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Bracken: North Korea Is China’s Cat Paw

As President Trump pulls out of the North Korea denuclearization talks, Matt Bracken joins David Knight to look at why this is the right move and what is coming in #SpyGate

A View To A Shill: Clapper’s Lies, Then & Now

The “lying machine”, as President Trump calls Jim Clapper, is on tour selling his book on The View. David Knight flashes back to 2015 and co-conspirator Michael Hayden’s spin, and what Clapper is saying today about his famous televised perjury

Lionel: #SpyGate & The Electric Jag

Clapper may be the spy who shagged America but Trump is pulling back the curtain and setting the DeepState’s liars’ pants on fire. And just how pathetic is Prince Harry’s electric classic Jaguar? Lionel joins David Knight to explain. See Also: (David Knight) – LBJ

To Divert From Pedo-Priests, Pope Virtue Signals LGBT

Will the Pope accept the resignations of all 34 Chilean Bishops offered over the massive pedophile church scandal? Will the Pope accept responsibility himself? See Also: (Infowars) – Pope Francis Is As Close As It Gets To Satan On Earth

Rigged Elections – By Design

With 72% disapproval, hyperinflation and dire shortages of everything, Venezuela’s president won 68% of the vote. Here’s how it’s done…

Google’s “LEDGER”: Crony GeoSpatial Surveillance For Feds

The revelation of an internal film made by Google confirms the worst fears of many—that the tech giant is engaged in a program of social engineering. Is it a coincidence that their plans look exactly like DARPA & the American GeoSpatial Intel community just prior

Venezuela: Cereal Killer Of Societies

Margaret Thatcher was right—the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money. You also eventually run out of Snap, Crackle, Pop. Now Kellogg cereal has now been forced to close in Venezuela. A massive presence since 1961, they can no longer

Assange: 1st Amendment’s Canary In Coal Mine

Spielberg & the left celebrate “The Post” publishing Pentagon Papers, exposing govt lies about war. That was then. But now, Assange & WikiLeaks face the wrath of a govt that wants to keep its secrets & lies hidden without support of the left or most

DNC’s Porn “Justice League” Superheroes

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer says he & Stormy aren’t “The Resistance”, but the “Justice League”. But even CNN is getting concerned about their “hero” as he threatens every journalist who publishes anything he doesn’t like, whether or not it’s true.

Fed Reserve: Take Their Homes

The Chicago Fed has a plan for dealing with the massive unfunded public pension debt in Illinois. It produced “an audible gasp” from those who heard it — and you should be concerned even if you’re not in Illinois. See Also: (David Knight) – Rand:

Bolton: Loose Mustaches Sink Disarmaments

North Korea abruptly pulled out of a South Korean meeting. Are they angry about “Thunder Max” or John Bolton’s comments on his Libyan plan for dealing with them? And, the US believes there are at least 2 more secret nuclear sites See Also: (David Knight)

Algorithmic Warfare But 90% Fail Rate Facial Recognition

Google employees resign rather than participate in “Algorithmic Warfare” that turns weaponized drones into autonomous killing machines. Yet biometric police surveillance “matches” fail over 90% of the time. See Also: (David Knight) – Memory Transplant & Autopilot FAILS In Airline & Tesla A successful memory

Soros & DeepState Leverage Election Control

William Jasper, The New American, joins David Knight to look at Soros’ Open Society being kicked out of Hungary and how Soros is strategically funding District Attorney races in a dozen counties that account for 5% of the nations population. Then, will North Korea end

Mom With Gun Protects Kids At School

While Apple’s CEO pushes gun control and one man with a knife goes on a terror spree in Paris, surveillance camera shows a mom with a gun (off-duty officer carrying concealed) protects children & parents at school from a gunman. See Also: (David Knight) –

China Builds Business To MidEast, US Pushes Wars & Sanctions

China is a full, old-style communist dictatorship at home, but it’s operating like a competitive corporations internationally — building railroads to speed transport of their goods to the MidEast and Africa. But the US is destroying relationships and infrastructure in the same areas with wars

Obama Officials Urge EU To Break Expel US Ambassadors

Two former officials on Obama’s National Security Council have urged the EU to withdraw diplomats from the US and possibly expel US Ambassadors because Trump has broken Obama’s deal with Iran. And John Kerry continues to lobby Iran. Is he concerned the Iran will follow

Globalist Plan: Iran Was Always The Goal

Joel Skousen lays out how getting out of the Iran Deal was always the global plan and he looks at the coming Iran/Israel war which may be triggered on Monday with the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on Israel’s 70th anniversary and the

Lawyers Begin Grand Jury Process for 9/11 Inquiry

Members of the “Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry” explain the process they have begun to get a Grand Jury. What have they discovered with forensic evidence, expert testimony, eyewitness accounts and video. Attorneys David Meiswinkle & Julio Gomez explain how will the process work and

9/11 Lies, War & Torture: America in Freefall – Full Show

War between Israel & Iran is escalating quickly as the woman who destroyed evidence of CIA torture is approved by the Senate Committee and senators introduce a bill to create “forever war” and turn war authorization upside down from the Constitution. The Lawyers Committee for

Lawyers Begin Grand Jury Process for 911 Inquiry

Members of the “Lawyers Committee for 911 Inquiry” explain the process they have begun to get a Grand Jury. What have they discovered with forensic evidence, expert testimony, eyewitness accounts and video. Attorneys David Meiswinkle & Julio Gomez explain how will the process work and

Lionel: Serial Murder of Privacy, DNA of Tyranny

Lionel joins David Knight to look at how the media is spinning the NXIVM & Schneiderman stories and look at the implications for privacy in how DNA was obtained to catch the Golden State serial killer.

NXIVM’s Real Life Clockwork Orange & YOUR Programming – Full Show

Published on May 9th, 2018 – There’s more to NXIVM than the media is telling you. Their “doctor” is alleged to have literally enacted the psychological conditioning portrayed in “A Clockwork Orange”. But how are YOU being programmed more subtly? Then, David Knight looks at

Obama’s Iran “Victory” Over Law, Constitution & Congress

The “Iran Deal” — a legacy of a dangerous President setting a dangerous precedent. How did Obama ram his “deal” thru over the objections of 2/3 of the Senate & 2/3 of the public? Like his “self-ratification” of the Paris Climate Agreement & the DACA

Secret Identity of “Your Unfriendly Neighborhood Schneiderman”

Schneiderman, Schneiderman, Does whatever a spider can, Spins a web any size, Catches Trump just like flies — or has he been hoisted by his own petard? The secrets of the sadistic NY AG who authored legislation to protect women from violence, particularly from choking,