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CENSORSHIP of Oregon M5.4 Earthquake report – Shut down WHILE LIVE

ALERT: I WAS LITERALLY SHUT OFF WHILE LIVE as I began showing the Oregon Earthquake and telling everyone about how we warned with the HOT SPOT LAST NIGHT off the coast of Oregon. See my twitter The shutdowns happening : Whoever is doing this,

Earthquake Update – Be prepared this week for large Pacific EQ activity

Dutchsinse – Published on Apr 9th, 2019 See Also: (Dutchsinse) – Large M6.7 (M6.5) earthquake Strikes South Atlantic – Unrest obvious Also: (Dutchsinse) – Yellowstone M5.0 (M4.5) Earthquake — Largest in years – Seismic unrest spreads rapidly Also: (Dutchsinse) – Large earthquake activity + Yellowstone

New Deep Earthquakes = likely seismic unrest coming this week

dutchsinse – Published on Feb 18, 2019 See Also: (Dutchsinse) – Earthquake Update – Pacific deep activity + pressure transfer explained Also: (Dutchsinse) – Rare M4.0 Earthquake strikes Western USA – Utah @ Black Rock Volcanic Field Also: (Dutchsinse) – Earthquakes strike multiple volcanoes on

Earthquake silence? – Keep watch next several days – Unrest likely

Published December 18th, 2018 – Dutchsinse See Also: (Dutchsinse) – Viewer mail + packages sent from around the world! Giant dinosaur egg and more Also: (Dutchsinse) – Direct Earthquake Forecast Hit — M5.0 strikes South Europe — West Coast USA UPDATE Also: (Dutchsinse) – Earthquake

Earthquake unrest likely next several days – Keep Watch + Have a plan

Published December 14th, 2018 – Dutchsinse See Also: (Dutchsinse) – West Coast California NEW FIRE + Hotspots at Volcanoes – Unrest spreads – Be Prepared Also: (Dutchsinse) – Volcanic eruptions increase — Deep earthquake event underway — Large unrest likely Also: (Dutchsinse) – Spread of

East Coast USA Massachusetts EARTHQUAKE — Warned area = direct hit!

Published December 4th, 2018 – Dutchsinse See the warning for Massachusetts here: issued on December 2nd into 3rd, 2018… See Also: (Dutchsinse) – Very Large M7.6 Earthquake strikes West Pacific – Tsunami warning issued Also: (Dutchsinse) – Major seismic unrest taking place – Earthquake activity

Haiti M6.0 (M5.9) Earthquake – 3000 mile wide region moves AT ONCE!

Dutchsinse – An area 3,000+ miles across just moved in 1 minutes time. See Also: (Dutchsinse) – Earthquake activity + Spread of Eruptions across both sides of Pacific Also: (Dutchsinse) – Global Earthquake Forecast – Pacific potential for 2nd round of large activity Also: (Dutchsinse)

Earthquake activity across Pacific decreases – Deep M6.5 sets stage for new round

Published September 30th, 2018 – Dutchsinse “Strange particles coming out of the Earth = new physics”… See Also: (Dutchsinse) – Global Earthquake Forecast – New deep M6.5 = potential for unrest – BE PREPARED Also: (Dutchsinse) – Earthquake update – Seismic activity spreading across