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Battling Fake News or Free Speech?

Mockingbird legacy media attacks Sinclair for “talking points” by using “talking points”. But all the noise about battling “Fake News” is really just an attempt to control speech & elections — and it’s happening worldwide.

Hogg Tied: Boycotts Left & Right As Free Speech Killed

A “wounded warrior” responds to David Hogg as MSNBC gets boycotted now for criticizing a student who spoke out AGAINST gun control. And, Chelsea Handler’s armed body guards are apparently carrying bolt action rifles, shotguns or revolvers.

Silicon Valley Cannibalizes The First Amendment

Alex Jones breaks down the hidden in plain sight infiltration of Silicon Valley by the deep state. The clandestine technocracy is now faced with a populist Commander in Chief.Unleashing an attack on Free Speech that is only just beginning.

Soros And Sons A Plague On Humanity

George Soros has done all that he can to project the blame of his undeniable past as a nazi collaborator onto Alex Jones. While Soros and sons ramp up the pressure to divide and conquer through their Open Society Foundation. Alex Jones explains why Soros

Dr. Evil Ain’t Got Nothing On Jeff Bezos

Alex Jones breaks down how Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, The Washington Post, and a major globalist powerhouse, is even more evil than Mike Myers’ Dr. Evil, from the Austin Powers films.

Larry King Gets Dumb & Dumber On 2nd Amend

Andrew Cuomo lies and says no one, not even John Paul Stevens, wants to repeal 2nd Amendment. At least Larry King is honest, but he wants to repeal 2A because — “racist”. Ignorant of history & stupid conclusion. See Also: (David Knight) – Hogg v

China: Beta Test Site For UN Tech Tyranny

Alex Newman joins to talk about the roll out of tech tyranny with China as the test site, the rampant influence of Marxism in the South American Catholic Church due to Liberation Theology, and how to reclaim our children from institutional indoctrination.

YouTube’s Hitler Hypocrisy

Google and YouTube continue to ban conservatives from comparing anti 2nd Amendment activists with the Nazi’s. They have no problem, however, allowing videos that compare President Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler. Hypocrites? See Also: (Infowars) – YouTube Censors Comparisons Of David Hogg To Hitler Youth

The Mystery Woman Within The War

Nellie Ohr, the wife of demoted FBI official Bruce Ohr, not only worked for Fusion GPS, she is Russia-speaker with ties to the CIA who holds advanced academic degrees in Russian literature & history.

Assange: Silenced For Exposing UK False Flag

Julian Assange’s has had all electronic contact with the outside world cut off by Ecuador after he exposed the lies of the UK about the Salisbury “nerve gas” attack being used to push NATO, sanctions & an escalated Cold War