Lockheed And Israel Run Everything | Special Executive Service

Mike Herzog and I discuss Lockheed Martin as a virtual Israeli OWNED company and it’s special role in…everything… as number one bad boy Military defense contractor involved with Israel.

Israel not only service parts. Israel BUILDS the F35 aircraft. Wing sections at a KIBBUTZ in Israel. Russian and Chinese aerospace engineers need some pointers. Its a popular KIBBUTZ destination for Russian speakers. As is the Intel factory in Israel. Israel is a Red Light District for the arms world – it’s ALL on display. American tax payers – you paid for it – when are you going to get pissed about it?

Elbit Systems built the helmet – from the ground up. Americans were busy that weekend. Only a retarded racist supremacist state full of pretend Jews from Russia could possibly build it all because Americans are so dumb.

Lockheed is involved not only with dumping US high technology of the highest order into Israel, it’s involved with Homeland Security Fusion Centers and the Special Executive Service.

Lockheed are also intimately involved with PROMIS and databases all over the world. Including specialist Pentagon programs.

Lockheed and other military defense contractors are involved with sex trafficking.

Lockheed may well be involved in the Pentagon audit…not a good idea as it is probably it’s PROMIS style Israeli written code used by the Pentagon which assisted Israel in thieving billions and billions and billions out of the Pentagon, HUD and a million and one other US government tax payer funded pig swill feed lots they just love to dip their snouts into.

Bi Bi loves Lockheed. Its hard to tell Lockheed and Israel apart most days.

US tax payers have lead in their water – Tel Aviv sips champagne on US tax payer dime and Bi Bi’s fave President Trump hands billions in Chinese contracts to BI Bi and his special forces friends. Its a shame. But US tax payers seem to love it and cant get enough of Bad Boy Bi Bi and his abuse.

*Coming soon – how Israeli intelligence ran interference for Soviet intelligence and loaded every government department in the US with Soviet spy’s who’s networks operate to this day.*

How the Pollard spy network was never touched – involving hundreds of spy’s for Israel who ultimately reported back to Russia and the KGB.

How the “Neo-Cons” are Soviet era KGB spy’s operating under the cover of “anti-Communist” Israeli Firsters…who hand the material to Israel an “allie” – who then palm it off to the KGB/FSB. No wonder Putin always has a grin on his face.

Secretary of Defense Israel, Avignore Lieberman, Bi Bi’s right hand man, is considered a “Russian spy” by many Israeli’s who are keen to remain in the US taxpayers good books.