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Callers: Sessions War On Marijuana & Constitution

States are nullifying the unconstitutional prohibition of marijuana with both Vermont & New Hampshire legislatures passing recreational marijuana legalization AFTER Sessions indicated he will ignore state laws on marijuana. Callers join David Knight to comment.

The Video The Feds Dont Want You See

A year after the people in Bunkerville peacefully, but resolutely, stood down the tyranny of the BLM at the Bundy Ranch, what lessons can we learn. See Also: (David Knight) – BACKSTORY: Bundy Political Prisoners Freed Mainstream media is reporting the dismissal of the Bundy

Full Show: 10th Amendment: Accidentally Restored

President Oprah? David Knight deconstructs the lies & fraud of Golden Globalists & the recycling of identity politics. Then, Sessions ignores the law & the Constitution in both the War on Drugs & Mueller’s “Special Prosecution”. And, Jerome Corsi explains the STORM isn’t coming, we’re

Sessions Goes For Pot, Burns 10th Amendment

Did he overturn “Obama’s rule” as mainstream media puts it, or did he overturn the 10th Amendment? Even politicians who are angry about the “new rule” won’t oppose it on Constitutional grounds because it would destroy their whole prohibition game.

Wasserman-Schultz’s Laptop Abandoned With Letter For US Attorney

Sessions & the FBI are finally investigating the Clinton Foundation and its tax status as David Knight reported last week. It’s a target-rich environment. And Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s laptop was left by Awn with his driver’s license, congressional ID badge & a letter for the US

What Happened In Vegas With Its Corrupt Police?

Documentary filmmaker, Ramsey Denison, talks about his film, “What Happened in Vegas, The Movie”, exposing the corruption & brutality in the Vegas police department that laid the foundation for the lies about the mass shooting.

Noose Tightens On Clinton Foundation & Laureate

DOJ begins investigation of the Clintons & Trump’s new Executive Order has assumed powers of confiscation for multinational corruption. Charles Ortel, who has investigated the Clinton Foundation, Laureate Education, & other Clinton schemes, breaks down the target rich environment for investigation.

Iran Color Revolution & Liberty In America

Violence in the streets followed by internet censorship. When social media enacts censorship at the bidding of powerful factions in & out of government is Iran that different from America? What color will our Soros revolution be? And, Charles Ortel, expert on international corruption &

Trump Trolls Climate Alarmists With Arctic Weather

Does cold weather disprove, or California wildfires prove, global warming? Do they even prove climate change? See Also: (Owen Shroyer) – Democrats Cling To Global Warming As US Freezes Over Despite record low temperatures throughout the US, Democrats continue to panic and blame every weather

Stranahan: New Exec Order Takes Asset Seizure To New Extreme

Lee Stranahan joins David Knight to look at Trump’s new executive order. Is it a shot across the bow against the Clintons or will AG Sessions use it like RICO to come after the worldwide Clinton Foundation’s organized crime? And if it is used, will

Corsi: QAnon Links Wasserman Schultz To Seth Rich

Jerome Corsi on QAnon’s timeline that puts Eric Schmidt at the center of the Deep State’s Trump attack and alleges that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had MS-13 kill Seth Rich. And as the Awan court date of Jan 8 is taken off the court schedule &

Flu Vaccines: What You Need To Know

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny talks about the effectiveness of flu vaccines, how effectiveness is subtly defined by the industry and how to legally opt out if you choose to do so.

Gerald Celente’s: Trends For 2018

Gerald Celente,, looks at 2018 financial trends like stocks, gold, oil, cryptocurrencies and geopolitical trends in the US, EU & MidEast.

