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The Dire Threat of Israeli Zionist Control Over America

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel. No nation has posed as much danger to the survival of the United States as Israel. I love history. Lessons learned by past generations can help us to navigate through today’s tangled maze – if

What is Freemasonry? – Part 4 – Egyptian Mysteries & Gnosticism

Freemasonry has origins in ancient mystery schools. It can be hard to find a straight-forward, non-sensationalized information about Freemasonry. But in this series, I will discuss the subject and try to help distinguish fact from fiction. Part 1:… Part 2:… Part 3:…

Freemasonry Explained – Part 2 – Ancient Mystery Schools

Freemasonry has origins in ancient mystery schools. It can be hard to find a straight-forward, non-sensationalized information about Freemasonry. But in this series, I will discuss the subject and try to help distinguish fact from fiction. Part 1:… See Also: (Blackstone) – What is Freemasonry?

This Day in History – June 7, 2018

This video covers the Port Royal earthquake; Richard Henry Lee and the Declaration of Independence; Chief Seattle and Skid Row; Gandhi and civil disobedience; Reagan’s political career; and Michael Skakel’s murder of Martha Moxley.

Why the Flag and the National Anthem Still Matter

Trump’s decision to disinvite the Philadelphia Eagles has re-launched debate over protesting the National Anthem and the American flag. This is a repost of a video I did back in September of 2017 on the issue.

This Day in History – June 6, 2018

This video cover: A brave Revolutionary War hero; a naval battle during the Civil War; World War I; the first drive in movie theater; D-Day; George Orwell’s 1984; US military action in Laos; a train tragedy in India; a brutal case of infanticide.

The Truth About the Deep State

You’ve heard the terms “Deep State” and “Shadow Government”. This series will go into detail on what these entities are and how they function. Part 1 of 3 Real.Video Backup Part 2 of 3 – Major Revelations Real.Video Backup Part 3 of 3 – Military

UK Stuns World in Assault on Free Speech #FreeTommyRobinson

A well-known crusader against pedophile grooming networks in the UK, Tommy Robinson, has been arrested and sent to prison for 13 months. This a significant assault on freedom of speech that is sending shock waves around the world. #FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson

The Bleeping NXIVM Connection

In this video, I will introduce you to the major players in the NXIVM sex cult operated by Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters.

Israeli Racism & Zionist Apartheid – An Honest Conversation

Did you know that Israel has been compelling black Jews to receive long-term birth control shots? This is a big controversy in Israel. In this video, I will discuss racism and apartheid in Israel. Link to Abby Martin’s full video:…

Proof of John McCain’s Deep Ties to George Soros and Russian Oligarchs

Paul Manafort has extensive connections to Russian oligarchs. Manafort’s partner in crime was Rick Davis. Together they lobbied US politicians on behalf of Russian and Ukrainian billionaires. It’s no coincidence that Manafort was Trump’s presidential campaign boss in 2016 while Davis was John McCain’s campaign

September 11th Attacks – NEVER FORGET

There is a mountain of evidence that the Israeli Mossad played an integral role in the September 11th attacks. Many journalists have compiled extensive evidence to link Israel to the events of 9-11. From early warnings to Israeli citizens through the Odigo instant messenger, to

Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Civilians Draw Global Rebuke

While Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump surrogates opened the US embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli Defense Forces massacred 60 civilians, including at least 8 children. With the exception of the USA, the world united to rebuke Israel for its genocidal crime spree.

1984 Book Winner + Latest Israeli & Syrian Geopolitical News

In this episode I 1) announce the winner of the 1984 book raffle, 2) discuss Netanyahu’s new war powers, 3) talk about the realignment of Kurdish loyalties away from the USA and, 4) share thoughts from a Syrian viewer on the complexities of the Syrian

Israel’s Dirty Syrian Air Strike Secret Revealed

Even though Russian and Syrian forces were on high alert for potential Israeli air strikes, Israel was able to fly in and carry out a massive operation without being fired upon a single time. How did they do it?

The New World Order Strikes Iran & Iraq – Genie Part 6

Are you confused about why the United States keeps ending up in wars in the Middle East decade after decade? This video will help to you to begin to understand how the New World Order conducts CIA operations and proxy wars for oil.

Footage of Syrian Army Fighting Jaish al Islam in Douma

It was the successful liberation of Syrian citizens in #Douma by the Syrian Arab Army that led to the false flag chemical weapon attack by Jaish al Islam with the help of the White Helmets. This is footage from some of the fighting. This footage

This Day in History: the Story of the Columbine School Shooting

Today is the 19th anniversary of the Columbine School Shooting. This video is a brief history lesson on what occurred that day in Littleton, Colorado when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold carried out the first ever mass shooting at an American grade school.