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Coronavirus and The Scars of Communism

Communism plays a DIRECT role in the raise of epidemics like Coronavirus. We need to stop ignoring the political dimension of these Chinese contagions. See Also: (James Pawson) – Coronavirus Reality Check (Canada Edition) Some weird ideas about this latest potential pandemic are going around…

“The Social” Reviews are EPIC!!!

Even before the Don Cherry firing, IMDB reviews for The Social were amazingly high quality, enlightening, red-pilled stuff. I read the best ones for you, and give you some supplementary information.

YouTube’s Next Big Purge

YouTube’s New Terms of Service, taking effect on December 10th, 2019, look pretty cut and dry; a raw deal for non-commercial YouTube creators, i.e., the sorts of people who made this platform great (the “You” in YouTube) are likely about to get purged.

Hong Kong Matters – Pay Attention!

EVERYONE should care about Hong Kong — 1.7 MILLION protesting in the fight for human rights, liberty, and against the spread of malicious communist totalitarianism.

Trudeau – Epstein Connection?

Is Justin Trudeau connected to notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? Probably, but in what way? Either way, the Canadian mainstream media is trying to get us worked up for clicks and ratings. See Also: (JP) – Merkel Has the Shakes… Hitlery Shakes German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Liberal Lenses of Delusion

Liberals have an acute lack of political, social, psychological and conceptual depth perception. Everyone sees the world through a lens, and the more intense your ideology, your indoctrination, the complexity of your mental gymnastics and the depth of your deceit—the more distorted your view of

Canada’s Cancerous Public Sector

With roughly 4 million people working directly or indirectly for the government, is it any wonder why the Left still has so much support?

Rejecting the Demented New “Normal”

Calling people out on their lies and liberal gibberish is profoundly important– even if it’s “antisocial.” Let’s unpack this. See Also: (J.P.) – Livestream follow-up to ‘Rejecting the Demented New “Normal”‘

Christchurch Massacre Logic

We can understand the underpinnings of a murder’s actions without condoning them. If we want to prevent this in the future, we MUST look deeper.

Understanding the Numbnut Vote

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s monumental stupidity has motivated me to take a closer look at how imbeciles get elected. You may not have considered some things presented in this video. Tucker grills Ocasio-Cortez adviser over ‘Green New Deal’ —

Confirmation Bias | Trudeau, Climate Change, Unemployment, and Commies

If there’s just one critical thinking concept you choose to master, please let it be Confirmation Bias– it’s just so pervasive and insidious in social and political discourse. Canadian girl slaughtered in Burkina Faso (Paul Joseph Watson) — The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full

Saying “Thank You” Now Illegal in Canada!? | Desmond is Amazing, too

When we conservatives share fake news, we give people an excuse to ignore the REAL, dark, screwy, incomprehensible stuff the Left is actually doing; e.g., Desmond is amazingly disturbing. Desmond is amazing being drugged?? (HeCsUsAll) — Solution? I’m Filing a Complaint against Patreon & PayPal

Peterson’s Patreon Alternative?

Sargon is becoming something of a martyr, and Jordan Peterson is very aware– and proactive about this. It’s about time someone big steps up. Patreon: Problem & Solution: Dave Rubin & Dr Jordan B Peterson — Then They Came For SubscribeStar (Sargon of Akkad) —

French Heros and Canadian Cucks

Published on Dec 5th, 2018 – James Pawson While we NEED a yellow jacket movement in Canada, very badly– I don’t see it happening… not just now. Macron abandons fuel-tax hike amid fears of new ‘yellow vest’ protests —… Ambulance workers have also joined in

Bleak Canada Just Gets Bleaker

Despair? Anger? Publishing old school zines? I just don’t know how to react to all the useful idiots who are letting Canada fall apart. Unifor Praises Trudeau’s $600 Million Media Bailout —…

Environmentalists Cause Wild Fires

Dead obvious points to many of you– complete sacrilege to others; some things need to be said about wild fires and environmentalism. 100 million dead trees in the Sierra are a massive risk for unpredictable wildfires —… Exclusive – Sec. Ryan Zinke Backs Trump: Years

Celine Dion’s Commie Kids’ Clothes

Turns out Celine Dion is exactly one of those Useful Idiots described by Yuri Bezmenov, AND she’s doing what commies like to do with kids; let’s discuss. See Also: (James Pawson) – Kanye West and Candace Owens Garbage Noise Both Kanye and Candace are political

The Utterly Righteous NPC Meme

Leftists have dehumanized THEMSELVES– but they get upset when we point it out with an apt meme. Typical. See Also: (James Pawson) – The Red Pill Voice In-depth discussion of using voice to combat toxic liberalism; “performances” of Jordan Peterson, Justin Trudeau, and others in