Trump Lays Foundation To Go After Clinton Corruption

President Trump’s Executive Order, quietly enacted a week ago, looks like the opening salvo of an offensive move against the Clinton Crime Family. Then, Gerald Celente joins David Knight with financial & political Trends Forecast for 2018 and Sheri Tenpenny on flu vaccines. And, a

McCabe’s Russian Connections Go Beyond Ethics Violations

FBI Deputy Director McCabe is facing multiple ethics violations. But it’s not just his perceived (and real) conflicts of interests that will be facing scrutiny. His connections to a Russian oligarch and ally of Putin must be explained and why his connections were not flagged

North Korean Defector’s Body Shows Anthrax Bioweapon Testing

One of four soldiers who have recently escaped North Korea by fleeing to the South, has been found to have anthrax antibodies according to an anonymous source in South Korea. If true, it would likely mean that there is a biological weapons program in North

ENVY & GROUPTHINK: Only Thing Left For Dems

Democrat political scientists may call it “relative deprivation” but the traditional term is “envy”. The only opposition the Dems can muster to a tax cut is group think & class warfare motivated by envy. Where does it lead?

BACKFIRE: Facebook’s FakeNews Label DRIVES Traffic To Articles

Facebook’s practice of labeling of news articles as fake by their “fact-checkers” has backfired, sending MORE traffic to those stories. So they are trying “demoting” articles as what they call their new “weapon”. Even mainstream media is exposing Facebook as a political tool of propaganda

Skousen: Sessions To Investigate Bundy Trial

It’s not just a mistrial. The BLM whistleblower has exposed criminal obstruction by DOJ as well as criminal actions by the FBI & BLM in the Bundy standoff. AG Jeff Sessions has announced there will be a 3rd party investigation.

Chris Matthews Insanity: Tax Cuts Like North Korea

MSNBC panel, enraged at tax cuts, loses their minds as they grasp for insults: “it’s like a North Korean parade”, they’re “lemmings” and since they’ve worn out the Hitler name calling they compare Trump to an Ethiopian dictator. See Also: (David Knight) – ENVY &

It’s A Wonderful Lie – 100 Years of the Federal Reserve

As we look back over the past hundred years, America has experienced the Great Depression, multiple recessions, stagflation and the loss of 99% of the dollarʼs purchasing power – none of it wouldʼve been possible without the Federal Reserve, creating bubbles and bursting them, enslaving

Next Fight: DACA & Chain Migration

McConnell’s won with Trump on taxes and it looks like he’d like to win again — moving away from open borders & DACA amnesty and tackling the problem of chain migration. It’s a critical moment for the future of America.

McCabe Lies, Patriots Move Against Criminal Conspiracy

In closed door testimony, Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, stonewalled on some issues and contradicted many other witnesses. Subpoenas are planned as some GOP Congressmen are working to investigate criminal conspiracies at the top of the DOJ & FBI.

Is College Necessary Or A Scam?

Billy Willson’s article went viral when the 4.0 college student dropped out and called the university system a scam. He breaks down why he did it and what has he been doing the last year.

BUNDY: Govt Lies Collapse, MSM Still Lies

It’s official: the judge has declared a mistrial of the Bundy family. Shari Duvale joins David Knight to break down the lies, hatred & bigotry of the government, the media & leftists and look at whether the government will try again. See Also: (Infowars) –

BEST Media Whines About Tax Cuts

For Rachel Maddow, business expansion, job creation & bonuses are a sign that something’s wrong. Fake Jake Tapper whines about getting a tax break & Chris Matthews says it’s the “greatest shorting of the American people in history” while “Trumpkins” are “doing their hosannas”. YUGE

FBI Tweet: “Trump Is Enemy Of The State”

Former FBI agent has said that Trump’s tweets criticizing the illegal activities of FBI leaders & their coup attempt makes him an “enemy of the state”. Maybe he meant the Deep State. But is the FBI an enemy of freedom? Should it be abolished? See

DESPERATE DeepState: Mueller Hacks Trump eMails

It’s more than just political bias — some in the DeepState funded ISIS & shut down investigations into Hezbollah morphing into a drug cartel. Their neck is in the noose and hacking the Trump transition teams emails is a small crime compared to what they’re

Whistleblower: BLM Kill Book Kept By Agent In Charge

The lead BLM investigator in the Bundy Ranch standoff was fired by the DOJ prosecutor after he complained of criminal activity by the Special Agent in Charge. But the information has now been leaked. Washington State Rep. Matt Shea reveals the leaked information.

