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When The Guns Fell Silent: Death Of The Great War

World War I was supposed to be the war to end all wars, sadly one hundred years later the United States is still fighting and killing in more pointless conflicts than ever. World War I serves as a monument to the blind indifference man is

Newly Discovered Audio of End of WW1 Explains War’s Insanity

The British Imperial War Museum (formerly the Bedlam Asylum for the Criminally Insane) just reconstructed audio from the final moments of World War 1. WW1 was a stupid accident, but the war that will be coming shortly will be fueled by a generational change and

Full Show: Macron’s Napoleon Complex: EU Empire’s Little Emperor

Conventional wisdom just before WW1 was that globalism had made war impossible. The RealPolitik of globalists like Kissinger & Macron will drive us to a war that will result in GigaDeath unless they are checked by the principles of American nationalism. Then, Stan Lee has

$21Trillion National Debt = Missing Pentagon Money

War, taxes and debt are the keys to dominating a population warned the Father of the Bill of Rights James Madison. Today, the $21 Trillion national debt — the accumulation of every annual deficit since the founding of America — is about to be raised

DOD & FDA Push New Opioid, 10x’s Worst Than Fentanyl

As marijuana legalization was on the ballot in 4 states, the “El Chapo” trial locks down Brooklyn and the Defense Depart pushes, and FDA approves, a new opioid that’s 10x’s worse than fentanyl. Is the War on Drugs “Mutually Assured Destruction”?

Full Show: Midterms – Winners, Losers, Fraud, Hacking

Who won, who lost—both candidates AND issues like marijuana, sanctuary states, abortion funding. Are national elections the best check on federal overreach and usurpation? Proof that the 2018 elections WAS hacked (and the 2016 election was NOT) and writer Megan Fox joins to talk about

Full Show: Silicon Valley Election Hack FAILS

Silicon Valley election hacking appears to have failed as establishment “news” is only shared 5% of the time, and “junk news” is shared 95% of the time. And it was so predictable that the DOD & MSM would whine that protecting US borders is NOT

NGO Says “Junk News” Increases Despite Censorship

After censoring InfoWars & other free press news on social media, an establishment study finds people are sharing alternative news MORE than 2016. Any news that isn’t from government politicians, mainstream media or “authority figures” is labeled “junk news”. And YouTube censors livestream of Trump

Cell Phones, Cell Towers & Cancer — Link Proven, But 5G Advances

A 2016 study on lab rats exposed to cell phone radiation proves a cancer link for males, extensive epidemiological studies done in the 80’s & 90’s in multiple countries showed at least a fourfold increase in cancer. Here’s the data that caused the Federal government

Netflix Grooms the Public for Pedophilia, Occult & Transhumanism

Shows like Netflix’s “Big Mouth” & “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” , SyFy Channel’s “Childhood’s End” and FOX’s “Lucifer” are pushing pedophilia, transhumanism and the occult to the extent that the Satanic Temple is suing for copyright infringement. Is it any wonder that young children across

Gerald Celente: Interest Rate Hikes & Trump vs The Fed

Stocks were volatile & the Dow lost nearly $2 Trillion in October. Tech stocks lead the decline with the FANGs down $120 Billion & Amazon down 20% for the year. Gerald Celente joins David Knight and says interest rates are the key to growth or

FOX Censors Soros Criticism & Bans Judicial Watch Board Member

Meet the new boss at FOX —FOX blocked a Lou Dobbs broadcast and permanently banned a Judicial Watch board member from ever coming back on the network after he had the audacity to talk about Soros funding open borders. See Also: (David Knight) – NY

Google Predators Given Golden Parachutes

Search THIS! Google was able to hide for years their dirty corporate executive secrets. From the people who pushed the filthy fiction of Russia golden showers, a golden parachute for sexual misconduct. But TheHill thinks they’re doing a great job shutting down discussion of the

Full Show- Red Wave Or Immigration Wave?

