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Scotus: What It Takes To Be Supreme

A lot of names have been floated for Trump’s Supreme Court pick. But it’s not The Apprentice. Lionel explains what we’re looking for in a judge.

Real Life Magnificent Seven

Mexican town throws out the cartel, the corrupt politicians & police and uses armed citizen militia for self-defense.

EU Copies Trump To Save Merkel

EU officials met at the eleventh hour to preserve Merkel’s coalition government from splintering over open borders. They will mimic Trump’s policies at the border including detaining people (in “cages”). And they have more tricks up their sleeve to punish the UK for BREXIT.

Make America Venezuela: Cortez Avoids “Socialist” Label

MSNBC anchor warns he new media darling, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, about using the label “Socialist”. The 28 yr old Bernie Sanders community organizer who just defeated an establishment Congressman aspires to the Presidency so she must talk about free healthcare, free college, free housing but avoid

Fight: Rosenstein & Wray v Congress

Angry exchanges from both sides as Rod Rosenstein was criticized by Congressmen for conflict of interest, refusing to provide documents & redacting what was provided to the House oversight committees, and for needlessly dragging out the investigation. It ended with a House resolution demanding the

RED FLAG: GOP Infringement of Rights

Larry Pratt, GUNOWNERS of AMERICA, joins to talk about GOP betrayal on “Red Flag” & bump stock infringements. See Also: (David Knight) – THE NINE: Power & Betrayal of the Supreme Court Kennedy’s career is an example of how the Supreme Court has betrayed the

Netflix’s Pedo-Porn & Mom Shoots Pedo Breaking Into Home

He traveled all the way from New Zealand to Virginia to abduct the teenage girl he met with online gaming. But Virginia has the 2nd Amendment & mom had a gun. And, Netflix is streaming a foreign film with an explicit pedophile scene. Will they

Comey Kept Assange Captive to Hide DNC Fraud

Strzok hides behind “National Security” secrets, refusing to give any information to the House INTELLIGENCE Committee which is cleared so they can perform oversight. And we learn how James Comey scuttled the deal to release Assange in exchange for getting information about how the DNC

Socialist Queen of Queens & Bronx Beats Dem Establishment

A socialist millennial community organizer whose sole experience is working in the Bernie Sanders campaign, beat the 4th ranking Democrat in the House. The surprise victor owes it all to Hillary. Here’s why…. See Also: (David Knight) – Full Show – 4th Turning: USA Polarizing

Oklahoma Ok’s Med Marijuana

Conservative Oklahoma becomes the 30th state to legalize medical marijuana. David Knight breaks down what’s in the law and the importance of voters nullifying an overreaching federal bureaucracy.

Full Show – Julian Assange & Quisling Media

Comey shut down negotiations to get Assange out of captivity in the Ecuador Embassy. How lame is mainstream media? Look at the quislings who won’t speak out in defense of Assange & free speech. Then, NJ Weedman tells his story. He was held without bail

Prisoner of War on Drugs WINS with Jury Nullification

Marijuana reformer, NJ Weedman was held WITHOUT BAIL for 447 days because of “Bail Reform”. Like Manafort, he was accused of “witness tampering” and jailed even though he has never been violent. Weedman joins to talk about jury nullification, state nullification and the Bill of

Globalists: NK Won’t Be Denuclearized

Joel Skousen joins to look at the efforts beginning now to come up with details and a timetable to denuclearize North Korea. But Foreign Policy, globalist magazine of the CFR & State Dept crowd, says it will never happen & pushes the failed Clinton administration

Saudi Women Freed? But Cars Are Being Banned

Yes, being able to drive a car is a liberating thing. Congratulations are pouring in from mainstream media as prohibitions against women driving are lifted and Saudis brag they are joining the 21st Century. No, they’re joining the 20th Century — a 100 years late.

Trump: “Invaders”—Mexico: “Send More”

Trump is right. It IS an invasion and the man likely to be the next Mexican President is openly pushing more people to leave Mexico for the USA. As Defense Sec Mattis looks at the expense of housing immigrant families on military bases, it’s time

Lib Book-Burn: “Little House on Prairie”

Laura Ingalls Wilder, her daughter Rose Wilder Lane, Ayn Rand, Isabel Patterson — must be purged says Harvard School of Education. Too American. Joel Skousen, who’s written his own book about liberty, joins to look at the attack on Americana & libertarian female writers.

$10k Toilet Seat: Pentagon Waste & Other Crap

Forget the tales of $600 toilet seats. With prices like this, the end is near. See Also: (David Knight) – Tunnel Warfare: Half $Billion to Fight Underground Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) aren’t a conspiracy theory, but an admitted threat as the US Army puts

McCain Begged IRS: Destroy Tea Party Groups

The IRS covered it up, McCain lied about it but new unreacted documents show that his staff director begged Lois Lerner to weaponize the IRS & “audit so many that it becomes financially ruinous.”

Poster Child FAIL: Kidnapped by Her MOM Who Used Human Traffickers

After a week of hypocrisy about border law enforcement & demonization of Trump, we learn that the 2 yr old poster child wasn’t separated from her mother, her mother took her without the father’s consent who said it was “reckless” and risked the child’s life.

Poster Child FAIL: Kidnapped by Her MOM Who Used Human Traffickers

After a week of hypocrisy about border law enforcement & demonization of Trump, we learn that the 2 yr old poster child wasn’t separated from her mother, her mother took her without the father’s consent who said it was “reckless” and risked the child’s life.


