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The Most Banned Video On You Tube | Human 2.0

Published on Dec 7th, 2018 – Brendon O’Connell Full Video Here Despite laying a successful copyright dispute, 2 minutes of Human 2.0 remains banned. Why is that? Here I remove the disputed video but leave up the audio. Lets see what they do now.

Trump Is Raping Your Wife & Telling You They’re Dancing

Trump hands more technology to China via Israel. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is poised to transform the clean energy industry… Trumpians continue to live in a delusional world. ALL YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON IS HERE… I show some

#IsraelGate, #Khashoggi & Trump’s Dirty Deal with Saudi Arabia

For all the talk about #RussiaGate, the media ignores the true group behind US election interference: the Zionist state of #Israel. The debt owed by #Trump to the Zionists is a big reason for his defense of Crown Prince #MBS despite the overwhelming evidence of

Leiberman Resigns | Why Didn’t The Sky’s Darken?

What a loss to the political world. The Moldavian USSR night club bouncer takes a night off from killing kids in Gaza. Whats really going on? Who knows. Bi Bi wakes every morning with 30 plots and ways to kill Muslims before mid morning tea

Brendon O’Connell Exposes the Secret Religion of Wall Street

Brendon on the secret religion and solutions to converted those deeply invested in the illusion. Original Video Here:… See Also: (GDL United) – Trump Exposes China as Foreign Agent of Wall Street: G20 & Navarro Trump and Navarro Unite Against Goldman Sachs after they

Snowden Shows His True Colors | Is Snowden A Soviet Era Op?

Over 40 minutes I go over the Snowden in Israel via video link non event. Why Israel? Why now? Despite Israel dominating…everything…high tech. Snowden is keeping mom. Nothing to see here. Israels self evident close relationship with Russia and China and Iran goes un mentioned

“The Israeli Lobby In America” | Al Jazeera

AlJazeera deals a death blow to the vile racist apartheid state of Israel. BI Bi is more dangerous than ever. I have no doubt the attack on the Liberal Reform Synagogue was an Israeli handled “Wet Op”. – Brendon O’Connell Part 1 Of 4 Part

$20,000 | Just Stop Talking About Donald Trump

Published on Nov 7th, 2018 – Brendon O’Connell FULL LIST OF LINKS SHOWING THE ISRAEL/RUSSIA CLOSE RELATIONSHIP FULL LIST OF LINKS SHOWING THE ISRAEL/CHINA CLOSE RELATIONSHIP It was inferred some time ago I might get $20,000 at the end of the year. Over

“The Israeli Lobby In America” | Al Jazeera

H/T Brendon O’Connell – AlJazeera deals a death blow to the vile racist apartheid state of Israel. Part 1 Of 2 Part 2 of 2 BI Bi is more dangerous than ever. War any day. I have no doubt the attack on the Liberal Reform

Israel “Invents” Water Powerd Car – A Blessing Unto The Nations!

Published on Oct 31st, 2018 – Israel shows us yet again it is a “blessing unto the nations” Water powered cars. Medical nano technology. Cancer cures. Agricultural breakthroughs. Robotics. Smart Cities and smart light bulbs. Where would we be without our Soviet era founded state?

Germany Lost The War Because Of Subversion And Technology Backdooring

Nationalist Socialist Germany lost the war because of white anting and technological backdoors. Ultra Intercepts were reaching Stalin with the German full order of battle within 12 hours. This is an unprecedented advantage. Even then, Stalin barely held on. American troops are regularly targeted by

Will Jim Mattis Run For President 2020?

Roger Stone speaks to Alex Jones on Sunday, 15 October, right at end, that Mattis is to go because he is disloyal and has presidential ambitions. Mattis as prez.

Edward Snowden Goes To Israel – Why?