The migrant caravan is on its way to America, but Trump announces that he is ready to cut aid. David Knight gets into the news about what is going on with the caravan. As well, Jack Dorsey sounded off against a San Francisco measure to

Full Show: DailyBeast Gets Twitter to Censor RealNews For Satire

Is Hillary Clinton “50% reptilian space alien DNA”? The Daily Beast continues its crusade against the First Amendment by presenting a partial tweet, taking David Knight’s quote of the satire site BabylonBee out of context, and getting Twitter to suspend the RealNews show account since

Jonathan Pageau: Iconic Propaganda in Movies

Jonathan Pageau joins David Knight to point out the symbolism & propaganda in movies. Pageau is an artist, one of the few icon carvers in America, who understands and sees the power of pictures and the broader meaning they convey to the culture — in

Corruption Pays: Bezos’ 100,000% ROI

Want to know why Amazon Jeff Bezos gave more than 10x’s the next S&P 500 CEO? He’s got the swamp putting together a $10 Billion JEDI cloud project, earmarked for him. Donate $10 Million, get $10 Billion — that’s a 100,000% ROI

NYC RoboCop: A Way to Scale the Police State

New York City has its first robot cop patrolling the streets. For now it’s just expanded & glorified surveillance, but its inventor reveals an important selling point — robots are necessary because they can’t hire humans fast enough to expand the police state.

France Embraces Its 3rd World Future

As cars are being banned, France turns to putting license plates on bicycles. Government control, taxes, licensing, surveillance — will all be recycled with cycles. It’s Smart Cities for dumb people. Can they sustain an agenda that destroys the standard of living and freedom of

Full Show: Trump Exposes Big Pharma

New regulations from Trump’s HHS on “Ask Your Doctor” Pharma commercials will have people questioning more than the physical side effects. Then, Canada will offer its first college degree in marijuana — but wasn’t that Obama’s major in college? And, beneath the identity politics of

Blogger Lives Matter: China Jails Those Who Mock National Anthem

David Knight takes a mocking look at the Chinese national anthem after China condemned a “netizen” to “seriously watch patriotic publicity films”, “self-rectification” &15 days jail for unsocial conduct that didn’t sufficiently praise & worship Dear Leader. Meanwhile, the Chinese economy is crashing and may

Full Show: Who is Behind Alt-Media Purge? Are Websites Next?

Forget the nonsense about anti-social media companies exercising their “private privilege” to censor. The purge of over 800 alt-media — from across the political spectrum — was coordinated by media, Facebook & Twitter and the blacklist was published by Washington Post 2 years ago. Then,

Celente: Global Bubble Bursting, Fed is Holding the Pin

Gerald Celente,, on what’s ahead as the Federal Reserve is crashing the debt & real estate bubble it created worldwide. As President said, China is already entering “Great Depression” era decline. What does it mean for the economy & war?

Full Show: Mass Facebook Purge of Alt-Media

Over 800 accounts were just purged by Facebook with many having several million followers. Most were conservative & supporters of Trump but others were taken down as well. Then, Dwight Mitchell joins to talk about fighting back against CPS kidnapping kids and Roger Stone joins

A Murder Too Far: Will Apple Watch Recording Stop Yemen War?

Mohammed bin Salman was behind the Yemen War that has claimed the lives of over 13,000 including 3,000 children. Will the gruesome beating, murder & dismemberment of a journalist — reportedly captured by his Apple Watch — cause even establishment neocons to stop supporting the

EXPOSED: Polio Vaccines And The Danger To Your Children

For the past three weeks, toddler Julia Payne has been treated at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago where she was recently diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis, a rare but serious condition that causes inflammation in the spinal cord area that directly affects a person’s muscles,

Full Show: Google: “Good Censor” is Just Evil

An internal Google document has been leaked that details their view of free speech as an America tradition that needs to be trashed and embracing their role as benevolent dictator of allowed speech. Then, author & filmmaker, Phelim McAleer, joins to talk about his movie

Full Show – Globalists Weaponize 5G To Destroy The Population

David Knight breaks down the current news behind the 5G network and the global rollout of 5G is well underway, and we soon may see new small cell towers near all schools, on every residential street, dispersed throughout the natural environment, and pretty much everywhere.

