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John Williams – The Economy is Tanking

If rate cuts don’t happen soon, is the economy going to tank? Economist John Williams says, “The economy is tanking, and I’ll contend it already has, although we have not seen it in the GDP reporting. . . . The ultimate thing here is you

Marc Faber – Huge Asset Bubble Will be Deflated

Legendary contrarian investor Dr. Marc Faber warns, “When I started to work in 1970 on Wall Street, the stock market capitalization of the U.S. as a percentage of GDP . . . was between 25% and 30%. Now, the stock market capitalization alone is 150%

Catherine Austin Fitts – World Choking On Debt – Buy Gold

What is investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts looking to put money in? She has long been lukewarm on gold, but not any longer. Fitts now says, “The world is choking on debt. . . . It’s not just peak

Trump Presides Over Bankruptcy of US – Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter

Financial writer Bill Holter and renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair say the financial crash is here now. Holter says, “I think President Trump is going to preside over a bankruptcy. He’s gone through bankruptcies with his own companies and understands the process. That’s

John Williams – Flight From Dollar Will Spike Gold and Silver

Economist John Williams warns, “This is a very dangerous time both domestically and globally.” Maybe this is why gold and silver prices keep steadily climbing higher. Williams says, “As things get worse here, there is going to be a flight from the dollar into other

Kevin Shipp – Value of Dollar to Plummet in Coming Reset

Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp predicts a big reset of the U.S. dollar coming sooner than later. Shipp says, “Yes, I do. It’s going to be horrible if the dollar loses its reserve status. I think they will absolutely do that. I think,

Greg Hunter – Christmas Message 2018

Greg Hunter gives his 2018 Christmas message after he gives a few thoughts on the markets, politics and what he sees coming in the not so distant future.

Bitcoin is Not a Safe Haven

Peter Schiff on Fox Business 12/17/2018 See Also: (Peter Schiff) – 2019 Recession Means 2020 Socialism Fox Business Kennedy Show 12/17/2018 Also: (Peter Schiff) – Peter Schiff – Americans Are Going to be Impoverished Money manager Peter Schiff predicts, ““Americans are going to be impoverished