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Trump Destroys Schumer in Shutdown Negotiation

Many are calling this the “#SchumerShutdown” because it was the Democrats in the Senate that would not agree to the extremely generous agreement that the Republicans were offering. The mainstream media is freaking out and trying to pin the blame on Trump, but that isn’t

GOP Can #ReleaseTheMemo

What does “The Memo” tell us about our out of control, criminal government? Any individual GOP congressman could release the information. Why won’t the GOP release the information to the public? See Also: (David Knight) – Full Show: The REAL Govt Shutdown — Shadow Govt

The Democrats Support Transnational Gang Expansion On Your Dime

Sanctuary cities are refusing to protect American Citizens from unlicensed drivers, child rapists, disease, murderers, and the expansion of hardcore gang territories into U.S. communities. Yet another way the Democrats would have us risk our national security. Jon Bowne reports.

Prepare The Globalist Perp Walk

Alex Jones slams the globalist media that has to now wrestle with their own criminal activity. It’s all unfolding and Alex provides the insight as only he can as he has experienced it all first hand.

Obama’s Deceit Has Finally Come Back To Bite Him

Alex Jones brings you next years news today. This time one year ago today….Roger Stone and Alex Jones informed the world on the dubious FISA warrants that would come back to haunt the arrogant Obama Administration. And here we are.

Release The Memo

Well its after midnight and the votes weren’t there to keep the government running. Its been roughly five years since the government shut down. The Democrats point their fingers at the Republicans demanding the protection of non citizen… non taxpaying DACA dreamers. While American taxpaying

Jail Clapper: Congress Looks At Perjury, But He Committed Treason, Too

Remember when Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to Ron Wyden about illegal, unconstitutional dragnet surveillance of the America people? It was under oath. It was PERJURY. And several Congressmen would like him charged before the statue of limitations expires in March. But the

CDC’s Flu False Alarm, False Treatment

After the Hawaii false alarm, the CDC moved from nuclear “preparation” to a flu epidemic they said is a greater threat. Media hypes their claims. Sheri Tenpenny reveals the CDC’s own figures show the flu is at the lowest level in 19 years. So what