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TPP Is NOT About “A Better Deal”

Trump is now saying he’s open to joining TPP if he can get “a better deal”. Alex Newman, TheNewAmerican, joins to explain that TPP isn’t about trade, but sovereignty.

Whistleblower: Tax Traps & Tax Tips

Former IRS Criminal Investigation Special turned whistleblower, Joe Bannister, has tips and some traps to be aware of as tax day is imminent.

Comey’s Higher Loyalty to Hillary & Deep State

Excerpts from Comey’s book are being leaked as promotion. It looks like a cross between the gossip & slander of Michael Wolff’s “Fire & Fury” and self-aggrandizing hypocrisy about “rule of law” from the man who completely destroyed the integrity of the FBI.

Facebook: DARPA’s “LifeLog” & “Total Information Awareness”

China will achieve 100% surveillance (including homes) by 2020. DARPA shut down its “Total Information Awareness” & LifeLog programs after withering criticism about Orwellian violations of privacy. They shut it down the same day that Facebook was created and Facebook was funded by a network

Social Media Throttles “Stop The War”

The globalists who control the social media platforms are doing everything they can to push the United States into war with Syria and Russia. Shutting down and shadow banning anyone who dares to speak out against World War 3.

Get Ready: Missiles But No Investigation – Full Show

“Get Ready Russia”, missiles are coming but no investigation. What’s the plan here? What did regime change produce in Libya? What are the war moves being made by both sides and the reactions of markets? Lee Stranahan joins to look at what’s happening in Syria

Zuckerberg Suppresses Dissenters In Vietnam, China & USA

Zuckerberg’s version of “taking the 5th” in Congressional testimony was to say “I don’t know, I’ll have my team look into it”. What exactly are his homework assignments that he wouldn’t answer. And when offered a softball question “could you have built this company from

DARPA’s ‘Prosthetic’ Memory & Biometric ID To Buy Food

India & China are already rolling out population control technologies like requiring biometric ID to even buy food. But DARPA is making huge leaps in their ability to selectively remove memories or implant them, with the focus now on non-invasive brain interfaces.

Bloody Hell: London, Islam & Political Policing

Open borders & a Muslim mayor who intimidates police from engaging with his criminal immigrant constituency have turned the clock back 200 years to become the most violent European capital. 1822 saw the introduction of “bobbies”. David Knight looks at how government and police have

Here’s Why China Won’t Win “Trade War”

Trump: “when you’re $500B down, you can’t lose” and add $300B in theft of intellectual property. So with nearly a $TRILLION annual deficit with China, Trump added $50B in tariffs, China replied with $50B and Trump upped the ante another $100B yesterday. China is defiant,

Pope Still Silent on Hell As It Breaks Out In Gaza

Joseph Farah, WND, joins David Knight to talk about his new film on modern Israel’s 70th anniversary and the Gaza border attacks. And conservative Catholics are asking why conservative reporters don’t get access to the Pope like the atheist Marxist who continues to get access

#LockHerUp: Hillary’s South Korean Clone Goes To Jail

A look at the amazing parallels between South Korea’s first woman president (just sentenced in a public trial to 24 years in jail) and Hillary Clinton. There’s a movement around the world to lock up corrupt politicians, including former Presidents —South Korea, Brazil, South Africa—

Valkyrie Fem Fatales: Pushing Cold War, World War

Theresa May & Nikki Haley are pushing the most blatant propaganda lies since Pravada. Boris Johnson was embarrassed by his own chemical weapons experts, and as the international body tasked with chemical weapon prohibition BEGINS its investigation (long after penalties have been imposed), Russia is

No Guns For Blacks: MLK Was Rejected For Concealed Carry

Liberty to defend your life IS a “civil right” — one that was denied to Martin Luther King because govt made a right into a granted privilege. But don’t worry, David Hogg will use his “white privilege” to protect all the “people of color”, right?

CDC, FUD & “Nightmare Bacteria”

After “Disease X”, the CDC is back to scare you again, this time with “Nightmare Bacteria”. What you should be afraid of is the CDC & its documented history of reckless safety procedures with biological weapons.

MLK: Why We Don’t Destroy Monuments To Our Civilization

Was Martin Luther King Jr perfect? No man is But we can celebrate him as a great leader nevertheless, like other flawed men who also made great contributions but are having their monuments destroyed to destroy our civilization & its values #MLK50

YouTube Attacked By Radical Vegan

Published on Apr 4th, 2018 – Save the animals, kill the humans — yet those who attack our liberty seize even on YouTube shooting like #PiersMorgan & Hollywood left

Condom-Snorting Millennials: No DNA IQ Tests Necessary

DNA is being examined to predict IQ. Not only eugenics, but a dystopian society based on IQ (as dramatized in the movie “Gattaca”) is in view. Do they even KNOW how to accurately measure DNA? Will upward mobility be limited by a questionable metric? And,

Battling Fake News or Free Speech?

Mockingbird legacy media attacks Sinclair for “talking points” by using “talking points”. But all the noise about battling “Fake News” is really just an attempt to control speech & elections — and it’s happening worldwide.

Zuckerberg Shovels (Dog) Poo & Plans World Domination

Zuckerberg has a plan for control and we’ve seen it before — “regulation” that saws off the lower rungs for up & coming competition to protect his monopoly. And he proposes a “Supreme Court” for Facebook that will judge “hate speech”

Hogg Tied: Boycotts Left & Right As Free Speech Killed

A “wounded warrior” responds to David Hogg as MSNBC gets boycotted now for criticizing a student who spoke out AGAINST gun control. And, Chelsea Handler’s armed body guards are apparently carrying bolt action rifles, shotguns or revolvers.

Larry King Gets Dumb & Dumber On 2nd Amend

Andrew Cuomo lies and says no one, not even John Paul Stevens, wants to repeal 2nd Amendment. At least Larry King is honest, but he wants to repeal 2A because — “racist”. Ignorant of history & stupid conclusion. See Also: (David Knight) – Hogg v