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Full Show: 10th Amendment: Accidentally Restored

President Oprah? David Knight deconstructs the lies & fraud of Golden Globalists & the recycling of identity politics. Then, Sessions ignores the law & the Constitution in both the War on Drugs & Mueller’s “Special Prosecution”. And, Jerome Corsi explains the STORM isn’t coming, we’re

Is Julian Assange About To Be Free?

In the past few days, a series of unexpected developments have cleared the path for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London without fear of arrest.

Biggest Discovery of 2017 Turns Ancient Human History On Its Head

Back in 1992 Richard Cerruti a construction-site monitor for the San Diego Natural History Museum happened to be at the right place at the right time. Cerruti had discovered the scattered remains of an ancient mastodon site that gradually unfolded into what would mesmerize some

Sessions Goes For Pot, Burns 10th Amendment

Did he overturn “Obama’s rule” as mainstream media puts it, or did he overturn the 10th Amendment? Even politicians who are angry about the “new rule” won’t oppose it on Constitutional grounds because it would destroy their whole prohibition game.

Wasserman-Schultz’s Laptop Abandoned With Letter For US Attorney

Sessions & the FBI are finally investigating the Clinton Foundation and its tax status as David Knight reported last week. It’s a target-rich environment. And Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s laptop was left by Awn with his driver’s license, congressional ID badge & a letter for the US

Drudge Tweets That Benedict Bannon Will Soon be Removed From Breitbart

Matt Drudge tweets that Benedict Bannon will soon be removed from Breitbart. Criminal indictments of Hillary Clinton are being prepared. See Also: (Infowars) – UPDATE: Alex Jones Calls For Bannon’s Removal From Breitbart, Hours Later, It Is Announced Alex Jones called for Steve Bannon’s removal