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Be WISE or be RULED! Simple Wisdom to Change Dumb Sheep

One way to protect yourself from the violence of police interaction is with a dashcam. I did a LOT of research this one is the BEST I’ve found in terms of price and quality: Here’s a great Stocking Stuffer pretty much anybody’ll love to

YouTube is Silently Destroying Channels

There are many channels that are being systematically destroyed. Subscribers are being unsubbed, views are being limited, content is hidden and YouTubers are getting very discouraged.

The Video EVERY YouTuber & Viewer NEEDS to See! It CAN Happen to YOU!

Don’t think for a second that you’re immune from this! Doesn’t matter how big your channel is. Share this with every YouTuber AND YouTube viewer you know. Thanks guys. See Also: (HighImpactFilms) – Poking the Media Giant Hornet’s Nest – Bringing Down the Big Dogs!