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Refuting Zionist Claims to Palestine

The conflict over land in Israel-Palestine cannot be settled by Zionist claims based on the Bible or on ancient connections to the territory. Jake Morphonios presents a detailed review of the claims and why they fall flat.

My Birthday Nightmare About Gaza

In the early morning hours of my 50th birthday, I had an intense nightmare about being in Gaza and losing my children to an Israeli air strike.

Israel Has Gotten Away with Too Much for Too Long

A review of the 2008 Gaza massacre. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza by Israel Opens New Crisis Thousands of lives hang in the balance as hospitals run out of fuel for the generators that are keeping patients alive. Also: (Blackstone Intelligence)

Secrets of the Saudi Coup – Part 1

In 2017, Prince Mohammad bin Salman carried out a daring coup in Saudi Arabia to seize the role of Crown Prince from the CIA’s ally, Prince Nayef, placing Salman in line to become the next King.

My Views on the Ukraine War

Blackstone Intelligence – March 1st, 2022 See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Ukraine War – Live News & Analysis Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Russia Attacks Ukraine WAR Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Putin’s Masterclass in Psychological Warfare – Russia vs Ukraine

Is Russia Going to War With Ukraine?

Blackstone Intelligence – January, 17th, 2022 – The White House is claiming that Russia is preparing a false flag attack against its own forces to justify a full scale invasion of Ukraine. Is this claim true? Or is it just propaganda? Jake Morphonios takes you

Biden Opens Illegal Immigration Floodgates

President Joe Biden has opened the floodgates of illegal immigration along our southern border. Illegal immigration is now at a 20 year high. We’re in big trouble. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Socialists in Congress on Verge of Major Victory The US Congress is currently

Terrorists Attack US Troops in Kabul, Afghanistan

Jake discusses today’s terrorist attacks in Kabul, Afghanistan that have left at least 12 US troops dead + the effort by the Deep State to stop the withdrawal. In my haste to get my report out, I failed to mention one important point in the

The Sinister Skull & Bones Society

The ranks of America’s wicked elite are continually provided with new blood from a secret society called SKULL & BONES. Jake discusses the group’s sinister origin.

The Insidious Origin of the Bilderberg Group

The power elite of the USA are linked to European royalty & the banking elite through the Bilderberg Group. Jake discusses the group’s sinister origin. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Israel Commits War Crimes Against Palestinians Under international law, Israel’s acts of collective punishment against

The Evil of the Rothschild Family – The Power Behind Empires

Jake Morphonios narrates the story of one of the most evil and powerful dynasties in human history: the Rothschild family. This story is taken from the book Battle Hymn – Revelations of the Sinister Plan for a New World Order by John Scura and Dane

Trump Requested Plans for US Military Strike Against Iran

Multiple sources reported to the New York Times that, last week, President Trump ordered plans for a US military strike against Iran. Ultimately, certain advisers talked him down. But will Israel move forward anyway with Trump’s backing?

Jake Morphonios: The Story of How Israel Blackmailed Bill Clinton

This is the true story of how Israeli intelligence blackmailed President Bill Clinton with bugged recordings of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. See Also: (BlackstoneIntelligence) – Latest Middle East News with Jake Morphonios: Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia Jake Morphonios reports on US diplomatic activity in

Shocking Video of Trump Leaked on Election Day

You don’t have to pick between Trump or Biden. The choice of “the lesser of two evils” is merely a subjective justification a person uses to make himself feel better about the fact that he knows he is voting for someone who is evil. Protest

THE NEW WORLD ORDER, Global Slave Masters

Blackstone Intelligence Network – Jake Morphonios discusses the New World Order plan for total world domination. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Jake Morphonios 🟢 The Sinister Role of the UAE in the War in Yemen This week, President Trump hosted representatives from the United Arab

What is Antifa? And What Does Antifa Believe?

