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USA, Israel & Saudi Arabia Prepping for Zionist War With Iran

War with Iran is inevitable. The Zionist puppet masters have been trying for years to start a war with Iran and that reality has never been closer than it is today. The USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia are all making coordinated moves in preparation for

The NFL Flag Protest – The Communist Agenda

There is a communist agenda at work in America. It is being pushed partly through the NFL flag/anthem protest. This is part 1 of 3 videos to address the protest, why I disagree with the claims made by the NFL players and what the US

The Catastrophic Destruction of Aleppo by ISIS

A brief photo review of ISIS in Aleppo, Syria and the resulting humanitarian crisis. Check out a few humanitarian charities here:… (I would recommend not funding the White Helmets – as some of them are affiliated with al Nusra and have been caught staging

How Many Moderate Rebels are Fighting in Syria?

If you pay US taxes, then you are helping to pay to arm and support tens of thousands of “moderate” rebels who are seeking to overthrow the democratically-elected Syrian government. Since you are paying for them, you might as well know a little about what

Trump’s EPIC Immigration Flip Flop – Part 1 of 3

This week, Trump’s flip-flopping on immigration and border control cost him the endorsement of one of the largest immigration activism groups in the nation. Amidst an ocean of other major policy reversals, Trump now supports the notorious DACA Amnesty policy put in place by his

Scenes of Horror from Donald Trump’s War in Syria

Many people voted for Donald Trump because he opposed nation-building and perpetual US foreign interventionism. Trump campaigned on a promise to not get the USA deeper into the conflict in Syria. However, rather than get us out of Syria or cut off funding for terrorist