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For Bloomberg, Higher Taxes Are The Sweet Spot

Chicago is under a $Million ad assault pushing sugar drink taxes, from virtue signaling former NYC Mayor Bloomberg. Is this the beginning of a 2020 presidential campaign? Matt Dubiel of WCKG in Chicago talks about the mixed message as the poor are exempt from the

Epic Fail: Hollywood Attempts To Bash Trump, Embarrasses Itself

Owen Shroyer covers the Emmy Awards which aired last night. Hosted by Stephen Colbert, they attacked President Trump at every opportunity, boldly exercising Hollywood’s group think techniques. See Also: (Infowars) – Modern Media Is Psychological Warfare Against American People Owen Shroyer hosts the Alex Jones

Hillary Clinton Dark Money To Antifa Exposed

Here is how Hillary Clinton is trying to keep Antifa growing as they try to destroy America. See Also: (Infowars) – How Hillary Clinton Funds Violent Protests Antifa is becoming a larger and larger threat to the freedoms of Americans, the truth is that they

Left Panics As Internet Censorship Expands

As internet censorship begins to effect people that are not easily identified as conservative, Christian, or an avid Trump supporter, YouTubers on the left are now beginning to panic.

Theresa May Declares Martial Law In London

Just as Infowars and Alex Jones have been saying for years, Radical Islamic terror is now being used to vastly grow the police state and in the newest example, give reason for martial law in London.

The Death Of The Petrodollar

Michael Snyder joins to talk about how many countries are ready to abandon the petrodollar system and how it could create world economic collapse.

How The Government Is Creating A Climate Of Fear

President Trump is saying he is ready to call Theresa May after she blasted him for tweeting about the suspects being on their radar. Meanwhile the government is ready to cut off free speech from U.S. citizens.

Scientist Debunks & Outsells Al Gore’s Propaganda

Dr. Roy Spencer, meteorologist & NASA scientist, deconstructs and debunks “Inconvenient Sequel”, the latest round of Al Gore’s propaganda. Dr. Spencer’s book, “Inconvenient Deception” has outsold Al Gore’s on Amazon for over a month. Here’s why…

The Saudi Dry Run For 9-11 Revealed

This report was humbly filed on 9/12 because we will never forget. So much has come to light in 16 years and one day. Sixteen years later, on a planet under siege by CIA fed jihadist terror. Earth, a finite space turned exponential battleground where

Face It: iPhone X Is Creepy & Mindless

New face identification biometric for iPhone X failed in the demo. And even IF it works and there’s only 1 in a Million chance of miss identifying, with 7.5 Billion people, there’s 7,500 other people (likely living near you) that look like you as far