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You Won’t Believe She Let THIS Slip Out on Live TV!!

Hig hImpact Flix – Published on Sep 4th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – This Organization Wants to Disappear Your Favorite Channels! Also: (HIF) – Heres How Ridiculous Things Have Gotten Also: (HIF) – L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy’s SOBERING Advice to Home Invasion Victims Also: (HIF)

Warning Situation Critical – HUMAN CONTROL Psyop in Progress

High Impact Vlogs – Published September 2nd, 2019 – This is a spur of the moment interview with Adam Green from KnowMoreNews as we talk about the SUPER IMPORTANT state of affairs in our country with all the Red Flag Laws, Psychological Operations, Fakestream Media

Creepy Fed Chair Comment! Plus Beaten/Jailed for Jaywalking

High Impact Flix – Published on Jul 21st, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Is the Empire Coming After Tulsi? Also: (HIF) – Democratic Socialists of America: Trigger-Fest Like You’ve Never Seen Also: (HIF) – Being “Offended” is a Choice – Drive-Time Rant Also: (HIF) –


The extent of Israeli spying directed against the United States is a huge story that is only rarely addressed in the mainstream media. The Jewish state regularly tops the list for ostensibly friendly countries that aggressively conduct espionage against the U.S. and Jewish American Jonathan

WTH?? Epstein “BELONGED to INTELLIGENCE” per Acosta???

High Impact Vlogs – Published on Jul 10th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Jon Stewart Tears Into Rand Paul Over 9/11 Victim Fund Also: (HIF) – I’ll STILL Fight for Tommy Robinson in SPITE of THIS Also: (HIF) – Well Well Well! Look Who “Introduced”

Here’s Why MSM is Starting to Disable Their YT Comment Sections


The Dirty Open Secret of All Politicians

The state is that great fiction by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else. See Also: (HIF) – TRUMP’S NEW TWEET SHOULD WAKE YOU UP Also: (HIF) – ARIZONA NIXES SJW NIKE AND THE OUTRAGE MOB Also: (HIF) – WE HAVE

WAR HALTED at the LAST MINUTE!! – But Why?

High Impact Vlogs – Published on Jun 21st, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – NOW IT’S HAPPENING TO KAITLIN BENNETT & LIBERTY HANGOUT Regardless of our disagreements, we can all unite AGAINST censorship….can’t we? Support Bennett’s right to free speech on this platform. Also: (HIF) –

Level 10 Psychopathy on CNN!!

High Impact Flix – Published on Jun 20th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – ALERT! We’re Actually THIS Close to NUCLEAR WAR Also: (HIF) – Watch CNN Play the Fake WWE March Toward War Also: (HIF) – Disney’s PEDO Vice President CONVICTED and JAILED! Also: (HIF)

Sundar Pichai Interview BACKFIRES on YouTube BIG TIME!

High Impact Flix – Published on Jun 11th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – PROOF MORE PEOPLE ARE CATCHING ON TO YOUTUBE’S AGENDA Also: (HIF) – BREAKING! Sundar & Susan W. Recorded Plotting YouTube Top Trending List Also: (HIF) – POMPEO’S ALARMING TWEET! WW3? Also: (HIF)


High Impact Flix – Published on Jun 10th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Sundar Pichai Interview BACKFIRES on YouTube BIG TIME! Also: (HIF) – NEW ANTI-CENSORSHIP YOUTUBE CEO?!? — AM I DREAMING? Also: (HIF) – “I DON’T TRUST THE MEDIA” – BILL MAHER BLASTS MSM


High Impact Flix – Published on Jun 9th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – THERE’S SOMETHING TERRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG HERE Also: (HIF) – YouTube’s Harassment Policy – DECODED Also: (HIF) – YOUTUBE JUST MADE THEMSELVES THE NEW MYSPACE Also: (HIF) – 130 MILLION VIEWS DELETED!! #VoxAdpocalypse

Societal ATROPHY: YouTube, Crowder & Vox CENSORSHIP

High Impact Vlogs – Published on Jun 5th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – THIS is How Crazy Things Have Gotten!!! Also: (HIF) – YouTube Purges Dissenters BUT STILL ALLOWS THIS? (Follow me on BitChute) Also: (HIF) – Disturbing TRUTH BEHIND #ADVOXALYPSE in 7 Minutes (#VoxAdpocalypse)

Crazy SJW Governor Calls for MORE INSANE People Control Laws!

High Impact Vlogs – Published on Jun 4th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Something’s SERIOUSLY WRONG With This Preacher! They say there’s a fool born every minute. Copeland and his buddies know that and capitalize on it….in the name of the “lord,” of course. He

Chicago Cops Handcuff 8-Year Old, Leave Him in the Freezing Cold!

When you’re an order-follower you lose your ability to reason and act normally. Who the heck handcuffs an 8 year old kid and leaves him standing in the cold for 45 minutes? Authoritarian apparently eats your brain. See Also: (HIF) – When Statists Mock Statists:

Something Screwy Happens When You Search “Virginia Beach Shooting”

Minds are being shaped at Google’s direction as alternative content creators are being squeezed out….here’s how it works. See Also: (HIF) – EYEOPENING REALITY Hidden in PLAIN SIGHT Also: (HIF) – Look What CNN Calls Trump Supporters NOW! Also: (HIF) – SHOW THIS TO YOUR

Watch This Decorated NAVY SEAL TRASH Your Rights

The TAPS Act is a PRE-CRIME bill (Minority Report-style) that will give government the power to declare you likely to commit crimes in the FUTURE! The time for compromise is OVER! Stop trusting these psychopaths…they’re all the same! See Also: (HIF) – VIRGINIA BEACH –

Every American Can Now Comment on Babin’s Pre-Crime Bill Video!!

High Impact Flix – Published on May 30th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – This INSANE BILL Will Change Everything for ALL Americans! Also: (HIF) – DOH!!! Elizabeth Warren Gets BURNED on LIVE SHOW! Also: (HIF) – Watch Things ESCALATE QUICKLY Over a LICENSE PLATE LIGHT!

What the Hell?!? These People Are Getting Even Crazier!

High Impact Vlogs – Published on May 29th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – SPEEDING COP Chased Down on Camera, GOES OFF on DRIVER Also: (HIF) – You CAN’T Opt OUT!! Also: (HIF) – FORBIDDEN in SCHOOL: The FALSE FLAG That Started the “Civil” War Lincoln


High Impact Vlogs – Published on May 30th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Weatherman SLAMS Viewers During Tornado – AOC POUNCES Also: (HIF) – ALERT! SURREAL NEW LAW EVERY AMERICAN MUST RESIST Also: (HIF) – The Regular State Will SAVE YOU from the “DEEP” STATE?!?

YouTube FORCED Me to Make This Video!

High Impact Flix – Published on May 21st, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – WTF!? How’d AMERICANS Miss What Mayor Pete Just Said on LIVE TV?? Also: (HIF) – WE WERE WARNED ABOUT THIS!!!

Bill Nye & AOC Just Set Their Careers on FIRE!!

High Impact Vlogs – Published on May 14th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – WFT!?! PROOF ALL Politicians Work for THIS Sinister ENTITY (NO EXCEPTIONS) Also: (HIF) – Don’t be a PANZY! Are You FOR the 2nd Amendment or NOT??? Also: (HIF) – The FUNNIEST COP

The TRUTH James Charles & Tati Westbrook #DRAMA Fans MUST SEE

This is NOT a condemnation of Makeup or Beauty-minded people or channels. We’re all on this earth TOGETHER and we’re only as free as the minds of those who surround us in our daily lives. Some heavy-duty events are unfolding that we all should know

WTH?!? CONVERSE Promotes Little Drag Kid in New Ad Campaign!

High Impact Vlogs – Published on May 11th, 2019 – So THIS is advertiser friendly? See Also: (HIF) – Something is VERY WRONG Here and EVERYBODY Needs to Know!! Also: (HIF) – They’re TERRIFYING U.S. Corporate Owners… so BAN ‘EM ALL!

Here’s How Far (He Says) You Should Take “Obeying the Law”

High Impact Flix – Published on May 2nd, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Don’t You Dare Call Yourself a Journalist if You Tolerate THIS!! Also: (HIF) – THIS is LITERALLY the BIGGEST ISSUE of our TIME! Also: (HIF) – DEMOCRAT Rogers’ & Planned Parenthood’s OPEN

Why Do the Elites Want SO BADLY for You to VOTE?

“Your Vote is your Voice?” Really? Every vote is a vote for someone who will rule over others, get you deeper in debt, start and extend wars, bow down the military industrial complex…and the list goes on and on. Why would you continue to vote.

Here’s How Bad It’s Gotten For Mainstream Media!!

High Impact Vlogs – Published on Apr 23rd, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Watch How Cops Ruined This Woman’s Life With ONE False Arrest! Also: (HIF) – Osundairo Brothers Ain’t Takin’ This Smollett Cr*p Anymore!! Also: (HIF) – The World NEEDS to See How This

We Must Be INSANE to Put Up With This!!

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 22nd, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Tyrant Cop Arrests Good Samaritan Who Just Saved a Woman’s Life! Also: (HIF) – People Missed THIS in Hillary/Obama’s “Easter Worshippers” Tweets

Do We REALLY Have Rights?

