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Forget Trade War – CURRENCY War Coming Against PetroDollar

China has been working to replace America’s PetroDollar as the world’s reserve currency and they are scheduled to pull the trigger on Monday March 26. What does it mean for American power and the ability to spend ourselves into debt without consequences? What are the

Senate Law To Shut Down Websites Echoes Silk Road Persecution

A life sentence for running a website, NSA searching BitCoin users w/o warrant to eliminate cryptocurrency and judicial persecution and corruption that denies due process. The Silk Road case was the canary in the coal mine and Lyn Ulbricht explains why everyone is at risk

Fed Raises Rates, Banks Pocket Cash, Congress Spends More

As the GOP establishment accelerates spending & creates debt, the Federal Reserve has decreed that interest rates will be raised yet again even though they admit there’s no inflation. The increased interest the Fed pays the banks will not be passed along to you as

NSA Says: “BitCoin is #1 Priority”

Snowden document leaks from 5 YEAR AGO, now just being released show that purchasing BitCoin made you the number one enemy of the NSA. Not terrorism but an existential threat to their monopoly on economic control. Here’s what they’ve been doing to BitCoin buyers…

Bunkers For Bureaucrats: DC Elite Prepping For Bug-Out

Many members of the “3-letter agencies” in Washington are going full Dr. Strangelove. And as Trump reaches out to Putin to ease the arms race, neocons like McCain attack. Yet China is getting increasingly bellicose under dictator-for-life Xi Jinping and anyone who attacks him will

Breaking: Bomber Caught, Nihilist Antifa?

Before the bomber was tracked down and blew himself up, someone claiming to be the Austin bomber went on Reddit and said his motivation was to “burn down the world”. Meanwhile, in a story ignored by legacy media, police in Germany busted Antifa individuals, celebrated

The Spy Who Didn’t Die & Other Lies From New Cold War

Why didn’t Skripal & his daughter die from toxic nerve gas exposure? Why didn’t the first responder doctor who treated the daughter get sick? Where were they exposed? Where did the gas come from? Many questions are still unanswered but Theresa May & Nikki Haley

Stranahan: Charlottesville & Soros

Who are the people involved in the lawsuit against Alex Jones, Lee Stranahan, Gateway Pundit & Alan West? Is the purpose of the lawsuit to stifle free speech or is there another motive? Lee Stranahan joins with questions that other investigative journalists are asking about

Kiriakou: Setting The Record Straight On Gina Haspel & Torture

ProPublica retracted a detail in their report that accused Gina Haspel of being involved in torture. The retraction has caused many to label reports of her complicity as “fake news” and has been used to attack Rand Paul’s opposition to her as CIA head. John

Teacher Punished: Taught Kids To Think About Free Speech

Julianne Benzel, a California high school history teacher, joins David Knight to talk about what happened to her when she discussed free speech & the approaching student protest, “17 for 17”. She challenged her students to consider if other issues supported by a different constituency

Univ of California Says MLK, Jr Is A Racist

In the list of “racist” “microaggressions” published by the University of California Santa Cruz are statements that would have Martin Luther King, Jr labelled as a racist. “Political correctness”, “identity politics” or “cultural marxism”? David Knight exposes the Marxist tactic and the close friend and

China: Model of New World Order

A Tale of Two Dictators — One the pet of the globalists, the other a pariah. Both Putin & President Xi Jinping are looking like lifelong dictators in the pattern of Stalin & Mao. But any move against China’s unfair trade practices gets heavy push

Russian Terror Or False Flag?

Russia has been blamed for every election the globalists have lost from BREXIT to Trump to the latest Italian election. They have been used as a pretext for internet censorship. Now the nerve gas attack on a Russian double agent connected with Christopher Steele is

McAfee: Plan To Thwart Govt Control Of Cryptocurrency

Central banks around the world fear the rise of cryptocurrency and financial structures they don’t control & using their surrogates like Google to ban ads for crypto & ICO’s or large banks to refuse allowing credit cards they issue to be used to purchase crypto.

Warrantless Searches Of Homeschoolers In CA & MD

Just as all gun owners are being blamed for the actions of a few, all homeschoolers are now under attack for the actions of 2 criminal parents in California with that state and Maryland introducing legislation aimed at tight regulations, observation and warrantless searches conducted

Youthful Idiots Demand Their Rights Be Taken Away By Government

The media is giving round the clock coverage to the astroturf student marches demanding gun control with coverage every hour in every time zone at 10am. Sheriff Mack, CSPOA,org, explains what can be done locally to protect students USING our right to bear arms, regardless