Snowden Shows His True Colors | Is Snowden A Soviet Era Op?

Over 40 minutes I go over the Snowden in Israel via video link non event. Why Israel? Why now? Despite Israel dominating…everything…high tech. Snowden is keeping mom. Nothing to see here.

Israels self evident close relationship with Russia and China and Iran goes un mentioned by the great god of high tech analysis, Snowden.

I compare some 1987 articles on the infiltration of the US high tech sector via the US State Department against the wishes of the DOD allowing the flow of US tech to the then Soviet Union.

Like Putting the K.G.B. Into the Pentagon…

Written by none other than Richard Pearl. A “screamer” faking infiltration orgasms after KGB defectors showed the level of Soviet penetration by Israeli agents. Richard thought he better take the lead in expressing his horror at it all. Meanwhile, the rat lines through Israel continued unabated as they do to this day.

And Snowden? What of him?

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