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MISTRIAL! Bundy Judge Hints Govt Lies Too Great To Ignore

The judge in the Bundy trial announced after a closed meeting with defendants and lawyers from both sides that the jury would not be called back until Dec 20th, “if then”. After the discovery of many counts of prosecutorial misconduct, Shari Duvale of RedoubtNews, breaks

Vegas Pix Still Missing But NYC Terror Video Comes Out Immediately

Months later & still no images of Stephen Paddock, “the Vegas shooter” in the Mandalay Bay hotel. But video of the NYC terror bomber surfaced immediately along with his full biography. Strange? And he came to US via chain migration with extended family who won

DARPA’s Genetic Genocide

Is DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, collecting genetic codes of “enemy groups” for extinction? FOIA requests seem to indicate they are.

Obama Labels Trump Hitler

Ironically, while the rabid left espouses a past rampant with evil slave owning power mad white men, aggressively insinuating that all white people in America are racist as a result. The slave trade continues in Libya as a direct result of the policies of America’s