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Caller: National ID Control Grid Already Here

Caller “goattree” says look at the back of your driver’s license. And its about to get worse with Smart Cities, 5G, driverless cars, and a National biometric ID to “stop undocumented workers”

Davos: Snow Job Is Over, But Tech Attacks Coming Soon

Davos is where the globalists tell us what they don’t want to hide. But even though they’re wringing their hands about the public awakening, what the technocratic elite are talking about and planning, is far more devastating than the economic & political levers they’re losing.

Dr. Alveda King: Roe v Wade Movie Will Transcend Censors

A movie exposed the truth about Roe v Wade and the eugenics agenda behind Planned Parenthood is being produced by Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and slated to star Jon Voight, Stephen Baldwin and others. Perhaps that’s why Facebook censored

GOP Can #ReleaseTheMemo

What does “The Memo” tell us about our out of control, criminal government? Any individual GOP congressman could release the information. Why won’t the GOP release the information to the public? See Also: (David Knight) – Full Show: The REAL Govt Shutdown — Shadow Govt

Jail Clapper: Congress Looks At Perjury, But He Committed Treason, Too

Remember when Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to Ron Wyden about illegal, unconstitutional dragnet surveillance of the America people? It was under oath. It was PERJURY. And several Congressmen would like him charged before the statue of limitations expires in March. But the

CDC’s Flu False Alarm, False Treatment

After the Hawaii false alarm, the CDC moved from nuclear “preparation” to a flu epidemic they said is a greater threat. Media hypes their claims. Sheri Tenpenny reveals the CDC’s own figures show the flu is at the lowest level in 19 years. So what

Political Prisoner Fights Medical Tyranny

Marty Gottesfeld has been kept in prison for over 2 years awaiting trial. His alleged crime? Blowing the whistle on the medical kidnapping of a 15 yr old girl, treating her against the wishes of her family and nearly killing her. And he has something

DeepState Brags: Sabotage Of Trump Is Inside Job

Who is the “Deep State”? Like “globalist” it’s a label that’s often been mocked in the past but now embraced by its members — although they spin its meaning. William Jasper, editor of The New American, joins David Knight to expose their real agenda

Nullification of Sessions: Rightful Remedy For Fed Addiction

Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Maharrey explains that nullification is the safe, rational and constitutional approach to shutting down the usurpation of federal authority by Sessions war against legalized marijuana. The alternatives are to either continue down the road to a tyrannical centralized government or see