Edward Snowden is giving a closed session talk in Israel via video link.… I talk about what he WONT be talking about. Was Snowden an Israeli spy all along? Like Jonathon Pollard? The Falcon and the Snowman – Official Trailer… These things need

Unfinished Draft – How Israel Rules

I have to return to salvaging some sort of life and not making yt video’s that get 3000 views and $50 a week. If that. The only money is in pumping out pro Trump, pro Putin, pro Rouhani garbage. Your internet guru of choice has

Lockheed And Israel Run Everything | Special Executive Service

Mike Herzog and I discuss Lockheed Martin as a virtual Israeli OWNED company and it’s special role in…everything… as number one bad boy Military defense contractor involved with Israel. Israel not only service parts. Israel BUILDS the F35 aircraft. Wing sections at a KIBBUTZ in

Casino Drug Money Launderer Shelden Adelson Opens Israeli Spy School

Trumps financier and drug money launderer Shelden Adelson likes to train up Jews from all over the world in “entrepreneurship”, starting businesses…then sending them out to infiltrate and subvert countries economically, politically and even spiritually. The Adelson School Of Entrepreneurship.…

How Dumb/Compromised Is James Corbett? You Decide…

And yes, it worked. James Corbett knows all about China – except…Israel and China’s love affair. How is that possible? Here are some links for my mate Jimmy to get him up to speed. ISRAEL’S SECRET WEAPON – THE TALPIOT PROGRAM How Israel dominates the

SGT Report Is Down | Who Cares And Where Is My Video File?

My amazing expose on SGT Report and who cares…will have to wait because as I was watching the screenrecording it was deleted and ceased playing. Obviously mocking the SGT Report, Alex Jones, Dr Steve Pieczenik is not allowed. I will upload again in a new

MSM Goes After Israel China Trade Deals | US Security At Risk

This is big news. The narrative is breaking through. **Unlikely partners? China and Israel deepening trade ties**… —Lee Branstetter, professor of economics and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, says that the concern in the US is that Israeli technology could ultimately

Trump Wants An Israeli Space Command – W10 Code Written In Israel

Published on Jul 14th, 2018 – Brendon O’Connell See Also: (Brendon O’Connel) – ISRAEL’S SECRET WEAPON – THE TALPIOT PROGRAM Netanyahu can get away with murder because Israel controls the worlds high technology sector – over and above even the US. That “American” you see

Israeli High Tech Intelligence 9/11 to Talpiot – Dr. Alan Sabrosky

June 15, 2018 | Israeli High Tech Intelligence 9/11 to Talpiot – Dr. Alan Sabrosky – Brendon O’Connell on Resurrect the Republic with Tom Lacovara-Stewart Thomas Lacovara of the Republican Broadcasting Network interviews both Brendon O’Connell and Dr Alan Sabrosky, former head of studies

The Tel Aviv Moscow New York Axis – Israeli Russian Spying

There are many links here you must follow up. See below. ISRAEL WAS A CREATION OF POLISH AND RUSSIAN JEWISH COMMUNISTS FROM DAY ONE – and nothing has changed. Israel is a Jewish Bolshevik creation. From start to finish. Just as Soviet Russia was. And

Iran Israel War – The Clown Dance Continues…

War, war, war… Get your popcorn. Car chase at the 7 minute mark. Black guy dies 20 minutes in, his white cop partner avenged his death at the 50 minute mark. Love scene. Another car chase…credits. Brush your teeth to get the popcorn out. Apart

How BI BI Became The President Of Syria

Bi Bi runs Vlad – Vlad runs Syria = Bi Bi runs Syria The “alt-media” are in total denial – Vlad and Bi Bi are best of friends. Therefore accept the reality – Bi Bi runs Syria. Iran and the Shia militias they control have

How Israel Arms The Enemies Of The United States

Part 1 – Extract taken from “Israeli Drones World Wide”. 12 minutes. ISRAELI DRONES WORLD WIDE How Israel arms the enemies of the United States and dominates the world’s high tech sector. Also how Israel has told the US to go away. It has China