This is a brief overview of the extremist group ANTIFA. What is Antifa? Where did Antifa come from? What does Antifa want? See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Bankers vs AMERICA The bankers are eating us alive. Here is the latest news on the actions of

Zionist Media Moguls: Sumner Redstone, Robert Maxwell & Rupert Murdoch

Blackstone Intelligence – August 12th, 2020 – Billionaire media mogul Sumner Redstone is dead. Also, the collapse of the New York Daily News. And… Mr. Donald Trump! See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Citizens Rise up in Belarus After Rigged Election The nation of Belarus is

Israeli Newspapers BUSTED Publishing Hit Pieces by DEEP FAKE Operative

Blackstone Intelligence Network – July 15th, 2020 See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Why I Won’t Vote for Donald Trump OR Joe Biden! Why I Won’t Vote for Donald Trump OR Joe Biden! Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Trump’s Connections to the Epstein Gang Donald Trump, long-time

Israel Controls Donald Trump & Plays Him Like an Orange Fiddle

This November, America has a chance to vote out the current White House occupants: Benjamin Netanyahu and his poodle Donald Trump. Pro-Israel Trump supporters are unAmerican shills for a foreign government that uses our own tax dollars to send our own American military troops to

#19 An Israeli Soldier Gets Away with Murder in Palestine

Blackstone Intelligence Network – June 16th, 2020 See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Rayshard Brooks Video Police Bodycam Footage Full Compilation I took the bodycam footage and spliced it together to make it easier to watch.

Is This a New “Civil War”?

Blackstone Intelligence – The Show BEGINS at 3:04 – The discussion of the Civil War topic begins at 7:06 See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – I Busted YouTube Shadow Banning Me on My Own Channel Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Israel’s 2008 Massacre in Gaza In this

Remembering the Waco Siege

Blackstone Intelligence Network – The discussion of WACO begins at 20:32 See Also: (Blackstone) – Origins of Freemasonry – Part 2 – The Roman Empire

Origins of Freemasonry – Part 1

Blackstone Intelligence Network – April 1st, 2020 – This introduction explains how I first heard about freemasonry and what I learned about it. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Nurses Living Through Covid19 Nightmare + the Good Samaritan Hospital staff, doctors, nurses, and other health care

Trump Pushes Americans to Support Deep State Coup in Venezuela

In the 2020 State of the Union Address, President Trump promoted the CIA-trained Venezuelan puppet, Juan Guaido, to the American people in an effort to gain US citizen’s support for an illegal coup attempt that is continuing to ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands

Israel & Saudi Arabia Unite to Destroy Iran – Part 1

To understand current developments between Donald Trump and Iran, we must look at the history of the Israeli-Saudi alliance & their common goal of overthrowing #Iran. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Israel & Saudi Arabia Unite to Destroy Iran – Part 2 Also: (Blackstone Intelligence)

Trump & Netanyahu Nearly Start WWIII with Iran Over Soleimani Slaying

The assassination of Iranian General Soleimani has been discussed between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for over a year. The murder nearly resulted in a major war – a war which is still a real possibility. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Iran

The Truth About Trump’s Executive Order on Antisemitism

Why are thousands and thousands of Jews standing up in strong opposition to President Trump’s new executive order that defines criticism of Israel with “antisemitism”? Watch this video to find out! See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Let’s Plant HUNDREDS of New Olive Trees in Palestine!

Trump Bows to Zionists on Illegal Settlements in Palestine

For 71 years, every country on earth has firmly condemned the illegal settlements of Zionist Jews from Israel inside of occupied Palestinian territory. Trump just upended that precedent by catering to the will of Benjamin Netanyahu and the powerful Zionist lobby. Part 1 of 2.

