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Turkey Calls For World War 3

Turkey’s President Erdogan is emerging as a true tyrant that could launch WW3. Erdogan has booted the Israeli Ambassador out of Turkey labeling the recent clash on the Gaza border….genocide. A protest of the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem between Palestinians and Israeli troops that

Diaper Consent: The Orwellian Madness Of The Left

Self described sexuality educator Deanne Carson works with Body Safety Australia to teach children from kindergarten to High School about consent. So far so good right? I agree kids should know the boundaries when it comes to the hormonal tsunami they are going to experience.

Israel VS Iran As Nuke Deal Evolves

President Trump officially declared former President Obama’s arrogant Executive Order that awarded Iran at least $100 Billion in frozen assets and a shady path toward a middle east arms race null and void. Immediately, all hell has broken loose just hours after Trump signed the

Iran And The Nostradamus Quatrains

Obama’s Ill fated and watered down Iranian nuclear deal is twisting in the wind. But hasn’t this playbook been in motion all along? And who would ultimately benefit from a war with Iran? Iran’s Crude Oil and Central bank are holdouts when it comes to

The NSA Seizes America’s Liberties

Reuters reports”The U.S. National Security Agency collected 534 million records of phone calls and text messages of Americans last year, more than triple gathered in 2016, Overall increases in surveillance hauls were both mystifying and alarming coming years after Snowden’s leaks, privacy advocates said. a

Bill Gates Wants To Be God

He’s rich and powerful. Why shouldn’t he have the authority to spy on all of us from his ivory Microsoft tower. The Earthnow Website reads “The Earth is our one and only home, and human activity resides in almost every corner. As our civilization advances,

Diamond And Silk Are Fighting For You!

Unlike Lord Zuckerberg …Conservative video bloggers Diamond and Silk were under oath. But that didn’t stop some on the Committee Hearing on Filtering Practices of Social Media from twisting the facts to paint Diamond and Silk as liars.

Dead Broke DNC Gambles With Bogus Lawsuit

Taking on a status of sore loser never before seen in American politics. The Democrats have filed a lawsuit alleging that the Trump campaign and Russia colluded to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election. Superseding Robert Mueller’s nothing burger investigation. Although this lawsuit has Hillary

Eric Holder’s Starbucks Re-Education Camp

Do you really need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows? The incident involving two guys who happened to be black and were booted out of a Philadelphia Starbucks for not following their policy has been a mockingbird media sensation of divide and

Congress Rounds Up Obama’s Criminal Syndicate

Eleven Congress members finally brought home the draino and set it squarely on the table. A move Sessions DOJ has been frustratingly reluctant to do. In an article titled “Finally,GOP demands criminal investigation into Clinton,Lynch,and Comey” Jamie White writes”Unfortunately, the letter doesn’t include former CIA

United Nations Goads World Into War

While the United Nations pick the winners and losers in a narrative fomenting World War. A totalitarian narrative that chooses to ignore the OPCM investigation that never had a chance. The Pentagon’s lies about that investigation and the video evidence that the FSA were staging

Breaking: Coalition Strikes Syria

They are calling it a massive attack. The attack underway, Before the OPCW could investigate the chemical attack that would have served to put a lot of people at ease The U.S. Navy and the Air Force have been reported to be attacking numerous targets.

Facebook And Cointelpro Similar Models Of Intrusion

Facebook. If you think about it. Maybe we are, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg described us…..dumb f$%&ers. Because on its face, by pouring in our personal data, allowing more intrusion into that data right down to our very location is in itself Cointelpro lite. While

California Senator Pushes Orwellian Legislation

Have we reached the point where a mental evaluation should be a requirement for an elected representative after they begin proposing legislation that is this far removed from our Constitution? WHich clearly states … “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or

Rogue Spy Devices Found All Over DC

The DHS has admitted the discovery of rogue spy devices, possibly from foreign governments, placed throughout Washington, D.C. For years, Infowars has reported on the highly classified spy devices known as Stingrays used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country to spy on Americans without

