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The Fed Is At A Crossroads – Crisis Coming

The Fed has created a mountain of problems. Every solution (of theirs) leads to even more problems. Ron Paul talks about the what the Fed has done, how it tries to keep things going, and the inevitable economic crisis that is coming.

Will ‘Extreme Security’ Solve The School Shooting Problem?

From taking away private guns, to more government guns, to making public schools even more like prisons, the recent Florida school shooting has everyone offering solutions – and demanding government action. Will taking away more liberty make us safer?

UN’s Syria Propaganda Stunt

What’s going on in East Ghouta? One of the last jihadist-held parts of Syria is being liberated, but you wouldn’t know it from US and UN reporting. Why is the UN taking sides, issuing provocative statements blaming the Syrian government while ignoring the other side?

Carving Up Syria: Anything Left For The Syrians?

Turkey, US, Kurds, and Israel are all carving out parts of Syria to control at the expense of the Syrian authorities. Have we gone back to Obama’s 2013, where partition of Syria was to be achieved by force? And what will Iran and Russia do?

Mueller’s Russia Indictments: Covering Up For The Deep State?

Suddenly “Russian meddling” is back in the headlines and no one is talking about FBI collusion to present false information to FISA for permission to spy on the Trump campaign. No one is talking about a foreign agent (Christopher Steele) who actually did produce a

The Truth About Inflation…It’s The Fed’s Fault

If the creation of new money affected everyone evenly, there would be no point in government granting monopoly privileges to a central bank. It’s precisely because some benefit at the expense of others, that monetary inflation is so intoxicating. The Federal Reserve is the beating

2019 Military Budget: Pentagon Wins, American Taxpayers Lose

This week President Trump delivered his 2019 military spending budget request. He vowed to rebuild the “depleted” military with a massive increase in spending. Will we be more economically secure with a trillion dollars dumped into military spending? How about our national security, with many

Korea Olympic Charm Offensive – What’s The Threat?

US neocons are up in arms that the North Koreans showed up to the Olympics in South Korea with smiles on their faces. Vice President Mike Pence spent his time frowning, concerned that Americans may relax their two minutes of hate directed at North Korea.

Weekly Update – E-Verify Threatens Us All

Forcing Americans to submit their biometric information to a government database for the “privilege” of working in the US is no solution to the illegal immigration problem.

Who Is The Aggressor In Syria?

Just when it seemed the war in Syria might be winding down, it heats back up. First a Russian plane is shot down, then an Israeli plane is shot down after completing a bombing run on Syrian territory. Meanwhile the US continues occupying parts of

Why Democrats & Republicans Always Support Increases In Debt

It’s hard to tell which is worse, Republicans and Democrats doing the opposite of what they “campaign on,” or voters always falling for it. Democrats are usually anti-war when out of power, then drop bombs like Republicans when in power. Republicans are anti-spending and debt

The NGOs Pushing A New Syria War. With Guest Vanessa Beeley

There is a new push for US and allied intervention in Syria. There is a vast propaganda network of NGOs pushing cooked up documentaries and providing “expert” witnesses all aimed to mobilize opinion in favor of a renewed war on the Syrian government. The White

The Infrastructure Boondoggle: Corporatism With More Debt

A trillion dollars here…A trillion dollars there…It’s all music to crony corporation ears. Consumers are fickle, always wanting a better deal, and quick to jump to a competitor. The free market is hard, which is why it’s so hated by Big Business. It so much

The Real State Of The Union

President Trump will deliver his State of the Union speech tonight. No doubt there will be plenty of “good news” about his first full year in office. But today’s Liberty Report will dig a bit deeper. What is the real state of the union? Tune

Europe’s Culture Wars – With Special Guest Hanne Nabintu Herland

Is European culture under attack? Bestselling Scandinavian author Hanne Nabintu Herland believes not just Europe, but the entire Western world is in an existential crisis. Ms. Herland joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss her controversial views and what she believes is needed to reinvigorate Western

Weekly Update – The Last Fed Chairman?

