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Trump Wants An Israeli Space Command – W10 Code Written In Israel

Published on Jul 14th, 2018 – Brendon O’Connell See Also: (Brendon O’Connel) – ISRAEL’S SECRET WEAPON – THE TALPIOT PROGRAM Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above even the US. That “American” you see

Israeli High Tech Intelligence 9/11 to Talpiot – Dr. Alan Sabrosky

June 15, 2018 | Israeli High Tech Intelligence 9/11 to Talpiot – Dr. Alan Sabrosky – Brendon O’Connell on Resurrect the Republic with Tom Lacovara-Stewart Thomas Lacovara of the Republican Broadcasting Network interviews both Brendon O’Connell and Dr Alan Sabrosky, former head of studies

The Tel Aviv Moscow New York Axis – Israeli Russian Spying

There are many links here you must follow up. See below. ISRAEL WAS A CREATION OF POLISH AND RUSSIAN JEWISH COMMUNISTS FROM DAY ONE – and nothing has changed. Israel is a Jewish Bolshevik creation. From start to finish. Just as Soviet Russia was. And

Iran Israel War – The Clown Dance Continues…

War, war, war… Get your popcorn. Car chase at the 7 minute mark. Black guy dies 20 minutes in, his white cop partner avenged his death at the 50 minute mark. Love scene. Another car chase…credits. Brush your teeth to get the popcorn out. Apart

How BI BI Became The President Of Syria

Bi Bi runs Vlad – Vlad runs Syria = Bi Bi runs Syria The “alt-media” are in total denial – Vlad and Bi Bi are best of friends. Therefore accept the reality – Bi Bi runs Syria. Iran and the Shia militias they control have

How Israel Arms The Enemies Of The United States

Part 1 – Extract taken from “Israeli Drones World Wide”. 12 minutes. ISRAELI DRONES WORLD WIDE How Israel arms the enemies of the United States and dominates the world’s high tech sector. Also how Israel has told the US to go away. It has China