Malaysian Prime Minister Bans Israeli’s Entry To Malaysia | Oxford University Talk

As usual, ‘Tun’ Mahathir Muhammed is unrepented and attacks relentlessly the Israeli state and Jewish supremacism and the invasion and colonization of Palestine. Lets GoFundMe every American, British, Australian politician to Kuala Lumpur for a lesson in “Tun Testosterone”.

While it would be great if he would “tone it down” a little – the interviewer makes a few good points – it is also refreshing to see a world leader kicking Bi Bi and the gang in the nuts. We hope it is all not stage managed. He is constatly cheered from the crowd.

Malaysia is a place to watch. Massive investment coming. High technology.

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How the attack that killed U.S. forces in Syria could affect Trump’s pullout ■ The question of Iran’s nuclear program is set to make a comeback……

Israel has a long history of killing American service men and women to create chaos. We explore this concept via the PBS documentary “The Lost Year In Iraq”. We also recall “Jabu The Sniper” in Iraq. An Indigenous Iraqi special forces soldier? Or, an Iraqi Jew, Israeli Special Forces soldier causing chaos in Iraq?

“The Lost year In Iraq” – Full Documentary

Explains how Iraq could easily have been handled after the 2003 invasion and how people like Paul BREMER and the neocons assisted in setting Iraq on fire with deliberate bad policy decisions like sacking all Baath Party members, the Iraqi military, generals and guaranteeing an insurgency that cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi’s.

Paul BREMER was head of Kissinger And Associates. BREMER was a P.A to Henry Kissinger in the Nixon administration. He was deep in with the so called neocons – ALL agents for the state of Israel.

Israel, via it’s necon agents in the US State Department and administration of George “W” Bush went to war with the Department of Defense and Colin POWEL to set Iraq on fire and destabilise the entire Middle East allowing Iran into the region and setting the stage for the showdwon to allow Israel the excuse it needs to push into Syria and Iraq and create Greater Israel. For that it needs a powerful enemy – that is Iran.

This is all about the alliance between Israel, Russia and China and the $20 trillion dollar Belt & Road Initiative.

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Shootin tha breeze. It’s Sunday afternoon. Jack Daniels is frozen, diet coke and ice plentiful. Lets chat.

Should I be nice to people who deliberately poison the well?

I’m political. I seek a PRACTICAL political outcome. By influencing the POLITICAL/BUSINESS/INTELLECTUAL CLASS and ordinary WORKING CLASS, TAX PAYING people. I do not want to run a successful conspiracy/Martian sex white nationalist slave channel. Are we clear?

I had hoped that “being nice” might work. But no one listened. It’s 10 years on. I started this journey of exposing Israeli high technology domination in 2005, when did you start? Read my documents below.

Good. Now lets talk about the sexiest plane ever…the SR71…