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Camera Captures SECRET SERVICE Encounter (Play-by-Play)

Published on Jan 14th, 2019 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – An Open Invitation to UNSUBSCRIBE from my Channel To alter or dilute the TRUTH in ANY way is to do a great disservice to ALL. Compromise on this issue destroys


YouTube – all across the world children are being abused and exploited. This video is intended to bring awareness to the dangers little kids are being subjected to on a daily basis. This is NOT “hate speech.” This is genuine concern for the safety of

TAKE a STAND for the WEATHERMAN!! #StandForTheWeatherman (official)

How the heck can people be THIS INTIMIDATED by weak snowflakes?!? You can tell in the beginning that the station manager is being TOTALLY PC…just reading that teleprompter. If you wanna stand against SNOWFLAKE INSANITY…If you wanna stand FOR an INNOCENT man and get in

Is It All.. Just Theatre?

Brian, the founder of HighImpact Vlogs, and his original channel which You Tube terminated without cause 7 months ago, HighImpact Flix, joins me to discuss the fascist censorship we’re seeing from the social media giants, and then we discuss the deep state and President Trump,

THIS is How We’ll Make 2019 GREAT!!

Published on Jan 1st, 2019 – High Impact Flix – Together we stand, united we fall See Also: (High Impact Flix) – WTF?? The Pentagon’s Creepy Sick Deleted New Years Tweet!

The UNSPEAKABLE EVIL of These Cops Will Disgust You!!

Published on Dec 26th, 2018 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – Large Vegas Pedophile Ring Exposed on Camera – FBI Does Nothing? Also: (High Impact Flix) – This Video Can, Single-Handedly, Take the NRA Down by Next Week Also: (High Impact

Trump vs Liberty! Hillary Would be Proud!

Published on Dec 20th, 2018 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – Oops! Look What This Cop Accidentally Admitted About Federal Gun Laws!! Also: (High Impact Flix) – 100% Proof We Can Build Roads WITHOUT GOVERNMENT!

The Sorry State of our World – Viewers Weigh in!

First livestream….many technical difficulties…unfamiliar with the program and flying by the seat of my pants. Viewer participation was great. Some topics covered: What’s a “law?” What’s “crime?” What is “government?” We talk about censorship, Patreon, Paypal…Sargon, shadow- banning. This is my first livestream…I was using

100% Proof of Economic TERRORISM!! – Close up and Personal!

Published on Dec 18th, 2018 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – Graduation SHOCKERS! 4 Valedictorian’s SAVAGE Anti-Public Education RED PILL Speeches As of 2 hours ago, I am 100% DEMON-etized! YouTube just wiped out ALL monetization from EVERY video. This channel

The REAL Reason We Need to Imitate FRANCE…like….NOW!

Published on Dec 18th, 2018 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – OMG! Martial Law in LESS THAN 8 DAYS!!! RUN to the HILLS! (Details in Description) Links: https://freedomforhumanity2016.wordpr………

Another YouTube Voice is About to be SILENCED! Will We Do NOTHING??

Published on Dec 17th, 2018 – High Impact Flix – Time to stand together…they’re coming for ALL of us!! See Also: (High Impact Flix) – The Horrific Weaponized Reality of Public Schools Today! As I was rendering this video…I discovered that my Main Channel was

Alex Jones; You, Your Employees and Followers MUST VIEW THIS Video!

Published on Dec 16th, 2018 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – One Man With a Camera is BLISTERING the ENTIRE Corporate Media Oligarchy! #PewTube Published on Dec 16th, 2018 Also: (High Impact Flix) – Truth Just Knocked on Mike Cernovich’s Door!

Please Share This… We Must Stand Together Or We’re Done!!

Published on Dec 15th, 2018 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – BOMB SHELL! DECLASSIFIED Document Just Exposed Hillary’s DARK Circle of Friends!! Also: (High Impact Flix) – 1948 Author Shockingly Predicts 2018 With CREEPY Accuracy!

QAnon – Unmasked

Published on Dec 13th, 2018 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – Something Qanon Followers REALLY Need to See and Understand!! Also: (High Impact Flix) – YouTube Warns They’re About to MASS UNSUBSCRIBE!

High Impact Flix – RTR Truth Media – Hard Hitting Truth

Brian Young from High Impact Vlogs/Flix and Tom Lacovara-Stewart sit down to cover some hard hitting truth. See Also: (RTR Truth Media) – YOU WILL SUBMIT to the THOUGHT POLICE Here we see a teacher fired for not calling someone by their “preferred pronoun” by

The DISTURBING TRUTH About “Bush 41” CNN Wants to HIDE!!!

Published on Dec 2nd, 2018 – High Impact Flix See Also: (High Impact Flix) – Something NEW & STRANGE YouTube Added to Videos You NEED to SEE!! Also: (High Impact Flix) – Obvious & Embarrassing CNN Buffoonery the Entire World Needs to WATCH! “Disarm me,

The Two Videos YouTube Didn’t Want You to See!! … But NOW They DO??

If you guys wouldn’t mind taking a second to Tweet @TeamYouTube and let them know you want to see the video they censored that exposes mainstream media’s exploitation of children, here’s the URL.… Let them know you want access to it. THANK YOU!! Here are the

The Tyrannical Consequences of Speaking the TRUTH in America!

Published on Nov 29th, 2018 See Also: (High Impact Flix) – This Nonsense Will Not Stop Unless We ALL Do Something!! Also: (High Impact Flix) – What Government & Big Pharma Want to Ban Now Will Make You Sick!! I’ll be operating and uploading on

NEW Chicago “Mass Shooting” – Sifting Through the Nonsense

Published on Nov 19th, 2018 – Lets stop calling them “mass shootings” and start calling them “Gun-Free Zone shootings” See Also: (High Impact Flix) – The “LAW” You Better Hope NEVER Comes to Your State!!! Things are getting bad and will get even worse. One