Jerome Powell may seem to be assuming the Fed chairmanship at a time of increasing prosperity and renewed respect for the Fed. However, the prosperity is an illusion built on a series of Fed-created bubbles.

Trump’s Tariffs: An Answer or New Problems?

President Trump unilaterally erects tariffs, which are a tax on the American consumers. Americans are the one’s “slapped” with the tax, not the Chinese! Instead of denouncing this destructive and intrusive political maneuver, far too many Americans are cheering Trump on as he “slaps” American

Pentagon’s New ‘Cold War’ Strategy: Peace…Or War Profits?

The Pentagon’s new National Defense Strategy for the United States is a complete U-turn away from our past two decades focused on terrorism. The new “greatest threat” to the United States? Russia and China, along with a couple of “rogue states.” What’s behind this sudden

Is FBI Lying About ‘Russiagate’?

With news that the FBI “lost” months of text messages between Russiagate investigators that may have proven embarrassing — or worse — to the Bureau, even Washington is starting to ask what is really going on with accusations of Russian meddling. Was the whole thing

Turkey Vs. Syrian Kurds: Whose Side Are We On?

It looks very much like the US is in a proxy war with its NATO ally Turkey in Syria. The US is backing the Kurds, which are being attacked by Ankara. Both sides are using the same military base in Turkey. Does anyone have any

Left Coast Dilemma: Why California Ranks #1 In Poverty

Government creates nothing, but it does destroy. The Left Coast is famous for its reverence for government interference into all aspects of life. The results should surprise no one. California has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Why? What’s the way out? And what

What To Expect In 2018 – With Special Guest Gerald Celente

World-renowned trends forecaster Gerald Celente joins today’s Liberty Report to give us the scoop on what he is expecting on the economic and foreign policy front for 2018. War? Economic collapse? Peace? Prosperity? Tune in! And check out Celente’s Trends Journal:…

Trump To Embrace Nuclear First Strike

President Trump’s new Nuclear Posture Review is expected to call for new “low-yield” nuclear weapons and an expansion of the scenarios in which the US may use a nuclear “first strike.” Is this a good idea? We discuss in today’s Liberty Report…

More US Bases In Syria…Why Not Come Home?

Why is the US building more military bases on Syrian territory without permission? Why is it funding and training a 30,000 strong border guard for Syria’s borders with Turkey and Iraq? With ISIS defeated, does the White House really believe it has legal authority to

Who Killed Martin Luther King…And Why?

Dr. Martin Luther King’s stance against the Vietnam War led him to be shunned by much of the liberal establishment that applauded his work on civil rights in the US. Was challenging the US warfare state the third rail that cost MLK his life?

China’s Attack On The Dollar: What Does It Mean?

China has been accumulating gold for years, and are now taking steps to tie it to yuan. Interest rates in the U.S. are rising, and the Chinese are not so eager to keep piling up on U.S. dollars and U.S. Treasury debt. Ron Paul discusses

Trump To Embassies: Sell American Weapons!

President Trump is expected to mandate that US embassies overseas become more aggressive salespersons for the US weapons industry. Are the Beltway arms dealers about to get a massive, taxpayer-funded sales force? And where might these weapons end up? In the hands of our enemies?

House Approves More FISA Spying…Can The Senate Stop Them?

The US House today voted to extend Section 702 of the 2008 FISA Amendments. The section allows the government to spy on Americans without a warrant and to save their communications for possible prosecution of “future crimes.” It is a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Obamacare On Its Last Legs? … I Hope!

Obamacare is a crony-politically-connected program that has punished Americans who need the exact opposite. Government must GET OUT of the healthcare industry. Ron Paul discusses on today’s Liberty Report!


As with all of government’s wars against liberty, the so-called “Drug War” is almost universally recognized as a total failure. But, getting rid of government intrusion once it’s accepted is no easy task. We’re sitting on mountains of government failures that just don’t go away

Iran Protests: Convenient Pretext To Kill The Nuclear Deal?

Protests in Iran have cropped up just as President Trump has the opportunity to kill the Iran deal by failing to waive sanctions by the January 13th deadline. The protests are providing a convenient pretext to justify killing the deal – long a Trump goal.

