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Masked Maritime Message Means Major Melee For America!

Published on Nov 9, 2018 – Florida Maquis Bridge to Bridge and they *STILL collided????… Norwegian Officer ” Frank Ark ” *CONFIRMS in the comments here:… This Map shows the Relative courses…… This Video shows the Freighters Path…… This Report shows

Military Event Coming In December? History Might Be Repeating Itself!

Published on Nov 3rd, 2018 – Florida Maquis FOX NEWS BABE STARES DOWN FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE!… Was Tillerson *RIGHT all along??? IS SHE A SPY FOR THE WHITE HOUSE? *TWICE in less than a year *THIS Channel put out warnings about the inherent

Would You Like To Actually Be Free Someday? There Is An Answer..

Published on Nov 2nd, 2018 – Florida Maquis Round Table Sunday 10/28….. Current Leader 3 days Later…..… Coincidence? Hmmmmm……. Meanwhile in a ” Free Country ” we see this…..

April 4 Prediction Confirmed! US Administration Has The Right Solution!

Published on Oct 31st, 2018 – Florida Maquis Restore what the 1992 ” Peace Dividend ” completely destroyed… Domestic, Peacetime Military Personnel are a *GREAT idea!!! Civil Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, SeaBees, Logistics, Translators, Instructors, Pilots, Drivers, Mechanics, Personnel Specialists, …..Shovels instead of Bayonets,….( but

Undeniable Facts Most Americans Do Not Want To Hear, But Need To Hear!

Published on Oct 26, 2018 – Florida Maquis *ACTUAL Journalist Abby Martin *NAILS it in less the 1 minute!!… FULL interview Here:… Western Hemisphere stands on the Brink……… Meanwhile US Administration distracted by their *OWN MSM driven nonsense!

While US Economy Crumbled 10 Battalions Were Sent To Colombian Border By Venezuela

Published on Oct 24th, 2018 – Florida Maquis No good deed ever goes unpunished!…… The history you have not been told!…… US returns to the brink of oblivion only 10yrs later…… But gosh I wonder why *THIS would have happened?!?

Shark’s Or Coconuts? Do You Understand The Difference? Are You Sure?

Published on Oct 21st, 2018 – Florida Maquis Something tells me *MOST of you are *NOT prepared at all,…… MSM says ” A ” Facts say ” B ” ….You believe A. Ask yourself *WHY!… Oh noes!! Run for your life!! here come the……coconuts???

You Will Be LIVID When You See This! No Excuses! No Justifications!

Published Oct 20th, 2018 – Florida Maquis Colombia creates one of the World’s greatest Humanitarian disasters…… The numbers are Staggering! They persist for decades.US is Silent.… Does the US Sanction? Threaten?Instigate Unrest? Suggest a Coup? NO! It sends *TENS of BILLIONS of

The Event Is Beginning! Mass Prison Exodus! Officials Admit It’s Over!

Published on Oct 17th, 2018 – Florida Maquis See Also: (Florida Maquis) – *!CONFIRMED! THEY CAN’T HIDE THIS ANY LONGER(!)BURIED 2013 STORY REVEALS A STUNNING ADMISSION(!) Is it legal in the USA for an individual to Re-Sell goods purchased at Wal-Mart out of their Garage/van/truck/unlicensed

Busted! Not Once, Twice! Colombian Operatives Caused Power Failures In Venezuela

Published on Oct 16th, 2018 – Florida Marquis See Also: (Florida Marquis) – Archaeological Site Mapping Techniques Uncovered In Antarctica! Another Piece of the Puzzle Google Earth **PRO** Must use Historical Imagery Layering….. All Sections run E-W (90-270) Cable 15 70°15’29.97″S 160° 2’58.96″E 15km parallel

Venezuela Explained! The Story Big Oil Does NOT Want Anyone To Know

Published on Oct 10th, 2018 – Florida Maquis See Also: (Florida Maquis) – A COMPREHENSIVE BREAKDOWN OF THE 50 YEAR PLAN TO TAKE DOWN VENEZUELA!1973-PRESENT Also: (Florida Maquis) – Busted! US Senator Makes Critical Error! Resignation of Ambassador No Surprise Also: (Florida Maquis) – *STARTLING