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Excess deaths in 2023

Dr. John Campbell – November 15th, 2023 See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Lung high blood pressure Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Professor David Anderson Vitamin D and other topics, a fascinating wide ranging discussion with retired Consultant Physician and Professor of Endocrinology David Anderson.

Japan pathology

A case of fatal multi-organ inflammation following COVID-19 vaccination – See Also: (Dr. John Campabell) – Also: (Dr. John Campabell) – Psilocybin, Australian re scheduling

Vaccine damage, Sir Christopher Chope

Dr. John Campbell – March 29th, 2023 – Watch the whole speech on this Parliamentary channel See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – New US Vit D research Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Masks in hospital, don’t work

Biden Screws Cancer Patients – Sides w/ Big Pharma!

Joe Biden never tires of telling Americans how he’s “taken on” Big Pharma when in reality he’s been a tremendous ally in the struggle to pad the nation’s pharmaceutical companies’ bottom lines. And in their service he recently refused requests to wield his power to

Vaccine collusion in UK Parliament?

Dr. John Campbell – March 19th, 2023 See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Post covid myocarditis? Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Post covid myocarditis? The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients-A Large Population-Based Study

Vaccine Data From Florida

Dr. John Campbell – February 16th, 2023 – State Surgeon General, 1,700% increase in VAERS reports See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Vaccine Brain Injury


Ohio is facing comparisons to Chernobyl after the massive chemical leak caused by a train derailment nearly two weeks ago. But are residents being told the truth about the impacts, and could it have been prevented in the first place… eh Joe – most pro-union

Covid Endemic Update

Dr. John Campbell – The virus will probably be with us for the next few decades, in one form or another. See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Pre vaccine fatality rates Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Large European vaccine orders Also: (Dr. John Campbell) –

High excess deaths in Australia

Dr. John Campbell – And other countries. – Provisional Mortality Statistics See Also: (Awaken with JP) – Inconsistent vaccination data

Vaccine RNA in breast milk

Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk – Dr. John Campbell See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Who fact checks the fact checkers Now all of the facts were equal, but some facts were more equal than others. Also: (Dr. John Campbell)

Global Death Rates Are Skyrocketing! Why?

In a recent video, popular YouTube host and retired nursing instructor Dr. John Campbell of the U.K. covered the alarming revelations that England and Wales – and likely many other places around the world – are experiencing higher than expected death rates even when COVID

Vaccination or natural immunity

Dr. John Campbell – COVID-19 vaccine mandates should not discriminate against natural immunity, The unnaturalistic fallacy

Total Deaths From COVID MUCH LOWER Than Reported

Popular British YouTuber and retired nurse educator John Campbell recently covered the results of a Freedom of Information request revealing that the number of deaths in England and Wales attributable exclusively to COVID-19 is far lower than reported death rates would suggest. Jimmy and comedian

The O variant

Worst ever Covid variant? Omicron – Dr. John Campbell See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Heart risk after vaccines Does the risk of a heart attack increase from 11% up to 25% Abstract 10712: Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk

Severe illness after vaccination

Dr. John Campbell – October 31st, 2021 – Hospitalisation among vaccine breakthrough COVID-19 infections See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Global deaths under-reported Under reporting of deaths, 19 months into the pandemic

Kyle’s vaccine complication

Dr. John Campbell – Pericarditis after vaccination, possible inadvertent intravenous administration. See Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – Severe illness after vaccination Hospitalisation among vaccine breakthrough COVID-19 infections Also: (Dr. John Campbell) – International ongoing situation Is UK government data accurate? Or is there under-reporting?

Why People Hate #Vegans and #Plantbased Diets: The Answer Will Amaze You

This is a must watch video. Greger at his best. Mind-blowing, kids. Truly.… These are the best sources I have found to research questions as to plantbased diets. Don’t assume anything. Reserach. And know who’s doing the preaching. Good luck and good health. Dr. Michael