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Russia’s Pulling Out Of Syria…Why Can’t We?

With ISIS defeated in Syria, Russian President Putin announced this week that he was withdrawing the bulk of Russian military equipment and personnel. Russian assistance was requested by the Syrian government as ISIS and al-Qaeda appeared poised to take control of the country. Meanwhile, the

Pentagon Audit – Just Another Cover-Up!

Don’t get too excited about a recent report that the Pentagon is going to finally undergo an audit to see where the trillions of missing dollars have gone. Beltway pundits — including WaPo’s Robert Samuelson in an article over the weekend — are still screaming

Looking For Inflation In All The Wrong Places

Just as government always lies about its wars and their “progress,” they also lie about the economy and inflation. It’s not very hard to do when a compliant media parrots the same lines in unison. Ron Paul talks about the Fed’s massive creation of new

Israel’s Capital: Who Decides?

President Trump is expected to announce today that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a controversial move that is sure to inflame the Muslim world and further alienate US allies. What purpose does such a move serve? Is there a

Bake The Cake? How Should The Supremes Rule?

The US Supreme Court is set to take up the case of a Colorado baker who on religious grounds refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Is this case about religion? Freedom of expression? Discrimination? Or something else? Ron Paul Institute Senior

Is Bitcoin Money?

Money arose via market transactions, and precious metals have served as money for thousands of years. Then government, for its own reasons, monopolized the creation of money. It has been a disaster ever since. Competing currencies, without government intrusion, will clean up this mess. Is

Massacre In Somalia: US Troops To Blame?

A recent investigation by the Daily Beast suggests US troops in Somalia were involved in the murder of ten civilians – including three children – in a small village in August. However, AFRICOM released a statement yesterday affirming that everyone killed was an enemy combatant.

‘Turning The Corner’ in Afghanistan…Again

The US general in charge of the war in Afghanistan has announced that with the new US strategy we are “turning the corner” in the 16 year war. Where have we heard that before? Over and over since the election of Hamid Karzai in 2004!

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Iran Re-Certified; Washington In Denial

The UN has again re-certified that Iran is in compliance with the P5+1 nuclear agreement. President Trump, however, refuses to re-certify to Congress that Iran is keeping the deal. According to the president, Iran is violating the “spirit” of the agreement. What does that mean?

Hypocrisy: US Meddling In Hungarian Elections

The US State Department has announced that it is going to spend a million dollars to prop up anti-government newspapers in the Hungarian countryside, which would have a direct effect on the upcoming Hungarian elections. Isn’t this what the US claims the Russians did to

Governments Can’t Legislate Morality

America’s Founders did not delude themselves into believing that government was a moral institution with a responsibility to take care of people. They understood that government was violent force, and that the best way individuals to thrive was to chain that force down as much

Being Thankful in Difficult Times…

What are we thankful for at the Ron Paul Liberty Report in 2017? Tune in to our special Thanksgiving program today for a few of our favorite things…

Saudi Purges Explained, With Marwa Osman Live From Lebanon

What is behind the sudden purge of dozens of high-ranking Saudi princes and their incarceration at the Riyadh Ritz? Lebanese scholar and geopolitical analyst Marwa Osman joins us to give a close-up perspective as war clouds continue to gather. Follow Marwa on Twitter: @Osman_Marwa1