The Truth Behind The Flu Vaccine

The Mom Street Journal’s Lori Gregory joins David Knight to discuss the trend behind the flu vaccine, stem cells, and her experiences working to stop the mandatory vaccines.

China’s New Digital Dictatorship

China is implementing a new program that will be able to give you a “social credit” score based on your everyday actions. David Knight breaks it down and gives an insight into the spy state in China.

Full Show – #MeToo After a Year — Too Much?

After a year of #MeToo & 425 accusations, the solution is MORE due process, not less — both a presumption of innocence AND removing the statue of limitations for pedophiles & sexual assaults — but the politicians won’t talk about that. Then, Alex Newman joins

Full Show: Liars Need Good Memories — & a Better Lawyer Than Avenatti

South Africa’s communists, ANC, are cannibalizing each other and whistleblowers with assassinations. Then, the ACLU is desperately running ads against Kavanaugh, even throwing Bill Clinton under the bus, as the web of lies is unraveling. Avenatti’s client dials down her gang rape accusations to milder

DEA & Big Pharma Working To Control Growing Marijuana Market

The agency announced Thursday that drugs including “finished dosage formulations” of CBD with THC below 0.1% will be considered Schedule 5 drugs, as long as the medications have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. See Also: (David Knight) – Exposed: Amazon Shadowbans

India’s High Court Approves “Mark of the Beast”

It’s even more widespread than China’s biometric — over 93% forced to have it to work, travel, bank, get welfare. David Knight explains how it’s happening in America now and why Americans, including conservatives, will beg for it.

Deep State Desperately Trying To Destroy Kavanaugh

Today’s broadcast consists of the Kavanaugh hearing and hearing both sides of what really happened. David Knight is joined by Ryan Bundy to speak on his current run for Governor. As well, gets into the absurd comments from the left accusing Kavanaugh of wanting to

Jesuits Betray Catholics in China

Leo Zagami exposes the Jesuit return to power after Pope John Paul, their control of the Vatican and their deal with Chinese communists — allowing the communists to appoint church officials. Chinese church goers are concerned the new prelates will simply be spies. It appears

Full Show: Dems Become Porn Party, Avenatti Gets Naughty

CNN’s Cuomo embraces porn lawyer Avenatti’s porn projections about Kavanaugh as he feeds the sex fantasies of the Democrats & teases the emergence of a new accuser within 48 hrs. But #MeToo’s crying wolf and denying due process will have dangerous consequences for society —

DeepState Unravels: Rosenstein Resigns!

After stonewalling Trump’s order to declassify documents without redaction, the effective head of the DOJ & the coup against Trump, Rod Rosenstein, is out — verbally resigning before Trump fires him after reports he suggested he and/or others wear a wire to try and entrap

Full Show: Witch-hunt? It’s Witches Hunting Kavanaugh

Another woman comes forward to accuse Kavanaugh as HIS yearbooks are scrutinized while Ford’s are scrubbed from the internet. As social media censorship spreads to James Wood, the debate begins about what should be done — anti-trust regulation or treat private public as the public

Tactics for Global Censorship: Copyright & “Right to Forget”

Totalitarian tactics of declaring political dissidents “insane” are being used in France as the French government is fighting to push French censorship decrees to take effect globally. The EU will use copyright claims to censor and the UK government brags about censoring “non-illegal content”, vaguely

Celente: Syrian Danger Rises as Russian Plane Downed

Although the Russian plane with 15 aboard was accidentally shot down by Syrian air defense, initial Russian reports blamed Israel for initiating an attack. And, Gerald Celente looks at the stock market risks as we approach October. See Also: (David Knight) – Neocon Calls Assad,

Full Show: Carrington Events & Presidential Emergency Broadcast

Rubio called for social media companies to censor information while failing to defend free speech. But Rubio himself is exempt from bully rules as he gave out an address, phone number & called for harassment. And, what is behind the closure of the solar observatory?

Jim Carrey Embraces Socialism As Sweden Rejects

Bad timing. Just as Sweden is rejecting no only open borders, but a failing socialist medical system, Jim Carrey & Bill Maher encourage the left to be proud socialists. David Knight breaks down how Sweden’s socialist healthcare is failing and the socialist aspects of American