U.S MSM Complain – “Israel is being a bad ally to the US over China”

Published on Dec 18, 2018 – Brendon O’Connell

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“Israeli technology could be key to stronger ties with Muslim world”

Get Ready for Mueller’s Phase Two: The Middle East Connection

What is Soviet Israel’s end goal?

Conversing on Comverse

Israel (Russian controlled Israel) is cuddling up to Muslim world. The United States is on the outer. Israel and Russia use the US to smash up the place, then Israel and Russia (and China) make themselves the good guys? Someone get me Sec.Def Mattis’s phone number!

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Really? If Flynn is a traitor, what does that make 3/4’s of the American business, intellectual and political class?

Mega Spy Group

What does that make Lockheed executives who gave the crown jewels of US tax payer funded technology to the Russian Soviet scientists in Israel?

Niki Haley said to the UN Trumps Middle East peace plan is da best’est…ever! And it involves “technology”. What does that mean?

Wouldn’t have anything to do with the Israeli designed “Smart Cities” program? “Smart Gulags” to pen up the lumpen proletariat? Or the “lumpen Palestinians?”

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Why is the Sec. Def Mattis audits of the Pentagon and associated defense sectors finding GIANT holes in security at the most sensitive points?

Inspectors Find Big Cyber Vulnerabilities in US Missile Defense System

Just WHO made those protocols? Who wrote the code for and installed the highly vulnerable software and hardware?

Hmmmmm…I have a few ideas.




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It seems a whole raft of cat video watchers and arm chair generals are convinced my work is not influencing major events.

I beg to differ.