The True History of ISIS – Jake Morphonios in 2014

In this video from 2014, Jake al Talibani talks about the ISIS terrorist foot soldiers being used by the CIA to carry out the agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations in Iraq & Syria. #Trump #ISIS #Baghdadi a big objective was to weaken the

Fog of War: Turkey Allegedly Bombs US Base in Syria

Early reports are conflicting. Did Turkey shell a US base in Syria? It depends on who you ask. It is in Trump’s interest to water down the event – while it is in the interest of the Pentagon to play it up. See Also: (Blackstone

The 1933 Boycott of Germany vs the BDS Boycott of Israel

In 1933, Jews outside of Germany organized a global boycott of that nation’s goods, despite pleas by Jews within Germany not to do so. This video discusses that historic boycott and how it relates the current #BDS boycott movement against apartheid. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence)

How Zionist Israel is Robbing America Blind!

It doesn’t matter if you are a hard-working American. YOU are not entitled to keep your own income. YOU are a cash cow for the Zionist state of Israel. America’s labor force is Israel’s Golden Goose. And I am going to show you the financial

Podcast 12 Meet Epstein’s Russian Bodyguard, Igor Zinoviev

From Soviet Russia to underground, bare-knuckle blood sports in New York, Igor Zinoviev spent his life fighting for everything he got. After a career ending cage match, Igor was scooped up as a bodyguard and trainer by notorious billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead from Alleged Suicide

Jeffrey Epstein’s body was found in his prison cell this morning, allegedly the result of a suicide. #Epstein #EpsteinDead #EpsteinSuicide #EpsteinFiles See Also: (BI) – Shocking New Epstein Documents Unsealed – Files Reveal New Details Today, over 1,000 pages of previously seal court documents related

Jeffrey Epstein & His Mysterious Temple

Blackstone Intelligence Network – Published on Jul 12th, 2019 Podcast 1: Convicted pedophile & sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein has a mysterious temple on his private island. In his debut podcast, investigator Jake Morphonios discusses the temple & talks about Epstein and other powerful perverts. The

Trump & the NeoCon Iran Agenda Revealed – War is Coming

Donald Trump doesn’t know what to do about Iran. He wants to appease the Zionists and NeoCons who infest his administration, but he also wants to win reelection in 2020. Jake Morphonios predicted the Iran War and described the path to war in March of

Trump Orders Strike on IRAN Then Abruptly Cancels It

According to the NYT, President Donald Trump ordered a pre-dawn strike against targets in #Iran but then called off the attack before it began. See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Accused of Antisemitism Over Concentration Camp Remark Left leaning Jewish members of Congress

A Review of the Iran – Gulf of Oman Oil Tanker Attacks

Blackstone Intelligence Network – Streamed live on Jun 15th, 2019 See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Jake Morphonios at Red Pill Expo – Palestinians Deserve Dignity – #BDS At the 2019 Red Pill Expo, Jake Morphonios called out Israel for its apartheid policies and mistreatment of

Deadly Ebola Outbreak Spreading Fast in West Africa

The west African outbreak of Ebola is spreading in the Congo. 1,200 people have died in the last few months. With it being highly contagious and a mortality rate of up to 90%, thousands more will likely die before it is brought under control.

How YOU Can Support the USS Liberty Veterans Today!

On June 8, 1967 the Zionist state of Israel carried out a brutal attack on a US naval vessel sailing off the coast of Gaza, the USS Liberty. Israeli torpedo boats blew holes the hull while jets streamed back and forth strafing the sailors with

President Trump is Repeating President Nixon’s Tactical Errors

Between 1972 – 1974, President Richard Nixon made a series of poor choices that resulted in him resigning the presidency to avoid impeachment. Between 2016-2019, President Donald Trump has been repeating Nixon’s tactical errors. In this show, we will compare Watergate to #Russiagate and talk

The 1933 Jewish Boycott of Germany & the HR 336 Anti BDS Bill

In 2019, the Israeli #Zionist movement is pressuring US politicians to make it illegal for American citizens to boycott #Israel . They are pushing an anti-boycott bill known as HR 336. But in 1933, against the wishes of German Jews, Jews in America and the

Congressman Jim Traficant vs Donald Trump On Israel

#Israel has long been a threat to American security. In this video, former Congressman Jim Traficant talks about Israel and the #Zionist lobby in the USA. If YOU want to support the #BDS movement against Israel, please follow the steps I’ve outlined to combat the

