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Halloween Is Socialism: Court Jester Colbert Explains

Stephen Colbert took Donald Trump, Jr to task for saying he uses Halloween to teach his kids about the evils of Socialism. Colbert argues Halloween is an exercise in socialism, but David Knight explains it is really an exercise in voluntary, free markets.

The Murderous Opioid Cartel

Jon Rappoport hosts the fourth hour of the Alex Jones show and breaks down how opioids became an epidemic in America.

Planned Parenthood Doubles Down On Black Depopulation

Stacy Washington joins David Knight to look at the suicidal political correctness exhibited in the Diversity Visa Lottery and “Planned Parenthood’s Black Community”, an continuation of their long history of targeting blacks for population reduction.

Bigger Than JFK Files: HHS Vaccine Harm Covered-Up

Del Bigtree, producer of VAXXED, joins David Knight blow the whistle on misconduct by HHS (Health & Human Services). When the federal govt took away our right to sue vaccine companies, giving them liability immunity, HHS was tasked as the sole means of protecting the

The Deep State Can’t Hide Clinton Obama Uranium Scandal

The glee on the faces of the anchors at CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and all of the mainstream networks have dominated the news cycle surrounding Paul Manafort and his alleged ties to Ukrainian money laundering. But it’s only a portion of the story.

False Flags And Drills: What They Aren’t Telling You About Vegas

Shepard Ambellas joins Alex Jones live in studio to break down new information regarding the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st: helicopters, airplanes, and flight space records tell it all. See Also: (Infowars) – During Vegas Massacre, Helicopters Went Dark Shepard Ambellas joins Alex Jones

Pitchfork Time: Grassroots Fight Against Surveillance

Do the American people value their privacy, liberty & rights? Do they understand the tactics and goals of those who scare them into giving up their liberty for the promise of safety? Will they stop social media long enough to contact their elected officials to

Mueller Covered Up Pedowood Charges, Breaking Uranium One Scandal

It is now coming to light that Robert Mueller was involved in covering up the ongoing pedophile scandal in Hollywood. See Also: (Infowars) – Mueller Files Charges Earlier To Cover Up Breaking Uranium One Scandal It’s becoming more and more obvious that Mueller is simply

Do Something! Hillary Colluded With Russia!

Congress and the Justice Department are in Deep State gridlock. Regardless that sitting on their laps, mountains of evidence could potentially put Hillary and Bill Clinton away for good.

Flashback: Former FBI Agent Reveals Who Really Shot JFK

Alex Jones interview from 8/26/10 of Don Adams, the former FBI agent who presented compelling evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald did not assassinate president John F. Kennedy. Don is no longer with us, but his hard work and evidence will live on forever as long

King Of Davos: Alleged Pedophile Plays Gay Card

After being accused of sexual assault on a 14 year old, Kevin Spacey outs himself as gay. Will that buy him an indulgence? If not, he can always count on his globalist admirers as someone who is not simply a globalist celebrity, but celebrated as

Breaking: JFK Was Shot From The Front According To Declassified Docs

Published October 29th, 2017 See Also: (Infowars) – THE VEIL HAS LIFTED! DECLASSIFIED FILES SHOW GOVERNMENT KILLED JFK, PROTECTED HITLER Alex Jones reveals shocking govt documents that comfirm that JFK was killed from the front and that there were more than one shooter as Alex