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Emergency Warning: Scientific Journals Confirm Plan To Sterilize You

Mike Adams and Dr. Ed Group join Alex Jones live in studio to issue a warning to the American public, and the world, about the harmful chemicals introduced into our environment, food, and bodies. See Also: (Infowars) – Medical Clinics Caught Carrying Out Stealth Abortions

Political Prisoner Fights Medical Tyranny

Marty Gottesfeld has been kept in prison for over 2 years awaiting trial. His alleged crime? Blowing the whistle on the medical kidnapping of a 15 yr old girl, treating her against the wishes of her family and nearly killing her. And he has something

DeepState Brags: Sabotage Of Trump Is Inside Job

Who is the “Deep State”? Like “globalist” it’s a label that’s often been mocked in the past but now embraced by its members — although they spin its meaning. William Jasper, editor of The New American, joins David Knight to expose their real agenda

Nullification of Sessions: Rightful Remedy For Fed Addiction

Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Maharrey explains that nullification is the safe, rational and constitutional approach to shutting down the usurpation of federal authority by Sessions war against legalized marijuana. The alternatives are to either continue down the road to a tyrannical centralized government or see

FISA: Idiots & Madmen Authorize It

Why would Trump reauthorize Sec 702 surveillance after it was used against him? Why would Democrats who accuse Trump of using the power of the state against them, reauthorize it? Idiots & madmen who don’t care about individual liberty, not even their own.

Hawaii: Govt Protects Itself, You’re On Your Own

As David Knight previous reported, a large COOP (Continuity of Operation) drill Dark Winter, was scheduled for the beginning of January. Was the false alarm in Hawaii part of that? A follow-up? Regardless, the take-away lesson from the Hawaiian missile false alarm is: You’re on

Rx For Violence & Addiction

Jim Gierach, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, speaks out on Sessions and the likelihood that Congress will declare marijuana legal at the federal level. (The 10th & 18th Amendments show that it already is.)

IRS Private Collectors Come For The Poor

The IRS’ own collection procedures are abusive enough. It’s just gotten much worse with private debt collectors. Joe Banister reveals who has been targeted by the new “publicans” — the poor. Joe Banister: