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Jim Carrey Embraces Socialism As Sweden Rejects

Bad timing. Just as Sweden is rejecting no only open borders, but a failing socialist medical system, Jim Carrey & Bill Maher encourage the left to be proud socialists. David Knight breaks down how Sweden’s socialist healthcare is failing and the socialist aspects of American

NIKE, Twitter, Tesla: Who Needs Profits When You’ve Got An Agenda

Politics, not profits, are being pursued by NIKE & now Levi Strauss. Twitter is suggesting conservatives to UN-Follow while Elon Musk uses Twitter to burn down his company. Personal agendas, virtue signaling environmentalism and leftist social engineering are the priority. Did this all start with

False Flag is Coming to Syria

As Syria & Russia are building for a final push to drive ISIS & Al Qaeda out of Idlib, John Bolton has been warning of an impending gas attack that the US, UK & France will use to justify becoming the air force and air

DARPA’s Killer Robots & Super Soldiers

Timothy Alberino joins David Knight to talk about the military origins of new transformative technologies of genetics, artificial intelligence & robots — and how globalists seek to use these technologies to transform humanity into a posthuman future.

Does Zuck Trust You? Do YOU Trust FB? Internet Oligarchs ARE a Trust

David Knight explains what is going on with Facebook and why you should be weary of trusting this social media site. See Also: (David Knight) – Joseph Farah on Google’s Fatal Flaws Joseph Farah, discusses “Life After Google”, George Gilder’s new book exposing Google’s

White Genocide: The Globalist Agenda

As the ANC changes the South African constitution to legalize confiscation of farms from white people & EFF’s Malema openly talks of genocide, Simon Roche joins David Knight to explain the current state of affairs, why the same thing is being set up in the

POWs, MIAs Betrayed & Attacked by McCain

Part of McCain’s legacy that won’t be talked about by mainstream media is how he blocked attempts to free over 700 POWs left behind in Vietnam by the US government. In spite of documents, witnesses, satellite photos, ransom offers — McCain attacked families calling them

Is A Nuke False Flag Being Prepared for USA?

Newly documents from the early 1960’s show that the USA was prepared for a pre-emptive “no warning” attack against communist Russia and China with civilian casualties the primary metric for success. As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, mainstream media and entertainment are pushing a

Cardinal Sins And CPS Kidnapping

David Knight presents an interview he conducted with Minnesotan Dwight Mitchell who had his children taken from him, kidnapped, by CPS based on the testimony of a babysitter he hired.

Circular Defamation: Truth Is No Defense

David Knight breaks down a Rolling Stone article written by ‘journalist’ Matt Taibbi where he blames Infowars for coming internet censorship rather than the censors themselves.

Media Celebrates The Attacks On Infowars And Free Speech

Jim Acosta demands Sarah Sanders rebuke Trump for calling fake news the enemy of the people. David discusses the dangers of child protective services. See Also: (David Knight) – Who Makes Up These Rules? David Knight shares the sentiments of Tim Allen, Lenny Bruce, and

CNN Whines About Free Speech As They Push Censorship

CNN – is it CLINTON News Network, CIA News Network or CENSORSHIP & CROCODILE TEARS New Network. Thin-skinned hypocrites at CNN & MSNBC complain about a hostile crowd by doubling down on the invective See Also: (David Knight) – Fake News’ Agenda Is State Run

ALERT: Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children

One father, whose child was stolen for 22 months by CPS, realized how systemic and nationwide the profiteering on child kidnapping has become. Dwight Mitchell from (“Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children”) explains the media doesn’t care about American children being separated from their

NeoCon Hammered by REAL Expert for Pushing Nuclear War

Max Boot (CFR, NeverTrump, NeoCon) was whining about Trump with all the usual military-industrial complex talking points about “not threatening Russia” enough when a REAL Russian expert, Professor Stephen Cohen pointed out the obvious foolishness of pushing thermonuclear war (the man-made global warming the establishment

Candidate Tweets Melania a “Ho”, Twitter Silent

Are the media oligarchs going to operate under the First Amendment or a Double Standard? Lionel joins to looks at politics, Hollywood, pedophiles — but I repeat myself. See Also: (Lionel) – Bad Trevor Noah Joke Haunts Him: He Remains Unscathed By Double Standard for

The End To Marijuana Prohibition

Rep. Thomas Massie has said “Congress would end marijuana prohibition today if leadership would allow the vote” David Knight breaks it down.

Big Rigs & Rigged EPA

Regulatory capture, secret emails, EPA bureaucrats colluding with multinational corporations to shut down competitors—Steve Milloy exposes EPA dirty tricks and looks at the EPA after Scott Pruitt.

SEE No Info, HEAR No Info, SHARE No Info

The elitist White Press core is whining about attacks on the freedom of the press because a single CNN reporter’s behavior was judged to be rude & she, not CNN, was not allowed to be at the next event. They’re not protesting algorithmic hiding/banning of

YOUR PAPERS? You Need Permission for EVERYTHING (Powerful People Exempted)

Small business owners in Virginia Beach are suing for their free speech rights after the government demands fees & paperwork before they can teach consulting classes. Yet Judical Watch releases docs showing Hillary’s State Department rubber-stamped 215 “consulting speeches” by Bill Clinton where he received

The Pedophile Pedigree of Hollywood

The push for the normalization of pedophilia is not a joke—and it’s not new. Lionel joins David Knight to look at Hollywood and that other running joke, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, that finally got it right. See Also: (Lionel) – #QAnon: Our Dedicated

Fed Reserve Moves Thwart Trump Economy

When Trump seeks to equalize tariffs between US & China, Wall Street cries “trade war” and the Federal Reserve makes the dollar stronger, constricts the money supply & raises interest rates. CNN is concerned that Trump will pack the Federal Reserve (he has the opportunity

From #MeToo To “Who Cares” About Child Rape

Hollywood is ground zero for the insanity and duplicity of our society. It can purge anyone remotely accused of #MeToo sexism or racism but explicit “jokes” about child rape & pedophilia are excused. It’s just a joke, but kindergarteners (“theybies”) are encouraged to choose their

Trial Begins of FBI Agent Accused in Finicum Murder

Mark Herr,, joins David Knight to look at the trial beginning today of an FBI sniper accused of shooting into the truck driven by Lavoy Finicum and lying about it. And, Mark explains how individuals, working at the local level, can leverage their political

Undocumented Lobbyists? Using Hillary Campaign to Convict Trump Campaign

Mueller is giving Podesta brothers immunity for committing the same “crimes” (not filing some paperwork) that Manafort committed so he can prosecute the Trump campaign using the Hillary campaign. Can’t we just say Manafort is an UNDOCUMENTED LOBBYIST like the Podestas and give him a

Hammonds: Untold Story Media Won’t Cover

Sheriff Mack,, joins David Knight to tell you what the media won’t cover about the Hammonds who were persecuted by Obama & pardoned by Trump. And, he explains what can we do to protect ourselves from federal overreach and abuse.

Confessions of a SJW: Then the Left Came for Me

He got a rush being a Social Justice Warrior. So woke, so empowered. Until a micro aggression turned the mob on him. His story sounds like Robespierre & the reign of terror unleashed by the cultural Marxists two centuries ago. History rhymes. See Also: (David

Neocon-spiracy Theories: “Pearl Harbor” for Globalists

For the globalists any detente in their Cold War 2 is “Pearl Harbor”, “Kristallnacht” and “9/11” rolled into one. They freaked out when he mocked “Little Rocket Man” whose nuke button doesn’t work, but they went hysterical when he didn’t mock Putin whose nuke buttons

Election Meddling or Muddling?

Lionel joins David Knight to look at the cognitive dissonance of the swirling conspiracy theories re “election meddling”. See Also: (Lionel) – Trump’s Genuflection Hostage Video Show of Fealty to Russophobic Kremlin-Bating Deep State Intel MIC The Deep State is a not-so-clandestine rats nest of

I Do Believe My Spooks: Trump’s High-Stakes Battle Against Neocons

Trump walked back his summit comments about election “meddling” — kinda. It’s dangerous to take on the military industrial complex and it sees the summit as an opportunity to revitalize the conspiracy theories and election meddling, collusion and push for financial audits of Trump.

Attack of the GOP Shills: Wallace, McCain, Graham

Hillary was right about one thing: “you’ve got to know who’s on your team”. Now we know without a doubt who’s on the neocon, perpetual war machine. See Also: (David Knight) – What the Helsinki? Hysterical Reactions to Trump/Putin Establishment media & politicians—both left &

LOST: Enough Radioactive Material to Make 800 Nuclear Bombs

Hey, FBI: investigate THIS…So much nuclear material (capable of making nuclear bombs or “dirty” bombs) has been lost that the government has an acronym for it—MUF—as they’ve muffed it again in another investigation and called it off after a year.

Liberty’s Never Given, But Taken: JURY NULLIFICATION

Free Speech, Habeus Corpus, Free Exercise of Religion — ALL established by jury nullification, not given to us by politicians. Judges lie to juries about jury nullification. Here’s what you need to know about how it works and how it is the nuclear weapon to

BREAKING: Lawsuit Exposes Vaccine Immunity Fraud by HHS

In exchange for giving vaccine companies immunity from prosecution for adverse reaction & medical harm, the Federal government said it would take measures to monitor & improve vaccine safety. A new lawsuit by Del Bigtree shows HHS never looked at ANY safety or adverse reactions