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Over 1,000 Apps Are Spying On You…And Your Kids

In this video, Jason Bermas details how over 1,000 Apps are currently spying on you and your kids in real time! The software Alfonso is embedded in many applications and operates even when your apps are not currently in using automated content recognition. See Also:

Where Is The Me Too Movement?

In this video, Jason Bermas talks about three of the most underplayed scandals of the year, and wonders there the Me Too Movement is?

Secret Rockefeller System Exposed

In this video, Jason Bermas discuses the revelation of the secret Rolodex system that David Rockefeller personally used to categorize over 100,000 individuals with over 200,000 cards. Some of his globalist ties are exposed through these revelations.

Confirmed!!! Foreigners Hacked DC

In this video, Jason Bermas discusses the near media blackout about the foreign hacking that took place just before the Trump inauguration involving the DC Police Department and a massive amount of security cameras.


In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down the recent events in Times Square and everything you need to know, while exposing the truth behind past related events.

Apple Proudly Announces Global Censorship

Jason Bermas talks about the latest announcement by Tim Cook the CEO of Apple that explains how they share a common global vision of the internet. China, of course, has vast internet censorship and living with their policies would be a nightmare.

Testimony from the Prince of Darkness

In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down what Erik Prince may be telling the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors with revelations about numerous Clinton scandals. All while Mother Jones tries to deflect any real investigation from happening into these matters.

Inside the Black Cube

In this video, Jason Bermas break’s down Harvey’s connection to the Mossad and other intelligence networks.

The Kennedy Files Revealed

In this video Jason Bermas reveals why the CIA, FBI, and Military Industrial Complex have long hidden vast documentation on the JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Berkeley and ANTIFA Hypocrisy EXPOSED!

Jason Bermas breaks down the hypocrisy behind the protests at Berkeley University and the violent tactics of the left, while exposing real issues at Universities in which they remain silent.

NFL Taking A Knee During Anthem, Uncomfortable Truth

In this video, Jason Bermas discusses why taking a knee during the national anthem during NFL games has gotten out of hand and is ultimately a media-driven distraction from real issues. A movement now started by Colin Kaepernick is turning into a twitter battle between

Rocket Man and Frickin’ Lasers!

Jason Bermas discusses the latest rhetoric regarding North Korea’s “Rocket Man” and breaks down United States laser based defense systems including the latest from Lockheed Martin “Athena.”

Weiner Scandal Exposed!

In this video Jason Bermas breaks down the latest developments in the Anthony Weiner scandal.

Massive Cover Up Of Orphanage Evil Exposed

In this video, Jason Bermas thanks the BBC for doing it’s job…journalism. The BBC in conjunction with the Sunday Post has uncovered a mass grave of over 400 children at a Catholic Orphanage, but how far will the investigation go?

Manufactured Outrage and Charlottesville

Jason Bermas breaks down the media’s manufactured outrage regarding the events in Charlottesville VA and asks where the valid outrage is regarding the Trump administration.

Hear No Evil See No Evil

Jason Bermas breaks down the very latest in real time face manipulation and voice synthesizing technology, and how soon we will not be able to believe anything we see or hear.

Spotting Fake News

Jason Bermas breaks down what “Fake news” really is and how it is being used in many ways via mainstream and alternative media alike.

Americans Microchipped by Employer

Jason Bermas breaks down the Wisconsin company that is microchipping their employees, as well as RFID technology and the involvement of DARPA.

Seattle Mayor, Predator!

Jason Bermas goes over the allegations of sexual abuse that pertain to the current Mayor Of Seattle Ed Murray.