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 20th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – LEFT, RIGHT, PROGRESSIVE…You NEED to Hear This! Also: (HIF) – Political ClownFest – Week Ending 4-21-19

This is Why You Want a Gun in Your Home!

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 19th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Dash Cam: Vicious Off-Duty Cop Terrorizes Group of Young Girls Also: (HIF) – Something VERY Dark These 3 “HIGHLY RESPECTED” Cops Have in Common Also: (HIF) – Two High Schoolers Caught Plotting

Shocking Notre Dame OVERLAY – Spire Fall Perfectly Predicted 7 Years Ago

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 18th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Off-Duty Cop Randomly Attacks Bikini-Clad Girls on Camera Also: (HIF) – “Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” Reaction to Young Turks Reaction Also: (HIF) – Sobering “Gun Control” Letter From YouTuber

CBS LITERALLY Calls for VIOLENCE on Trump Supporters!

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 14th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – The Tax-Slave Poem for ALL Ages Also: (HIF) – Unbelievable Admission by LEFTIST The World Needs to See! Also: (HIF) – Something About “TAX” (Slave) Day We All BETTER Figure Out…QUICK! Also:

Leftist Mind Control and the “Democracy” Deception

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 9th, 2019 See Also: (High Impact Flix) – Cenk Goes FULL SJW on Obama Also: (HIF) – What People Missed: Candice Owens vs House UNintelligent Ted Lieu Also: (HIF) – This SJW Actually Calls for SLAVERY While Seeking

A New Presidential Candidate Arrives to Deceive the Masses!

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 5, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Trump Just Did Something HILARIOUSLY STRATEGIC Putting Dems & CNN in “Checkmate” over Wall Also: (HIF) – MUST SEE!! An URGENT MESSAGE for ALL Trump Supporters! Also: (HIF) – The High Price

THE Orwellian Nightmare Begins for the People of Christchurch!

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 4th, 2019 See Also: (High Impact Flix) – CNN & the Military Industrial Complex DO NOT Want You to See This Also: (HIF) – What CNN Just Covered-Up While Covering Trump’s Lies! Also: (HIF) – ⚠️WARNING⚠️ California Brothers

Watch the Young Turks Fall for THIS in MERE SECONDS!!!

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 3rd, 2019 See Also: (HIC) – Trump Rips Green New Deal – AOC Responds With Cocky Warning Also: (HIF) – These RADICAL LEFTIST Want To Take Something From You…by FORCE! Also: (HIF) – VERY DISTURBING What This Senator

12 Year-Old Kid SHAMES Local Government Officials by doing THIS!!

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 2nd, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Here’s How Bad it is For Jussie! Wrecked for Life By FAAAAARR LEFT Also: (HIF) – New Development in the “Mama Bear” Firearm Mall “Kidnapping” Incident Also: (HIF) – Formidable Mom FORCES

How to View EVERY MSM Article & Video With Tyranny-H8-ing Eyes!

High Impact Flix – Published on Mar 31st, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Share This EVERYWHERE & Let’s Get This INNOCENT Man Out of Prison! Also: (High Impact Flix) – Two LEFTIST Groups CLASH – SJWs are SILENT?!! Also: (High Impact Flix) – Are They

Monsanto: The Giant Has Fallen!

High Impact Flix – Published on Mar 29th, 2019 See Also: (High Impact Flix) – New Song BLISTERS & EXPOSES the ELITE’S Mind-Control Propaganda Also: (HIF) – ALERT! EVERY GUN OWNER MUST SEE THIS!! – TAKING YOUR GUNS IS OUR FOCUS Also: (High Impact Flix)

Internet Deathblow, Jussie and Israel

High Impact Flix – Streamed live on Mar 26th, 2019 See Also: (High Impact Flix) – Psy-Op 101: The Truth Behind Jussie’s “Dropped Charges” CNN Won’t Mention Also: (High Impact Flix) – What They Really Couldn’t Teach Us In School Also: (High Impact Flix) –

Cenk & Ana – Poster Children for the New World Order!

High Impact Flix – Published on Mar 22nd, 2019 See Also: (High Impact Flix) – EVERYBODY with a PULSE…Needs to Understand THIS…NOW!! Also: (High Impact Flix) – How They Demoralize You! The Clever Art of Making You LESS FREE… Also: (High Impact Flix) – This

EVERYONE SHOULD See What Bernie Said & What He ACTUALLY Means

High Impact Flix – Published on Mar 21st, 2019 See Also: (High Impact Flix) – “GIVE EVERYONE a BAZOOKA???” Also: (High Impact Flix) – Does Truth Matter? Also: (High Impact Flix) – Kaitlin Bennett & Liberty Hangout LIED on CAMERA then LIED AGAIN! WHY?