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Inflation is a Vicious Tax & The Fed Wants More Of It!

The central planners at The Federal Reserve released their most recent minutes, and guess what they want? Higher prices! They want inflation to run hot. So while Americans clock into their jobs, (for the same amount of money) the central planners are manipulating the economy

Trump Yields To Bolton, Cancels Kim Summit

President Trump has yielded again to the neocons, announcing this morning that next month’s historic summit with the North Korean leader is off. Trump was upset that the North Koreans got upset by the repeated threats of a “Libya model” for North Korea coming out

Pompeo’s Bombastic Iran Threats: A Sign Of Weakness?

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo threatened Iran with annihilation in a speech yesterday at the neoconservative Heritage Foundation. His twelve demands of Iran read like the demands made of Serbia in 1914 — they are designed not to reduce tensions but to lead to war.

Deep State Coup Exposed: CIA Infiltrated Trump Campaign

Do we have actual elections in the US, or does the CIA and deep state do the deciding? The news that longtime CIA operative Stefan Halper infiltrated the Trump campaign at the behest of the FBI should be the biggest news in the country. To

EU Breaks With Trump Over Iran: Good ‘Blowback’

EU President Donald Tusk has openly broken with Washington over Trump’s pullout from the Iran deal, Gaza, and looming tariffs, Tweeting recently that “with friends like these who needs enemies?” Will this expanding US/EU rift be the good kind of “blowback” from Trump’s “capricious assertiveness”

Gaza Violence: Blowback For Jerusalem?

As President Trump’s daughter and son-in-law celebrated the opening of a new US embassy in Jerusalem, some 60 protesting Palestinians were shot and killed in Gaza by Israeli snipers. The US embassy move was sold as a path to peace, but it looks like it

Is Gina Haspel Qualified To Be CIA Director?

The drama in Washington continues around President Trump’s choice of CIA official Gina Haspel to be its new director. Haspel’s involvement in the CIA torture program and in covering up the evidence has led some Senators feeling unsure. Is Haspel qualified to head the CIA?

“Blowback”: The Consequences of Evil Government Actions

A free society needs very few laws, such as don’t use aggressive force against another person or their property; and don’t defraud someone or break a contract. Once government ventures out of these basic laws, tyranny starts to snowball. Over a couple hundred years, the

Europe ‘Can No Longer Trust US For Protection.’ Good.

Angered by President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, German Chancellor Merkel has urged Europe to get its act together and stop relying on the US for defense protection. If Europe follows through, it can only be good news for the

Trump Kills Iran Deal – Who Wins? Who Loses?

Yesterday President Trump announced that he was pulling the US out of the Iran nuclear agreement. Washington’s European partners failed to follow suit, opting to remain in the deal. For now. Will Trump’s team be able to take the world back to pre-2015, when all

Congress To Green-Light Perpetual Global War?

The new, bi-partisan authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) introduced by Senators Kaine and Corker is billed as evidence that Congress is finally taking its Constitutional war-making authority seriously. This could not be further from the truth. Congress is about to grant the

Blame The Fed: Crisis Ahead

America’s monetary system was hijacked in 1913. The U.S. Constitution wasn’t amended to bring about The Federal Reserve….it was just ignored. We use unconstitutional money every day. This “system” is the monetary system of Empire. It was constructed for that purpose. We’ll, anyone with even

Will Bolton Kill Korea Peace Deal?

Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton makes no secret of what he wants for North Korea. Just a month before his appointment he wrote an article arguing for pre-emptive war against North Korea. He has a long record of pressuring analysts to come up with

Netanyahu’s Iran Nuke Show: Should We Believe Him?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a dramatic presentation yesterday where he claimed to produce new and shocking evidence that Iran was violating the nuclear treaty and continuing its pursuit of nuclear weapons. But much of his “evidence” is actually old evidence from before the

Are U.S. Government Bonds AAA or Junk?…And Who’s Lying?

The U.S. government is in debt $21 Trillion, an amount that can never be paid. Yet Moody’s and Fitch reaffirmed their top AAA rating on U.S. debt. Why do they do this? Do they have to? Why can’t politicians, the media, CEO’s, or anyone else,

The Syria Narrative Comes Apart – With Guest Sen. Richard Black

Nothing the US government tells us about Syria and the alleged chemical attack at Douma makes any sense. VA State Senator and retired US Army JAG officer Richard Black joins today’s Liberty Report to draw on his experiences traveling to Syria and following the war.

Macron Changes Trump’s Tune: ‘We’re Staying In Syria’

That was quick! Just a month after President Trump vowed to get US troops out of Syria “like, soon,” a visit from French President Macron has him singing a different tune. Now he’s vowed to remain in Syria to prevent Iran from “controlling the Mediterranean.”

Unintended Consequences Of Trump’s Syria Attack

Will Russia deliver a more modern air defense system to Syria after the US-led attack earlier this month? Will NATO be weakened by increased US support for the Kurds? Trump’s bombing run over Syria has produced some unintended consequences and facts on the ground.

Will Trump Tear Up Iran Deal? “No Plan B”

As German and French leaders come to Washington this week, there is one thing on Europe’s mind: How to persuade President Trump to go back on his promise to tear up the Iran deal if Tehran will not re-negotiate it. Iran threatens to re-start its

Stagflation: The Fed’s Nemesis

Government central planners at the Federal Reserve, and everywhere else, all suffer from “physics envy.” They seek to model the un-modelable. Ron Paul discusses why the central planners always have, and always will, fail spectacularly.

Fool’s Errand – 17 Years In Afghanistan

The longest war in US history keeps going on and on. No end in sight. Not even an end-goal in sight. How did we get to this point? Scott Horton, author of Fool’s Errand – Time to End the War in Afghanistan, joins today’s Liberty

US Grasping At Straws In Syria

Plans for an all-Arab occupying force in northeast Syria? New war authorization plans? Trying to maintain control of the media narrative? Trying to disengage? It seems Washington doesn’t have a real Syria policy. Is grasping at straws a wise way to conduct foreign affairs? How

Another Subprime Bubble: The Fed Never Learns

What if, back in 2008, when Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and many others were toppling like dominoes, someone said to you: “If you think this is bad, wait another decade, and an even bigger financial crisis will loom.” It would have been hard

Cooler Heads Prevailing On Syria? Let’s Hope!

While we did not wake up this morning to news that the US had started attacking Syria — or started WWIII — there is unfortunately no guarantee that by the end of today’s program the bombs will not be flying. That is the problem with

Trump’s Madness In His March To War

Today was a fast-breaking news day as the US appears to be moving closer to a massive military assault on Syria over unproven claims that Assad released chlorine gas on Syrian citizens. President Trump Tweeted a military threat to Russia this morning, followed minutes later

Deep State Warmongers Using Syria To Start WW3

Owen Shroyer presents a video clip of Dr. Ron Paul giving his expert analysis of the players, powers, and reasons behind the deep states’ attempt to provoke World War 3 in Syria. See Also: (Paul Watson) – Ron Paul Suggests Syria Attack Was False Flag

Will Cohen Raid Lead Trump To Attack Syria?

Military attacks are historically a tool employed by leaders to distract from troubles at home. With Mueller’s raid on Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, will Trump make good on threats to attack Syria to divert attention? And…what will Russia (and China) do?

Another False Flag – Will Trump Escalate In Syria?

Rebel-allied organizations in Syria have claimed that the government has released chlorine gas near Ghouta, killing dozens. The Syrians and Russians deny the charges. Neocons are all demanding that Trump launch a bigger attack or America will “lose face.” Will the Russians sit back and

Trump: ‘Just Kidding. We’re Staying In Syria.’

That didn’t take long. No sooner did President Trump vow to remove US troops from Syria, when after a meeting with Defense Secretary Mattis and other advisors resulted in another flip-flop. Like with the recent omnibus budget, he complained but went along with it. Will

A Pro-Life Libertarian Looks At Foreign Policy – With Guest Gary Heavin

Successful businessman Gary Heavin has first-hand experience with the world of government versus private philanthropy. His experiences in Haiti are shocking. But his vision for a future peaceful, non-interventionist foreign policy is inspirational. What’s wrong with our foreign policy? Are non-interventionists unpatriotic? Are the neocons

Trump Shifts On Syria, Russia – Neocons Go Nuts!

President Trump’s call for US troops to leave Syria and his call to Putin suggesting a summit have left the neocons gasping. Will Trump dare to defy his “experts” and follow through with his promises? If he is opposed to neocons, why does he keep

Arms Sales Champion…USA!

We’re number one! (In arms sales). What does it mean that the US economy has become so dependent on sales of weapons overseas, primarily to the Middle East? How does this corporatist economic arrangement drive policy? What are the security implications for the US? Economic

Death By Regulation – With Special Guest Mary Ruwart

Today we are joined by Dr. Mary J. Ruwart, a biomedical researcher, ethicist and author of a new book called Death by Regulation — How We Were Robbed of a Golden Age of Health and How We Can Reclaim It. Please visit:

Non-Interventionism: America’s Original Foreign Policy

Future of Freedom Foundation’s Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling join today’s Liberty Report to discuss what we can do to return US foreign policy to one of non-intervention in the affairs of others. Next month the Ron Paul Institute and Future of Freedom Foundation will

F-35 Boondoggle: More Military Spending Is Not More Security

The ongoing fiasco with the hugely cost over-run and under-performing F-35 demonstrates precisely why President Trump’s massive increase in military spending will not bring more security to the US. It is a “get rich” program for the political elites and military-industrial complex.

Trump Expels Russians – Poison Attack Or False Flag?

Before any investigation into the alleged nerve agent attack in the UK has been completed, the Trump Administration announced this morning that some 60 Russian diplomats would be expelled from the US in retaliation for what it claimed was Russian government responsibility. Did the Russians

Government Regulation of Facebook?

The market is a ruthless regulator. Big corporations prefer government regulation because they to protect big corporations from the market, consumer choice, and upstart competitors. As the market ravages Facebook for its misdeeds, CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks maybe “government regulations” would be a good idea.

Why Are We Still In Syria?

With ISIS all but defeated and al-Qaeda and its allies all but defeated in Ghouta, what is the justification for the US military to still be illegally occupying 30 percent of Syrian territory? And why is the Pentagon building a big new base so close

East Ghouta: Obama’s Last Stand In Syria?

With the impending fall of East Ghouta to Syrian government forces, former President Obama’s project of supporting jihadist rebels in hopes of overthrowing Assad seems to be near death. Will Trump be wise enough to finally change Obama’s disastrous policy?

Unhappy Anniversary: Iraq War At 15

Fifteen years ago today, the US launched its “shock and awe” attack against Iraq. The war was based on lies and propaganda, it cost trillions, and it left perhaps a million dead. To date no one has been punished for this disaster.