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The Truth About Net Neutrality

We were promised the Obama-era regulations would ensure our unfettered access to the internet. Instead, we’ve seen an unprecedented amount of censorship since the rules were enacted

Hillary: President of Earth 2

Hillary indulges in a fantasy about being President on “Earth 2” and what she would be doing as President — her dream would be our nightmare. Earth calling Hillary..

Corrupt Senator No One Talks About

You wouldn’t know it if you listen to MSM but a Dem Senator from NJ, charged and prosecuted by Obama’s DOJ was charged with bribery, corruption, money laundering & sex with underage prostitutes. But MSM can only talk about 40 yr old allegations that have

Creepy Uncle Joe

In what world is this normal? See Also: (Infowars) – Shocking Video Of Joe Biden Groping Children Alex Jones discusses a video compilation showing former Vice President Joe Biden groping and inappropriately touching various children.

The Truth About TSA

The epic failures of the TSA’s own audits reveal a truth the government doesn’t want you to know.

Farmer Reports The Horrors Of White Genocide In South Africa

Simon Roche joins Alex Jones live via Skype to talk about a hundred year old South African prophecy that accurately predicts Obama, Trump, and coming conflicts across the globe. See Also: (Infowars) – Shock Video Of White Genocide Taking Place Across Africa

Traveling 9/11 Style : Commercial Airplanes Can Be Hacked

DHS has demonstrated how easy it is to hack into a planes avionics and take it over. Who knew? What implications does it have for air safety, for the TSA security theatre and even for cars that others have shown can be easily taken over