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Brendon O’Connell Exposes the Secret Religion of Wall Street

Brendon on the secret religion and solutions to converted those deeply invested in the illusion. Original Video Here:… See Also: (GDL United) – Trump Exposes China as Foreign Agent of Wall Street: G20 & Navarro Trump and Navarro Unite Against Goldman Sachs after they

Alt White, Right Wing Nationalism Taking Over India & Brazil, Cui Bono?

Published on Nov 8, 2018 – GDL United…… See Also: (GDL United) – Terrorist Plots Hatched By FBI & California Shooter Alone Slaves are Disarmed, Slaves have their children stolen, the evil convinces them that the evil which causes slavery is the liberator/protector.

Police State Pre Crime & the Alt White Nationalist Psyop

GDL United – Solutions Or Alex Jones Style Wake Everyone Up and It will Stop? See Also: (GDL United) – Tom Steyer: Vote or Die 2018 Elections + Real Solutions Running the 2018 Elections: Tom Steyer, Bloomberg, and Soros, did you vote for them? Also:

The Final Destination for UN “Peace Keepers” : UK & US

Published on Nov 5, 2018 – GDL United – Follow the Money, and the Script Becomes Clear See Also: (GDL United) – Pope Denounces Antisemitism & Says Vote No to Hate Also: (GDL United) – Israel Gives China Haifa Naval Port & The Emerging World

Queer, Black Man Commits Antisemitic Hate Crimes in Brooklyn Synagogue

Published on Nov 4th, 2018 – GDL United Coincidentally he has Jewish Foster Parents…… See Also: (GDL United) – Bill Hicks and 2pac Shakur: Exposing Shills & Sparking Solutions Two of the Late, Great US Prophets of Truth Also: (GDL United) – Local

Brother Nathanael & the Patrick Little, Tom Steyer Election Conspiracy

Published on Oct 31st, 2018 – GDL United Tom Steyer/Patrick Little 2020 Make America Great Again Real Solutions Come From Outside the Box Honest Hillary Music Video:… See Also: (GDL United) – Alex Jones on Hollywood Pedophiles, GDL, & Patrick Little Also: (GDL United)

Nothing Can Stop Us: Solutions to the Superman-Myth

The Superman Myth, the Tyler Perry Effect, and other psyops are designed to demoralize our people, we see through it, and through unity we can move this mountain of a problem one stone at a time. See Also: (GDL United) – News and Peaceful Solutions:

History & Purpose of the Alt Right White Nationalist Movement

If Tom Steyer, Soros, Clinton and Crew keep creating “alt right” monsters on their platforms, shouldn’t we turn them off? See Also: (GDL United) – Jewish Children & Jewish Leaders Denounce Antisemitism and Wall Street We must unite with all the righteous to save this

The Truth on Clinton-Soros-Steyer- Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc

Published on Oct 27th, 2018 – GDL United Cesar Sayoc AKA Tom Steyer Did It Chertoff Stopped 9/11 from being hidden Chertoff is the Lee- Oswald Patsy for Steyer See Also: (GLD United) – Patrick Little’s Billionaire Backer, Tom Steyer Is The Father of CIA

Larry Summers: Pax Judaica Requires US-China World War

Pax Judaica requires Pax Americana’s Fall, Are we witnessing the move toward global war or just slow burn implementation of the kill grid, could it be a mix? See Also: (GDL United) – Google CEO Sundar Pichai Joins Weinstein’s #metoo Movement, Pays Rapist Rubin 100

From the Bible to The Qu’ran: Forget Khashoggi, Save Our Children

Our Children Are Being Sacrificed to Moloch, we must unite, shut off their gadgets, and stand up. See Also: (GDL United) – John Hagee Denounces Satanism, The Illuminati, Israel’s Founders Published on Oct 22nd, 2018 – Pt 1 John Hagee the Messenger? – Dedicated to