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Massive Cover Up Of Orphanage Evil Exposed

In this video, Jason Bermas thanks the BBC for doing it’s job…journalism. The BBC in conjunction with the Sunday Post has uncovered a mass grave of over 400 children at a Catholic Orphanage, but how far will the investigation go?

Manufactured Outrage and Charlottesville

Jason Bermas breaks down the media’s manufactured outrage regarding the events in Charlottesville VA and asks where the valid outrage is regarding the Trump administration.

Hear No Evil See No Evil

Jason Bermas breaks down the very latest in real time face manipulation and voice synthesizing technology, and how soon we will not be able to believe anything we see or hear.

Spotting Fake News

Jason Bermas breaks down what “Fake news” really is and how it is being used in many ways via mainstream and alternative media alike.

Americans Microchipped by Employer

Jason Bermas breaks down the Wisconsin company that is microchipping their employees, as well as RFID technology and the involvement of DARPA.

Seattle Mayor, Predator!

Jason Bermas goes over the allegations of sexual abuse that pertain to the current Mayor Of Seattle Ed Murray.