Jerome Corsi: Why Soros Wants Net Neutrality & Censorship

Cleverly marketed to millennials as “Net Neutrality”, Jerome Corsi explains the approach to regulating the internet through FCC as a public utility is a slick strategy designed to control & censor while benefiting crony corporations

Cadillac Tax: Like Your Health Insurance? Then 40% Tax

“Affordable” Care Act? The cost of health insurance is going up faster than a cryptocurrency and a new 40% tax is about to be levied on “Cadillac Policies” — i.e. the health insurance you like and want to keep. Stacy Washington joins David Knight to

Net Neutrality? How About Net Privacy

Outrage, death threats over a label, “Net Neutrality”, carefully chosen to deceive the public. Meanwhile, the various forms of NSA surveillance are about to be made permanent with a conspiracy of silence from mainstream media.

MISTRIAL! Bundy Judge Hints Govt Lies Too Great To Ignore

The judge in the Bundy trial announced after a closed meeting with defendants and lawyers from both sides that the jury would not be called back until Dec 20th, “if then”. After the discovery of many counts of prosecutorial misconduct, Shari Duvale of RedoubtNews, breaks

Vegas Pix Still Missing But NYC Terror Video Comes Out Immediately

Months later & still no images of Stephen Paddock, “the Vegas shooter” in the Mandalay Bay hotel. But video of the NYC terror bomber surfaced immediately along with his full biography. Strange? And he came to US via chain migration with extended family who won

DARPA’s Genetic Genocide

Is DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, collecting genetic codes of “enemy groups” for extinction? FOIA requests seem to indicate they are.

Monsanto Food Trap & Amazon Slavery

Monsanto wants control of farmers & their farms, offering huge discounts on their pesticides but once sprayed, you’ll have to use THEIR patented GMO seeds. And with the new dicamba, it will drift to neighboring fields, poisoning them as well

Chelsea Handler’s Savage Attacks Fail

David Knight talks about Chelsea Handler’s Show Mocking Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Appearance in a Skit and how the left have truly lost touch with reality that the rest of us live in. See Also: (David Knight) – Government Surrogates Limited State Through Weaponized Media David

McMaster OK’d Spying On Trump, Gave Soros Info

The inside coup. Pence, who was angling to replace Trump after the Access Hollywood tape surfaced, has pretended for a year that he knew nothing about Flynn meeting with the Russian Ambassador, even though Pence was chair of the transition team. And a former CIA

OPIOIDS: Seductive Killer Of Middle Class America

While cocaine is the biggest killer of blacks, white middle class drug overdoses are coming from opioids and opioid deaths are rising rapidly with blacks and hispanics. Opioid addiction is not so much a failure of the 41 year old War on Drugs as it

ABC Defense: It’s “Mistake News”

The Big 3 broadcast news don’t have a monopoly any more and their coverage of events illustrate why that’s a good thing. A look back at how ABC, the network of Brian Ross, were relentless advocates for ObamaCare implementation only 4 years ago. See Also:

CIA Whistleblower Nearly Killed

John Kiriakou, whistleblower on CIA torture, was nearly killed in a vehicle accident recently. He talks about what happened and his current condition.

McAfee, BitCoin, Dark Web: Freedom Can’t Be Stopped

John McAfee on why he’s certain BitCoin will reach $1M by 2020 and why governments can’t stop cryptocurrencies. People around the world want privacy, anonymity and independence from the controls imposed by central banks and McAfee reveals another cryptocurrency that’s the favorite of the Dark

NRA Goes AWAL In Alabama Senate Race While Supremes Attack 2A

There couldn’t be more polar opposites on the vital issue of the individual RIGHTS than Roy Moore & Doug Jones. Jones believes there are NO absolute rights, Moore believes in natural rights from our Creator. As Hawaii moves to confiscate medical marijuana users’ guns &