Understanding How the Deep State Works

What is the Deep State and how does it work? Deep State 101 Explained with real examples of the Deep State in action. I’ve been in Mexico since yesterday… getting ready to head to Hawaii. Reposting part of a previous episode for the sake of

Jake’s Response to Trump’s 911 Smear of Ilhan Omar

President Trump, the lapdog of the Israeli AIPAC lobby in Washington DC, viciously smeared Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Muslim American, by tweeting a video of the September 11th attacks in between scenes of #Omar. This disgusting act by #Trump isn’t just religiously bigoted toward Muslims,

Rebutting the Claims of Wolfgang Halbig About Sandy Hook

This video debunks several false claims made by the Sandy Hoaxer anti-truth community. Be kind to the families of Sandy Hook who lost loved ones. Show them the compassion they deserve. Treat others the way you would want to be treated if it you who

Alex Jones & Wolfgang Halbig Retreat from Sandy Hook Claims

You likely have already seen the deposition of Alex Jones explaining that he never investigated Sandy Hook, but believed the conspiracy theory that nobody died because he had a mental psychosis. But now, the Hoaxer-in-Chief, Wolfgang Halbig, is swiftly backtracking as well. He used to

Who Is Wolfgang Halbig & What Is His REAL Agenda?

Wolfgang Halbig has built his reputation on tormenting the families of dead Sandy Hook school children, calling the parents “crisis actors” and demanding they exhume their children’s dead bodies. From the bully pulpit of the InfoWars platform, Halbig & Jones have asked thousands of inane

Cold Hard Facts That Matter to People Who Care About Truth

It doesn’t matter how much a person believes in a “conspiracy theory”, there is no moral justification for mistreating other people over it. The extremist faction that believes it has the right to harass and threaten the families of the Sandy Hook victims must be

YouTube Algorithm is PROMOTING the Alex Jones Sandy Hook Hoax Theory

Over the last 6 years, I’ve published nearly 1,800 videos on my channels. I’ve never seen this happen before. After posting a video defending the Sandy Hook families who lost children in the mass shooting, YouTube’s algorithm sent masses of “Sandy Hoaxers” (people who believe

Conspiracy Theorists & the Dunning Kruger Effect

Mean-spirited internet trolls have made life horrible for the families and survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting. After years of threats and harassment, some of the families are suing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for defamation and emotional suffering. In this video, I will discuss the

Do We Dare Oppose the Incredible Power of the Q Being? 🏴 #QANON

Blackstone Intelligence Network – Published on Mar 17th, 2019 – What is Qanon? And do we dare oppose its incredible power? See Also: (Blackstone Intelligence) – Rise Up. Resist. And RAGE Against the War Machine! 💥 Evil political leaders, corrupt bureaucrats, greedy bankers & CEOs

#EggBoy , Muslim Immigration & Remembering Rachel Corrie

Lots to cover in this episode… starting with the egging incident in Australia that has made worldwide news. We’ll also talk about mass migration of Muslim populations, the anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s death while defending Palestinians from the Israeli IDF, and new strikes on Gaza.

The New Zealand Christchurch Mosque Shooting / Terrorist Attack

News of the New Zealand attack broke last night during my livestream. I had just finished talking about how hatred, bigotry and stereotyping leads to violence against innocent people. It is fair to debate the legitimacy of institutions, such as CAIR or AIPAC – or

Gambino Crime Family Boss Gets Whacked

The Gambino Crime Family Boss was knocked off today. In this episode, I’ll talk about the mafia and tell stories about my grandfather’s fight against gangsters and the mob in the 1950s.

How Trump Helps the Mafia to Launder Blood Money

Donald Trump has a decades-long history of doing business with mobsters from both the Italian and Jewish mafias. Trump was 1 of only 2 real estate moguls in all of New York City who allowed organized crime families to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars