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The establishment’s war on Assange is a war on YOU

Politicians and the media would like you to ignore the reality of his extradition. PS: Imagine my shock that YouTube demonetized this before I even hit publish. See Also: (Carey Wedler) – A message for gun controllers… Also: (Carey Wedler) – TAXATION: The price we

DEAR CONSERVATIVES: We need to talk about “backing the blue”

Carey Wedler – October 1st, 2020 – Oh boy, here we go. Inb4 “libtard” comments, I am more anti-government than you. 🙂 See Also: (Carey Wedler) – Stop snitching on your neighbors…unless you want a police state You haven’t thought this through, Karen.

How to save a life with two words

There’s a reason the government won’t tell you about this. Please spread the word. CORRECTION: I incorrectly stated James Madison signed the Alien and Sedition Acts; it was John Adams. See Also: (Carey Wedler) – The #ThisIsVirtue Challenge What was that about virtue signaling?

9 Freedoms and Liberties Lost Since 9/11

A trip down memory lane featuring the last 17 years of the government incrementally usurping our freedom. There are probably more, but these are some of the most troubling (*unsurprisingly, some overlap). #neverforget

Why I stopped hating the police

I always felt like I had a good reason to hate cops, but I’ve changed. Re: my experience, which I haven’t spoken much about since it happened:…

The STATE of Independent Media— & How to Set It Free

Independent media is a viable alternative to the mainstream paradigm—but not if we carry over our old programming and patterns of blindly trusting authority…my speech from Anarchapulco 2018! Special thanks to Anarchapulco for having me and providing the footage of my speech.

Gun control advocate vs. logic and history

I spoke with a typical gun control advocate at the March for Our Lives rally in Los Angeles…and then had former defense contractor-turned-journalist/activist Justin King weigh in on the marcher’s “arguments.”

America: Your hypocrisy on the Vegas shooting is showing

Americans’ reaction to Las Vegas says more than the shooting itself. Probably not what you’re expecting. Special shout out to the girl on my friends list who proclaimed everyone who disagrees with her on gun control is “dumb” and demanded they delete her immediately. Much

“FIRE AND FURY” in North Korea? How about a history lesson?

Cue the triggering. I realize this is not a popular opinion, but consider: “Should the US pounce upon the DPRK with military force at last, the DPRK is ready to teach the US a severe lesson with its strategic nuclear force,” said North Korean Foreign

Hate me for my political views? We need to talk

I understand why you might hate people whose views differ from yours. But please hear me out. 🙂 I don’t normally ask for shares, but if this message resonates with you, please pass it on to someone who also needs to hear it. Thank you!