Iran Protests…CIA Fingerprints?

Is it just a coincidence that the biggest protests since 2009 have hit Iran shortly after a secret agreement was revealed between Washington, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh to destabilize Iran? And shortly after a new Executive Order was issued by President Trump allowing him to

Will Gold Shine When The QE Bubble Bursts?

Governments and Central Bankers have been scheming for centuries to get away from gold as money. Gold limits big government, and they want no limits to their warfare and welfare financing. Ultimately though, they’re going reach into their hat to find that there are no

New Trump Executive Order: Good Move Or Global Asset Forfeiture?

President Trump has signed a new Executive Order allowing the US government to freeze the US assets of individuals or corporations worldwide who are determined by the US Administration to have violated “human rights” or engaging in corruption. What about due process? What about jurisdiction?

Heaven Forbid! China Sells Oil To North Korea!

A recent US spy satellite photo showing Chinese ships selling oil to North Korean ships in violation of UN Security Council resolutions is supposed to infuriate us. But sanctions are immoral, they hurt the most vulnerable, and they never work.

Working for Peace: Five Years of the Ron Paul Institute

Dr. Paul and Liberty Report co-host Daniel McAdams reflect on five years promoting peace and prosperity with the Ron Paul Institute. The Institute is growing in influence. Liberty Report viewers can help continue the Liberty Report and the many other projects of the Ron Paul

Merry Christmas To All Our Friends…

Ron and Daniel wish all our viewers a Merry Christmas. What does Christmas mean to us? What about the Christmas Truce of 1914? Tune in to a special edition of the Liberty Report!

Gold, Yuan or Crypto: What Will Replace Dollar Hegemony?

All Empires have collaborators and accomplices. Creditors, vassals, and partners will play ball with the Empire if they see it in their interest to do so. But once the Empire over-stretches militarily or financially (or both) the search for the exit door begins. Ron Paul

Another Flip-Flop: Trump Approves Lethal Arms To Ukraine

Candidate Trump was skeptical over claims of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and was confident he could work it out without escalation of tension. Just yesterday, however, he did something that even Obama did not do: approved some US weapons sales to Ukraine. Will neocons

Will Nikki Haley Get Her Iran War?

A recent Wall Street Journal article has suggested that President Trump is planning to re-purpose US troops in Syria toward confronting Iran. If true, he would be veering far from any thread of legality or claim of self-defense. Will Nikki and her neocon coterie finally

‘Make ‘Em Pay’? Trump Spends $5 Billion On Europe’s Defense

The “European Defense Initiative” was launched after the US-backed coup in Ukraine to counter Russian “aggression” in the region. Its budget has quintupled to nearly $5 billion next year. Hundreds of millions will be spent to rebuild military bases in eastern Europe. What happened to

The End of Dollar Hegemony and the Crypto Craze

Dollar hegemony as the world reserve currency is unwinding and coming to an end. While major monetary changes are ahead, the direction that things will go is still far from certain. We know that government and central banks want to get rid of cash because

Russia’s Pulling Out Of Syria…Why Can’t We?

With ISIS defeated in Syria, Russian President Putin announced this week that he was withdrawing the bulk of Russian military equipment and personnel. Russian assistance was requested by the Syrian government as ISIS and al-Qaeda appeared poised to take control of the country. Meanwhile, the

Pentagon Audit – Just Another Cover-Up!

Don’t get too excited about a recent report that the Pentagon is going to finally undergo an audit to see where the trillions of missing dollars have gone. Beltway pundits — including WaPo’s Robert Samuelson in an article over the weekend — are still screaming

Looking For Inflation In All The Wrong Places

Just as government always lies about its wars and their “progress,” they also lie about the economy and inflation. It’s not very hard to do when a compliant media parrots the same lines in unison. Ron Paul talks about the Fed’s massive creation of new

Israel’s Capital: Who Decides?

President Trump is expected to announce today that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a controversial move that is sure to inflame the Muslim world and further alienate US allies. What purpose does such a move serve? Is there a