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Human Civilization Is Being Destabilized Ahead Of AI Takeover

Alex Jones breaks down how the high tech-technocracy is working to destabilize and greatly disturb normal human civilization to the point that they have to replace it with a complete AI takeover. See Also: (Infowars) – World Government Summit Announces Merging Of Humans With Computers

Full Show – REVEALED: The “Deep Throat” Of RussiaGate

The “dog that didn’t bark” in the FBI/DOJ coup investigation is now being openly talked about. Is he the “Deep Throat” that will bring down the criminal collusion to overthrow the election? Matt Bracken joins to discuss. And, the opioid crisis is taking center stage

Americans Want Obama Investigated

Let’s cut to the chase, Americans want the Steele Dossier, its funding, and the members of the Obama Administration including Obama himself investigated.Jon Bowne reports.

White Hats Closing In On Shadow Government

Matt Bracken joins David Knight as more evidence comes to light that Trump’s long term play is closing the noose around corruption. Will there be another special prosecutor or will Inspector General’s report finish them?

Social Media Giants Meet For Orwellian Control

Reps from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube faced a British Parliamentary committee on U.S. soil at George Washington University. They were reminded of their own unchecked power to gather their users data. Oddly enough, after demonizing the social media giants reach. The Orwellian panel dove

Russian Plane Crash Has Clinton Uranium One Ties

Dr. Jerome Corsi reveals to infowars that there were several executives of the Uranium One Deal and the plane that took off from Moscow and crashed for no good reason. one of the top ones was Ivanoff and the CFO, the agency that’s been involved

QAnon Post Alleges Treason By Adam Schiff

Dr. Jerome Corsi joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to reveal QAnon’s latest leak about the treason performed by Adam Schiff. See Also: (Infowars) – BOMBSHELL: DOJ And FBI Spied On President Trump In The White House The less highly-redacted version of the criminal referral

More Bundy Defendants Set Free

Federal prosecutors don’t want the public to see the corruption, obstruction & collusion of FIB, DOJ and BLM in another trial so they’ve requested dismissal with prejudice. Meanwhile, Texas will set free a 67 yr old Tejano Grammy Award winner who raped his 13 yr

It’s Not Just Pay-For-Play, Clinton “Charity” Fraud Exposed

Charles Ortel joins David Knight to explain that just released FBI informant’s written testimony on Uranium One pay-to-play fraud is not the most easily proven fraud of the Clinton’s. Ortel’s research has revealed fraud that would let not just the Federal government, but state governments

Rand Exposes Budget Hypocrisy & Secrecy

No debate, no amendments, no transparency. But Lindsey (“shut up you don’t get a lawyer”) Graham, criticizes Rand Paul for being out of touch with security needs. David Knight exposes the bipartisan Bluegrass-Broadway pork projects McConnell & Schumer put in and why the budget has