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Callers: Sessions War On Marijuana & Constitution

States are nullifying the unconstitutional prohibition of marijuana with both Vermont & New Hampshire legislatures passing recreational marijuana legalization AFTER Sessions indicated he will ignore state laws on marijuana. Callers join David Knight to comment.

The Video The Feds Dont Want You See

A year after the people in Bunkerville peacefully, but resolutely, stood down the tyranny of the BLM at the Bundy Ranch, what lessons can we learn. See Also: (David Knight) – BACKSTORY: Bundy Political Prisoners Freed Mainstream media is reporting the dismissal of the Bundy

Full Show: 10th Amendment: Accidentally Restored

President Oprah? David Knight deconstructs the lies & fraud of Golden Globalists & the recycling of identity politics. Then, Sessions ignores the law & the Constitution in both the War on Drugs & Mueller’s “Special Prosecution”. And, Jerome Corsi explains the STORM isn’t coming, we’re

Sessions Goes For Pot, Burns 10th Amendment

Did he overturn “Obama’s rule” as mainstream media puts it, or did he overturn the 10th Amendment? Even politicians who are angry about the “new rule” won’t oppose it on Constitutional grounds because it would destroy their whole prohibition game.

Wasserman-Schultz’s Laptop Abandoned With Letter For US Attorney

Sessions & the FBI are finally investigating the Clinton Foundation and its tax status as David Knight reported last week. It’s a target-rich environment. And Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s laptop was left by Awn with his driver’s license, congressional ID badge & a letter for the US

What Happened In Vegas With Its Corrupt Police?

Documentary filmmaker, Ramsey Denison, talks about his film, “What Happened in Vegas, The Movie”, exposing the corruption & brutality in the Vegas police department that laid the foundation for the lies about the mass shooting.

Noose Tightens On Clinton Foundation & Laureate

DOJ begins investigation of the Clintons & Trump’s new Executive Order has assumed powers of confiscation for multinational corruption. Charles Ortel, who has investigated the Clinton Foundation, Laureate Education, & other Clinton schemes, breaks down the target rich environment for investigation.

Iran Color Revolution & Liberty In America

Violence in the streets followed by internet censorship. When social media enacts censorship at the bidding of powerful factions in & out of government is Iran that different from America? What color will our Soros revolution be? And, Charles Ortel, expert on international corruption &

Trump Trolls Climate Alarmists With Arctic Weather

Does cold weather disprove, or California wildfires prove, global warming? Do they even prove climate change? See Also: (Owen Shroyer) – Democrats Cling To Global Warming As US Freezes Over Despite record low temperatures throughout the US, Democrats continue to panic and blame every weather

Stranahan: New Exec Order Takes Asset Seizure To New Extreme

Lee Stranahan joins David Knight to look at Trump’s new executive order. Is it a shot across the bow against the Clintons or will AG Sessions use it like RICO to come after the worldwide Clinton Foundation’s organized crime? And if it is used, will

Corsi: QAnon Links Wasserman Schultz To Seth Rich

Jerome Corsi on QAnon’s timeline that puts Eric Schmidt at the center of the Deep State’s Trump attack and alleges that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had MS-13 kill Seth Rich. And as the Awan court date of Jan 8 is taken off the court schedule &

Flu Vaccines: What You Need To Know

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny talks about the effectiveness of flu vaccines, how effectiveness is subtly defined by the industry and how to legally opt out if you choose to do so.