“I am not a number, I’m a free man”. Or are you? The TV program from the 1960’s, THE PRISONER, was a follow up to the popular SECRET AGENT MAN and put a James Bond character in the midst of a Village of total surveillance,

Musk’s A Flaming Socialist, While Audi Exec Arrested For Exhaust

Another auto executive has been arrested for “cheating” on emissions test. Remember EPA’s human testing without informed consent? Then is the king of crony capitalism admits he’s a socialist — but we knew it all along. And as Tesla cars crash & burn autonomously, Musk’s

Farmer Entrapped Trying To Comply With Gun Control

It’s not just SSRI’s & antidepressants that cause depression, suicide & homicide — common over the counter drugs do as well. And, California farmer is charged with 12 felony counts after innocently trying to comply with new “assault weapon” law, while in Delaware the Senate

The Art Of The Deal Comes To North Korea

Full Show June 12th, 2018 Gerald Celente guest hosts and breaks down the historic meeting between North Korea and the United States. Also gets into news about IMF and trade deficit.

Two Globalist Conferences Target Trump Simultaneously

Bilderberg & G7 are both targeting Trump, leader of the opposition to global governance, both covertly & overtly. David Knight looks at the agenda, the strategy, the players, the attacks & counterattacks. See Also: (Infowars) – Trump Goes Full AMERICANISM At G7 Summit host

FREE AT LAST! Trump Pardon Breaks Plantation Paradigm

Larry Pinckney & Darrin McBreen join David Knight to look at the heartwarming pardon of Alice Johnson and how Kim Kardashian & Kanye West are breaking free of the Democrat political plantation. Will prison reform, ending mandatory minimums and unconstitutional excessive punishment end soon?

Exposed: WalMarts Closed For “Plumbing”? Right

Another “conspiracy theory” no one wanted to believe, exposed by a US Senator’s livestream. See Also: (David Knight) – Austria Awakes, Trump Takes On G7 Globalists Austria closes some mosques as they awake to the radical political and cultural intolerance of the Islamic agenda being

Brain Warfare Against Embassy Personnel

More US Embassy employees have suffered brain damage, this time in China. Cybersecurity researchers have a theory but whether malicious or coincidental, the issue raises serious health & security concerns for everyone as 5G, Smart Cities, IoT, and self-driving cars roll out.

Facebook Now A Publisher: Funding & Rigging News

Just 2 months after Facebook CEO Zuckerberg deflected Congressional criticism by saying Facebook isn’t a publisher, they are about to move from censoring the crowd & promoting fake news to aggressively funding establishment media programming. See Also: (David Knight) – California: Soros EPIC FAIL, But

Google Rules Brave New Schools, Textbooks Banned

A teacher, self-described as a cultural & political liberal, calls in to explain how the propaganda & indoctrination she was forced to teach was a red pill. Google “Chrome Books” have replaced textbooks and Google classroom education programs are centered around Common Core. If you

Canada Goes Cannabis

Prohibition, black markets, cartels, profits, taxes — what’s about to happen with Canada’s legalization and what does it tell us about the War on Drugs?

News Control: Banishing Free Speech To Outer Limits

Censorship is becoming law throughout Europe, but the US does it under cover of social media oligarchs. Meanwhile, the Bilderberg Group will hold its annual meeting in Italy to strategize on how to stop Ital-LEAVE & the breakup of their EU domination. Then, Alex Newman

Having Your Cake & Religion Too

The LGBT (Leftist Government Bullies & Tyrants) and mainstream media want you to think the Supreme Court decision slapping down the religious persecution of a wedding cake baker isn’t important. Here’s why it is…

Federal Govt: Taking Your Life Savings w/o A Trial

The War on Drugs has corrupted law enforcement, now acting like a pack of wild, feral dogs — or simply robbers. Stories are surfacing daily about people losing their life savings without being convicted or even charged with a crime. But there’s hope — from

Patriots, Traitors, And Invaders

Matt Bracken joins the Alex Jones Show to discuss Tommy Robinson, the Islamification of Europe, and Alex Jones’ confrontation with Bernie Sanders at LAX. See Also: (Infowars) – Clapper: We Overthrow Democracies For Their Own Good Clapper & CIA officials openly brag about their long

Hogg Tied: Another Boycott Blowback

Hogg wanted to boycott a grocery chain for political contributions, but the lie-in has backfired like his boycott of the NRA. And school safety may be the straw that breaks the socialist education system.

Celente: “Trade War” Lies From Multinationals

The headlines are designed to panic — “Trump Banning German Cars”, “Trump hits EU & NAFTA Allies with Tariffs”. Gerald Celente breaks down what it means for the economy and where the real danger lies. And he looks at the EU’s unraveling with the populist

Google Says GOP Is Nazi Ideology

Alphabet is using Wikipedia for it’s Google “knowledge panel” & YouTube “information cues”. Who knew it would be used to attack conservatives as it labeled the entire California GOP in the short summary as a Nazi ideology just before the California primaries. But Wikipedia may

CIA Terrorist Assassin Dies; Evil Institution Survives

“The CIA created & unleashed a Frankenstein”. But now Agent A15 has died. Who was he? What did he do? Who did he work with and what does it tell us about the CIA? Darrin McBreen joins David Knight to talk about Luis Posada Carilles,

CIA Terrorist Assassin Dies; Evil Institution Survives

“The CIA created & unleashed a Frankenstein”. But now Agent A15 has died. Who was he? What did he do? Who did he work with and what does it tell us about the CIA? Darrin McBreen joins David Knight to talk about Luis Posada Carilles,

Mind Control: MK-Ultra To DARPA & B.R.A.I.N.

The technology changes (and improves) but the CIA remains the same. MK-Ultra was justified as an interrogation technique but it was sadistic torture. A childhood victim speaks out about what happened to her and her parents and David Knight covers the parallels to current (and