Youtube Shooter Simply Hated Youtube

It’s a chilling juxtaposition. The female mass shooter that shot and injured 1 man critically and two women resulting in serious and fair conditions at the Youtube headquarters in San Bruno, California wasn’t in a bizarre love triangle gone fatal attraction as was poorly speculated

South Africa’s Racist Brutality A Seed Of Globalist Division

Volcanic racism has violently erupted and yet the media would have us all quietly look away from the urgency to right the descent into madness. Recently, social media comments referring to white farmers made by Major Mohlala of The South African National Defence Force echoed

March For UN Gun Grabbers Descends On Washington

If a change is going to be made. Whatever that may be. Then it can only be accomplished by a come to the table discussion by both sides of the issue. But the March for Life made it abundantly clear that their developing message is

Black Americans Speak Out Against Gun Control

Black Lives Matter would have Black Americans believe that they should fall in line when it comes to the confiscation of the one thing that stands in the way of tyrannical oppression. The Second Amendment.

Expose Soros And His Cabal Of Wealthy Traitors

Fellow Americans….. Who is directly behind the national movement to manipulate American youth into signing away their Second Amendment Rights? How far has the cancer spread to ultimately send these United States into cardiac arrest? George Soros’ commands an army of wealthy anti American leftists.

Silicon Valley VS. America Trust Bust Is Coming

As the enemies of the First Amendment unleash a full court press on the investigative press to set the precedent through case law to make censorship the new law of the land and shutdown anyone questioning the manufactured narrative. Censoring someone disseminating the media quagmire

Justice League Anti Trump Globalist Propaganda

Back in my day the Justice League stood for freedom, justice, and American values. Not United Nations colluding with Hollywood engineered Anti American Propaganda. Justice League opens up with the Aftermath of Superman’s death as all hell is breaking loose upon the innocent liberal populace.

Left Utilizes Children To Falsely Blame The NRA

Its the big push. The Second Amendment has been the subject of a tumultuous tug of war since the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty went into effect in 2014. Organizations protecting our gun rights like the NRA and the GOA are firmly in the sights

Is Disease X A Warning Or A Eugenics Tell

Published on Mar 12th, 2018 See Also: (Infowars) – Disease X: A Hidden Hybrid Pathogen Could Erase Humanity Alex Jones delves into the research he has been bringing the public for well over 20 years. The bizarre secretive truth behind the recent Disease X announcement

Globalist War Media Pushes North Korean Nuclear Offensive

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on national security threats. Among the concerns ranging from foreign interference in the 2018 midterm elections to China’s influence in our Universities. Warmongering on

Americans Want Obama Investigated

Let’s cut to the chase, Americans want the Steele Dossier, its funding, and the members of the Obama Administration including Obama himself investigated.Jon Bowne reports.

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Scholar Held On Rape Charges

Just to add tension nobody needs as the opening Ceremonies for the 2018 Winter Olympics are set to take place on Friday.U.S. disarmament ambassador Robert Wood told the forum at the Geneva talks that North Korea was only “months away” from attaining the capability to

Breaking: Nunes Set To Release 5 New Devastating Memos

Alex Jones breaks down how Devin Nunes is set to release even more devastating memos that expose corruption within the FBI, DOJ, Obama Administration, and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. See Also: (Infowars) – MSM Gaslights America’s Take On The FISA Memo Regardless of what the

Alex Jones Reads The FULL Declassified FISA Memo On Air

Alex Jones reads the full declassified FISA Memo live on air after President Trump officially released the 4 page redaction from the documents released by Infowars weeks ago See Also: (Infowars) – The Memo Has Been Released! The Four page Nunes memo detailing FISA abuse

Trey Gowdy Talks About The Contents Of The Secret FISA Memo

Alex Jones presents a video clip from Chris Wallace’s Sunday Fox News Program where Trey Gowdy openly talks about the contents of the secret FISA memo and advocates for its release. See Also: (Infowars) – Nunes Memo Causes Hysteria Among Criminal Left This entire quagmire