unionist official John Wilson. The equivilent in the US of the head of the Teamsters. Some sage advice to “The Right”. It’s time to realise what you’re up against. “Communism” is a well oiled machine and it is not dead. The Central Bankers are funding both sides.

Light and dark, masculine and feminine, thinking and feeling. We need The Left and The Right to know their strengths, weaknesses and admit their differences then move forward to patch the hole that threatens the entire ship.

As Bill Cooper was apt to say, “Without freedom you cant be a Christian; you cant be a Buddhist; you cant open a donut shop; you cant drive from here to Oregon.” He could have added You cannot be a Commie or a Fascist, a antifa or a alt-right street thug of equal stupidity and standing.

There is a vast middle ground waiting to be occupied. We need to sieze it. If we do not act quickly, the robots will be here and you can wave your consitituional rights to the robot who does not care, will not stop and will do the will of it’s master.

The means of production and the means of transaction is being shifted to israel – Rothschilds fave play thing. A rich man’s hobby.

The world to come, the high technology Internet of Things, Smart Cities under the UN Habitat Program and A.I will be designed in Israel and manufactured in China.

***USA, no pressure, but you’re it.***

Use it or lose it.

Start looking for smart people with balls to get out and ENGAGE in the political process. For that, The Left are absolute masters.

Take a knee and listen from one of the enemy who knows that the good souls of The Left will be the first to go when Rothschild has used them to grab and control the final seat of power and destroyed the US Constitution and the US economy and military which is being dismantled piece by piece as we speak.

“He who controls Eurasia, controls the world.”

We have ten years.