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Missed Stories of 2018 + The Great Censorship Law of 2019

Censorship is coming, but don’t worry, Elizabeth Warren is running for President and she’s going to Jail the Banks! =p See Also: (GDL United) – Microchip Security Guarding Wall street from Justice To resist Wall Street we must mobilize like in the Yellow Vests in

Top Stories of 2018: The Year We Fought Back

Published on Dec 31st, 2018 – GDL United Part 1 of 2 The Stock Market to Robots From Brasil to France, To Gaza, and Maylasia, our people are fighting back, when we mobilze our nations’ people, we have ultimate power. Outline and Citation Available here:

Domestic Terrorism, the G20, and the Neo-Feudal Police State

Unity, Political Action, Civil Disobedience, and un-becoming our own worst enemies are the ways our people and planet will survive this global financial monarchy. How do we get there? See Also: (GDL United) – World at War: Slash and Burn for the NWO Silk Road

Uniting the Truth Movement & Real World Change

Infighting, fears, distractions, all a waste of time, time to promote the good and get organized for concrete postie actions See Also: (The Red Elephants) – Police Execute Youth for Stopping Mass Shooter, AGAIN! We heard on the headlines two days ago how the cops

Black Magic, the Media and the Temple of Solomon: A Muslim Perspective

Published on Nov 23rd, 2018 – GDL United Sheik Imran Hossein, Hamza Yusef, and others on the effect of technology and those behind have on humanity, full video:… See Also: (GDL United) – Black Friday, The Devils’ Day: 1307 to 2018 Brief History of Black

Brendon O’Connell Exposes the Secret Religion of Wall Street

Brendon on the secret religion and solutions to converted those deeply invested in the illusion. Original Video Here:… See Also: (GDL United) – Trump Exposes China as Foreign Agent of Wall Street: G20 & Navarro Trump and Navarro Unite Against Goldman Sachs after they

Alt White, Right Wing Nationalism Taking Over India & Brazil, Cui Bono?

Published on Nov 8, 2018 – GDL United…… See Also: (GDL United) – Terrorist Plots Hatched By FBI & California Shooter Alone Slaves are Disarmed, Slaves have their children stolen, the evil convinces them that the evil which causes slavery is the liberator/protector.

Police State Pre Crime & the Alt White Nationalist Psyop

GDL United – Solutions Or Alex Jones Style Wake Everyone Up and It will Stop? See Also: (GDL United) – Tom Steyer: Vote or Die 2018 Elections + Real Solutions Running the 2018 Elections: Tom Steyer, Bloomberg, and Soros, did you vote for them? Also:

The Final Destination for UN “Peace Keepers” : UK & US

Published on Nov 5, 2018 – GDL United – Follow the Money, and the Script Becomes Clear See Also: (GDL United) – Pope Denounces Antisemitism & Says Vote No to Hate Also: (GDL United) – Israel Gives China Haifa Naval Port & The Emerging World

Queer, Black Man Commits Antisemitic Hate Crimes in Brooklyn Synagogue

Published on Nov 4th, 2018 – GDL United Coincidentally he has Jewish Foster Parents…… See Also: (GDL United) – Bill Hicks and 2pac Shakur: Exposing Shills & Sparking Solutions Two of the Late, Great US Prophets of Truth Also: (GDL United) – Local

Brother Nathanael & the Patrick Little, Tom Steyer Election Conspiracy

Published on Oct 31st, 2018 – GDL United Tom Steyer/Patrick Little 2020 Make America Great Again Real Solutions Come From Outside the Box Honest Hillary Music Video:… See Also: (GDL United) – Alex Jones on Hollywood Pedophiles, GDL, & Patrick Little Also: (GDL United)

Nothing Can Stop Us: Solutions to the Superman-Myth

The Superman Myth, the Tyler Perry Effect, and other psyops are designed to demoralize our people, we see through it, and through unity we can move this mountain of a problem one stone at a time. See Also: (GDL United) – News and Peaceful Solutions:

History & Purpose of the Alt Right White Nationalist Movement

If Tom Steyer, Soros, Clinton and Crew keep creating “alt right” monsters on their platforms, shouldn’t we turn them off? See Also: (GDL United) – Jewish Children & Jewish Leaders Denounce Antisemitism and Wall Street We must unite with all the righteous to save this

The Truth on Clinton-Soros-Steyer- Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc

Published on Oct 27th, 2018 – GDL United Cesar Sayoc AKA Tom Steyer Did It Chertoff Stopped 9/11 from being hidden Chertoff is the Lee- Oswald Patsy for Steyer See Also: (GLD United) – Patrick Little’s Billionaire Backer, Tom Steyer Is The Father of CIA

Larry Summers: Pax Judaica Requires US-China World War

Pax Judaica requires Pax Americana’s Fall, Are we witnessing the move toward global war or just slow burn implementation of the kill grid, could it be a mix? See Also: (GDL United) – Google CEO Sundar Pichai Joins Weinstein’s #metoo Movement, Pays Rapist Rubin 100

From the Bible to The Qu’ran: Forget Khashoggi, Save Our Children

Our Children Are Being Sacrificed to Moloch, we must unite, shut off their gadgets, and stand up. See Also: (GDL United) – John Hagee Denounces Satanism, The Illuminati, Israel’s Founders Published on Oct 22nd, 2018 – Pt 1 John Hagee the Messenger? – Dedicated to