Leiberman Resigns | Why Didn’t The Sky’s Darken?

What a loss to the political world. The Moldavian USSR night club bouncer takes a night off from killing kids in Gaza.

Whats really going on? Who knows. Bi Bi wakes every morning with 30 plots and ways to kill Muslims before mid morning tea without upsetting the Jewish Left in America.

All I know is “Israel” is a military and technology Juggernaut, bent on fulfilling prophecy and the wishes of a bored cross dressing Jewish banker in England who should get a train set to play with.

There is to much invested in the state of Israel to allow a viable peace plan. Massive technology parks. Critical infrastructure. They are NOT going to allow the weak left Jews of America to stop it. Only the US military can stop Bi Bi. But before that can happen, Iran must be ejected from Syria and Vlad told to go home and take his S400’s with him before he gets hurt.

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey…