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F-35 Boondoggle: More Military Spending Is Not More Security

The ongoing fiasco with the hugely cost over-run and under-performing F-35 demonstrates precisely why President Trump’s massive increase in military spending will not bring more security to the US. It is a “get rich” program for the political elites and military-industrial complex.

Trump Expels Russians – Poison Attack Or False Flag?

Before any investigation into the alleged nerve agent attack in the UK has been completed, the Trump Administration announced this morning that some 60 Russian diplomats would be expelled from the US in retaliation for what it claimed was Russian government responsibility. Did the Russians

Government Regulation of Facebook?

The market is a ruthless regulator. Big corporations prefer government regulation because they to protect big corporations from the market, consumer choice, and upstart competitors. As the market ravages Facebook for its misdeeds, CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks maybe “government regulations” would be a good idea.

Why Are We Still In Syria?

With ISIS all but defeated and al-Qaeda and its allies all but defeated in Ghouta, what is the justification for the US military to still be illegally occupying 30 percent of Syrian territory? And why is the Pentagon building a big new base so close

East Ghouta: Obama’s Last Stand In Syria?

With the impending fall of East Ghouta to Syrian government forces, former President Obama’s project of supporting jihadist rebels in hopes of overthrowing Assad seems to be near death. Will Trump be wise enough to finally change Obama’s disastrous policy?

Unhappy Anniversary: Iraq War At 15

Fifteen years ago today, the US launched its “shock and awe” attack against Iraq. The war was based on lies and propaganda, it cost trillions, and it left perhaps a million dead. To date no one has been punished for this disaster.

Russian Double Agent Poisoned: Who Did It…And Why?

Did Russian president Vladimir Putin order a hit on a former double agent that he allowed to retire in London rather than remain in a Russian prison? It seems like a stretch, but the UK government is using the attack to ratchet up anti-Russia sentiment.

Economic Boom? … Why Is Homelessness Skyrocketing?

Prior to becoming President, Donald Trump accurately called the U.S. economy a “big, fat, ugly bubble.” That hasn’t changed, other than the big fat bubble being even uglier! Homelessness is skyrocketing. What’s going on? Ron Paul talks about government policies that create an even bigger

‘Skin In The Game’ – With Special Guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb

New York Times bestselling author of “Skin in the Game” Nassim Nicholas Taleb joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss the “interventionistas” who produce chaos everywhere in the name of “doing good.” What does it mean to have “skin in the game”? Tune in!

Will Torture Make America Great Again?

President Trump’s surprise move to make major changes in his Administration brings forth nominees for CIA director and Secretary of State that have been deeply involved and/or supportive of President Bush’s torture program. Should they be confirmed…or in jail?

Military Coup: Pentagon To Ignore Congress On Yemen

The Defense Department has sent Senate Majority Leader McConnell a letter informing him that even if Congress passes legislation limiting US military action in Yemen, the Pentagon will ignore it. Will Congress finally wake up on Afghanistan and Yemen and return to its Constitutional obligations?

Google And Geek Squad: Arms Of The Deep State?

We’ve recently learned that both Google and the computer repair company Geek Squad have been deeply involved with national security agencies to conduct illegal searches of their customers’ computers and to help develop surveillance technology that may well be used against its customers. What are

North Korea Breakthrough? Don’t Tell The Neocons!

After a successful North/South Korea meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un surprised the world by suggesting that he might give up his nuclear program under certain conditions. Will the US play ball, or will the neocons once again block any chance of peace?

Trump’s Foreign Policy: Who Benefits From Chaos?

From Ukraine to Syria to Africa, the consistency in the Trump Administration’s foreign policy is that it is consistently chaotic. One minute there is talk of peace, the next minute there are threats of war. Is there any benefit to such a seemingly incoherent approach

Trump Is Right On Iraq

Over the weekend, President Trump said that the US attack on Iraq was like “throwing a brick at a hornet’s nest.” He called it a massive mistake. He’s right, but what’s he going to do about it? We take a look at the Iraq war

‘Take The Guns First’ – Trump’s War On The Second Amendment

At a press conference yesterday, President Trump dismissed the idea of due process before police confiscate private firearms. He even suggested that police ignore restrictions on such gun grabs. Will government use the latest “crisis” to grab more of our liberties?

Behind The State Department’s $40 Million Troll Farm

The Pentagon announced last week that it was sending $40 million to the State Department’s “Global Engagement Center” to “counter foreign disinformation.” Much of the money will go to creating US disinformation, to meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, and to more jobs

Socialism & War Will Not Prevail

Ron Paul is traveling today. Please enjoy this speech that was delivered back in 2016 at a Mises Institute even held in Houston, TX.

More North Korea Sanctions: Who Benefits? Who Suffers?

President Trump has announced yet another round of North Korea sanctions, targeting Chinese and other companies still daring to trade with Pyongyang. Will he bring Kim Jong-Un to his knees? Or just keep hurting the suffering civilians?

The Fed Is At A Crossroads – Crisis Coming

The Fed has created a mountain of problems. Every solution (of theirs) leads to even more problems. Ron Paul talks about the what the Fed has done, how it tries to keep things going, and the inevitable economic crisis that is coming.