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The New World Order Strikes Iran & Iraq – Genie Part 6

Are you confused about why the United States keeps ending up in wars in the Middle East decade after decade? This video will help to you to begin to understand how the New World Order conducts CIA operations and proxy wars for oil.

Footage of Syrian Army Fighting Jaish al Islam in Douma

It was the successful liberation of Syrian citizens in #Douma by the Syrian Arab Army that led to the false flag chemical weapon attack by Jaish al Islam with the help of the White Helmets. This is footage from some of the fighting. This footage

This Day in History: the Story of the Columbine School Shooting

Today is the 19th anniversary of the Columbine School Shooting. This video is a brief history lesson on what occurred that day in Littleton, Colorado when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold carried out the first ever mass shooting at an American grade school.

Israeli Air Strikes on Iranian Soldiers in Syria

Israel has been conducting air strikes inside of Syria against Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah militias for a long time now. But did Israel conduct strikes shortly after Trump’s cruise missile attack?

Russian Evidence of Staged Chemical Attack in Syria

You’ve seen the footage of Syrian children being treated in a hospital for chemical exposure all over western media. But Russia has released video testimony of medical personnel from the hospital who say that nobody showed any signs at all of chemical exposure. They also

Major Evidence Syrian Chemical Attack Staged by US-backed Terrorists

In 2013, Qatari intelligence tried to hire a UK mercenary contractor company to give chemical weapons to US-backed rebels in Syria to stage a chemical weapons attack to be used to justify western military intervention. For more:…

Is the Stock Market Getting Ready to Crash?

It’s beginning to look a lot like 1987! Volatility in the stock market, largely due to President Trumps trade war with China, is spooking investors. Will there be a major selloff in the near future?