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Kiriakou: Setting The Record Straight On Gina Haspel & Torture

ProPublica retracted a detail in their report that accused Gina Haspel of being involved in torture. The retraction has caused many to label reports of her complicity as “fake news” and has been used to attack Rand Paul’s opposition to her as CIA head. John

Teacher Punished: Taught Kids To Think About Free Speech

Julianne Benzel, a California high school history teacher, joins David Knight to talk about what happened to her when she discussed free speech & the approaching student protest, “17 for 17”. She challenged her students to consider if other issues supported by a different constituency

Univ of California Says MLK, Jr Is A Racist

In the list of “racist” “microaggressions” published by the University of California Santa Cruz are statements that would have Martin Luther King, Jr labelled as a racist. “Political correctness”, “identity politics” or “cultural marxism”? David Knight exposes the Marxist tactic and the close friend and

Expose Soros And His Cabal Of Wealthy Traitors

Fellow Americans….. Who is directly behind the national movement to manipulate American youth into signing away their Second Amendment Rights? How far has the cancer spread to ultimately send these United States into cardiac arrest? George Soros’ commands an army of wealthy anti American leftists.

Justice League Anti Trump Globalist Propaganda

Back in my day the Justice League stood for freedom, justice, and American values. Not United Nations colluding with Hollywood engineered Anti American Propaganda. Justice League opens up with the Aftermath of Superman’s death as all hell is breaking loose upon the innocent liberal populace.

Big New Developments In Lawsuit Against Alex Jones

Alex jones and Lee Stranahan break down how the Georgetown suit is a total act of fiction and why the LEFT are running around in panic mode after McCabe firing.…… See Also: (Infowars) – What The Globalists Behind The Anti-Alex Jones Lawsuit REALLY Hate

A First Look At The DOJ Indictments Against The Clinton Crime Network

Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s statement following his dismissal may have incriminated former FBI Director James Comey, according to George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley.… See Also: (Infowars) – McCabe Firing Puts Hillary On RED ALERT! 3/18/18 FULL SHOW!! Sunday, Mar. 18th: To