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DARPA’s Genetic Genocide

Is DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, collecting genetic codes of “enemy groups” for extinction? FOIA requests seem to indicate they are.

Obama Labels Trump Hitler

Ironically, while the rabid left espouses a past rampant with evil slave owning power mad white men, aggressively insinuating that all white people in America are racist as a result. The slave trade continues in Libya as a direct result of the policies of America’s

London Creates Orwellian Hate Crime Laws

Alex Jones tears into the unbelievable Orwellian hate crime laws now being discussed in London where a man can be arrested for whistling at a woman. See Also: (Infowars) – The Technocrats Are Building Reeducation Cities Alex Jones tears into the unbelievable Orwellian hate crime

Monsanto Food Trap & Amazon Slavery

Monsanto wants control of farmers & their farms, offering huge discounts on their pesticides but once sprayed, you’ll have to use THEIR patented GMO seeds. And with the new dicamba, it will drift to neighboring fields, poisoning them as well

Chelsea Handler’s Savage Attacks Fail

David Knight talks about Chelsea Handler’s Show Mocking Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Appearance in a Skit and how the left have truly lost touch with reality that the rest of us live in. See Also: (David Knight) – Government Surrogates Limited State Through Weaponized Media David

FBI Pitifully Attempts To Cover Any Tracks Of A Coup

The newly appointed FBI Director Wrey was on the Hill. Attempting to save face for the bureau clearly overcome with a biased political agenda, wielding Federal powers to benefit Mueller’s Russian Witch Hunt, Hillary Clinton’s Breach Of National Security, Obama’s corrupt DOJ, and Comey’s lapdog

Facebook Targeting Kids As Young As Six

Just when the correlation between rising teen suicide and screen time is being widely reported, Facebook announces a new application specifically targeting younger kids.

CNN Caught Again: Runs Fake Story About Trump/Russia

Mike Cernovich Catches CNN In The Act As They Run Fake Story About Trump/Russia See Also: (Infowars) – Media Spreads Conspiracy Theory About Trump’s Health Mike Cernovich Shows How The Media Spreads A Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Trump’s Health

Globalist Insider Speaks Out Against NWO

Ted Malloch joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss his experience running the UN and how he uncovered the Globalists’ leveraging of US power and money to prop up an unelected, bureaucratic system of government.

Busted FBI Democrats Could Take The Bureau Down!

Talk about the wolf guarding the henhouse. Peter Strzok, FBI Deputy and Russia expert was recently fired from the Trump collusion investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Strzok also lead the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. We now know Strzok changed the language describing

Another Fake News Fail By CNN

CNN Botched another “bombshell” by misreporting the facts that could have been remedied by actually viewing the documents rather than taking the word of “anonymous sources”

NSA Insider: Russian Hack Hoax Was Inside Job

Alex Jones talks with former NSA technical head William Binney about the Gucifer 2.0 hack. See Also: (Infowars) – Former NSA Head: “Russian” Hack Was A Set Up From The Beginning Alex Jones talks with former NSA technical head William Binney about the ongoing lies

OPIOIDS: Seductive Killer Of Middle Class America

While cocaine is the biggest killer of blacks, white middle class drug overdoses are coming from opioids and opioid deaths are rising rapidly with blacks and hispanics. Opioid addiction is not so much a failure of the 41 year old War on Drugs as it

ABC Defense: It’s “Mistake News”

The Big 3 broadcast news don’t have a monopoly any more and their coverage of events illustrate why that’s a good thing. A look back at how ABC, the network of Brian Ross, were relentless advocates for ObamaCare implementation only 4 years ago. See Also:

CIA Whistleblower Nearly Killed

John Kiriakou, whistleblower on CIA torture, was nearly killed in a vehicle accident recently. He talks about what happened and his current condition.

Joy Behar Issues Fake Apology For Fake News

Alex Jones presents Joy Behar’s weak worded apology for spreading fake news on The View last Friday regarding Michael Flynn, President Trump, and Mueller’s Russia investigation farce.

EXCLUSIVE! History Of Project Veritas MSM Doesn’t Want You To See

This exclusive video presents little-known history about how James O’Keefe created Project Veritas and why the establishment relentlessly vilifies him. Watch never-before-seen footage of O’Keefe being savagely confronted by mainstream media ‘journalists’ who make stuff up and create fake news in real time. Sit down

NRA Goes AWAL In Alabama Senate Race While Supremes Attack 2A

There couldn’t be more polar opposites on the vital issue of the individual RIGHTS than Roy Moore & Doug Jones. Jones believes there are NO absolute rights, Moore believes in natural rights from our Creator. As Hawaii moves to confiscate medical marijuana users’ guns &

Stock Market Plunges As Mueller Makes His Move Against Trump / America

Alex Jones dissects Robert Mueller’s move against General Flynn, President Trump, and the American Recovery as new accusations from his investigation cause the stock market to plunge dramatically. See Also: (Infowars) – Global Economic Recovery In Grave Danger As Crazed Leftists Attempt To Remove Trump

William Binney Warning: Surveillance Turns Inward & Political

Former NSA technical head & whistleblower, William Binney, met with CIA Director Pompeo at the urging of President Trump. Binney reveals what was said at the meeting and what the American public must know about what Binney calls “The New Praetorian Guard” — the highly

MSM Sells Out Its Own To Attack Trump

Jon Rappoport joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down why the mainstream media is throwing so many of its own loyal lackeys overboard in an attempt to attack the President.

Matt Lauer Went After Trump & O’Reily For Harassment

Pervert, predator, hypocrite, and political operative —Matt Lauer — was apparently at the center of the Access Hollywood tape that was leaked to take down Trump & he grilled Bill O’Reilly on allegations of sexual harassment that O’Reilly vigorously denied.

Bundy Political Prisoners: Bail After 2 Years

A major turning point in the Bundy Trial as the judge, who in previous trials was extremely biased in favor of prosecutors, grants bail after 2 years after massive government lies were exposed.

The Truth About Trump & Britain First

If you’re angrier over a few retweets than 411 injured and dead victims of Islamic terror in the UK this year alone, you need to take a long look in the mirror.

EXTERNAL Combustion: EVs Dirtier Than ICE In India & China

As governments around the world move to ban all Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), especially diesels, it turns out that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are dirtier in some countries. What mpg does an ICE need to get to be as clean as an EV in India, China

AI Expert: Atrilect War Coming Faster Than Predicted

Hugo de Garis — AI expert on the accelerating clash between AI & humans. Are we about to experience an “Artilect War” between techno-elite like Bezos and the mass of humanity that de Garis predicted 20 years ago?