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Classic!! Rand Paul DESTROYS Wolf Blitzer LIVE on CNN!!

It’s on CNN, so, of course, it’s dog and pony time. Thought you might wanna see the actors play their parts as they continue to promote the LEFT vs RIGHT paradigm that’s doing such a good job keeping people wrapped in their cognitive dissonance. There’s

Hack Your OWN Mind – Change Your World!

Nefarious people are always trying to hack your mind & gain control of YOUR destiny. Why don’t YOU hack your OWN mind & control your own destiny AND the destiny of the WORLD!!

Something VERY CREEPY About Ariana Grande’s New Video!

While there is no graphic video content here, listening to the audio portion is disturbing. I post this as a documentary style video that exposes very troublesome things going on behind the scenes that must be brought to light so that justice can be applied.