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How Nashville Could Affect the Biden Pistol Ban

Following the horrible events in Nashville, anti-gun politicians have sprung into action to “never let a good tragedy go to waste”. Anti-gunners in congress have begun to pressure Republicans to back down from their opposition of the Biden Pistol Brace Ban. Ben breaks down the

GOP Compromise Creates Universal Background Checks

President Biden announced that he will be directing the DOJ (and therefore the ATF) to “move as close as possible to Universal Background Checks” without additional legislation. This unconstitutional action was enabled by passing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, facilitated by 15 anti-gun Republicans.

Be Thankful for Gun Rights

Gun Owners of America – November 30th, 2022 See Also: (GOA) – Voters Like Guns More than Republicans The evidence is clear, although many factors were in play for many GOP defeats across the nation, support for gun rights did not harm the few Republicans

Background Checks Now Report Addresses of Gun Owners

Believe it or not, when gun control passes Congress, it gets implemented. Make sure you send a message to your elected officials and tell them to not allow it to pass with ANY gun control. See Also: (GOA) – GOA Uncovers Hidden Gun Control in

This is Biden’s Four-Part Plan to DESTROY the 2A | MMM Ep. 4

The assault on self-defense has just begun as Joe Biden begins his Four-Part Plan to dismantle the Second Amendment. But it’s time for gun owners to stand up. See Also: (GOA) – People Won’t Stop Buying Guns | FOX NEWS INTERVIEW Also: (GOA) – Pelosi’s

COVID Crisis Shows Need for Constitutional Carry

Especially at a time when police are not responding to all calls and criminals are being released back on the street, honest Americans need the ability to protect themselves — we need Constitutional Carry! H/T Dan Wos See Also: (GOA) – GOA Fights Against “Petty

Send A Message: Push Back Against Gun Control

What happens when the federal and state governments infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms? Local governments must stand in the gap and refuse to enforce gun control. See Also: (Erich Pratt) – PRATT: Gun Owners are Tired of Being Treated like the

Antonia Okafor Debunks Media’s Racist Narrative

The media tried to paint Lobby Day as a white nationalist event, but nothing could be further from the truth. GOA’s Antonia Okafor joined Fox and Friends to explain. See Also: (GOA) – VIRGINIA RALLY: Erich Pratt Rebukes Blackface Northam at Capito GOA’s Erich Pratt

Pennsylvania: GOA Testifies Against Red Flags & Other Gun Control

GOA’s PA director, Dr. Val Finnell, testifies against Red Flag Gun Confiscation and other gun control before the PA Senate Judiciary Committee on September 25, 2019. See Also: (GOA) – SELF-DEFENSE OUTLAWED: The Story of Shaneen Allen Shaneen Allen was a lawful gun owner, but

EXPOSED: Dems Are Coming for Your Guns

The Democrats have made their position clear; they want to wipe out our Second Amendment. See Also: (GOA) – RACHEL MALONE: “Armed civilians save lives” GOA’s Rachel Malone discusses Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive actions on gun control on KTRH. Also: (GOA) – WALMART SELLS

El Paso Residents Speak Out Against Gun Control

In response to the first meeting of the Texas Safety Commission, El Paso residents are speaking up to reject calls for gun control in a new video. Texans should urge Gov. Abbott and their state lawmakers to reject gun control. See Also: (GOA) – 2A

GOA Dominates Fiery Gun Control Debate With Facts

GOA’s Erich Pratt shoots down gun control arguments on Fox News while warning Republican politicians of the “read my lips” electoral disaster that awaits them for breaking their promises and voting for gun control.


GOA’s friend, Dan Wos, shows that self-defense isn’t a government-issued privilege — but as our Founders’ believed — a God-given right. And Constitutional Carry is the means to recognize that right. See Also: (GOA) – Erich Pratt Blasts Red Flag Gun Confiscation in Pennsylvania’s Capitol

RED FLAG: GOP Infringement of Rights

Larry Pratt, GUNOWNERS of AMERICA, joins to talk about GOP betrayal on “Red Flag” & bump stock infringements. See Also: (David Knight) – THE NINE: Power & Betrayal of the Supreme Court Kennedy’s career is an example of how the Supreme Court has betrayed the

Concealed Carry Stops Robbery

Kudos to this San Paulo mom and off-duty cop for being armed even when doing something as seemingly mundane as picking up her kid from school. Her actions prevented something potentially devastating!

GOA Interviews Pro-Gun Hero Mark Robinson

GOA’s Erich Pratt sits down to interview Mark Robinson, a gun rights activist whose speech at a city council meeting went viral. In the interview, Mark shares his perspective on the Second Amendment.

GOA at the #MarchForOurLives

GOA hit the streets of the #MarchForOurLives to find what the protestors’ true intentions were for gun control in America.