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Jordan Peterson Destroys Collectivist Ideas (Australia Are You Listening?)

Rebel Capitalist – October 15th, 2021 See Also: (Rebel Capitalist) – Andrew Henderson (Setting Up Your Plan B…Deep Dive, Freedom, Taxes, International Real Estate) Also: (Rebel Capitalist) – Bitcoin Surges…Will New ETF Send Price To 100k? Also: (Rebel Capitalist) – Foreclosures Skyrocket Higher: What Does

2019 Shibuya Halloween: Nightmare Fuel for the Church of Woke

Black Pigeon Speaks – November 1st, 2019 See Also: (BPS) – Jordan Peterson: The Unexpected SAVIOR/VILLAIN: Warts & ALL Also: (BPS) – China’s Generation ZEN – The Blackest Pill of All Also: (BPS) – Why CNN, Mainstream & Social Media is Hemorrhaging Credibility

Wells Fargo pays $575 million to settle state investigations

AP reports, Wells Fargo will pay $575 million in a settlement with attorneys general from all 50 states and the District of Columbia that are investigating fake accounts opened without the knowledge of customers and a string of other dodgy practices. See Also: (Gary Franchi)

Peterson’s Patreon Alternative?

Sargon is becoming something of a martyr, and Jordan Peterson is very aware– and proactive about this. It’s about time someone big steps up. Patreon: Problem & Solution: Dave Rubin & Dr Jordan B Peterson — Then They Came For SubscribeStar (Sargon of Akkad) —

The Jordan Peterson Deception

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Jordan Peterson and his trip to speak in Slovenia at the Trilateral Commission meeting. Has Jordan been a chameleon all this time and are we seeing the Jordan Peterson Deception?

The Utterly Righteous NPC Meme

Leftists have dehumanized THEMSELVES– but they get upset when we point it out with an apt meme. Typical. See Also: (James Pawson) – The Red Pill Voice In-depth discussion of using voice to combat toxic liberalism; “performances” of Jordan Peterson, Justin Trudeau, and others in

Why do people find Jordan Peterson so convincing? | A Rebuttal

Published on Feb 14th, 2018 – Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek recently wrote an article for The Independent titled “Why do people find Jordan Peterson so convincing? Because the left doesn’t have its own house in order.” Stefan Molyneux breaks down the latest in a long

Why Europe is DOOMED!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the European Union E.U passing the controversial copyright law that will have a big effect on facebook and google. We also get into comments by Jordan Peterson about the South Yorkshire

Lindsay Shepherd Files Massive Lawsuit for Free Speech Abuse

Lindsay Shepherd is Suing Wilfrid laurier over the incident last year where she was chastised over the airing of a debate between Jordan Peterson and others about gender pronoun use. She alleges that she has become unemployable due to the attacks against her and is

The Craziest Smear Against Jordan Peterson

The Craziest Smear Against Jordan Peterson has to be by asking if he was “enabling jew hatred.” The article even used Petersons photo next to a Photo of [Really bad German Leader from WWII] which had to be retracted. But we also have a

Jordan Peterson | ‘Custodian of the Patriarchy’ – Rebutted!

The New York Times recently published an incredibly dishonest and manipulative profile of Jordan Peterson titled “Custodian of the Patriarchy” by Nellie Bowles. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the predictable New York Times propaganda line-by-line, highlighting the tactics used to smear and discredit Jordan Peterson without

Jordan Peterson Is Asked About ‘The JQ’ At His NY Talk

Jordan Peterson is questioned about the book, Two Hundred Years Together, at one of his talks in NYC. The book is a two-volume historical essay by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. It was written as a comprehensive history of Jews in the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Memo-gate

Release the memo! Russiagate morphs into FBI-gate. Also, are the US and Turkey on the path to confrontation in Syria? And, the great debate. Jordan Peterson is called a one-man army and has taken the Internet by storm. CrossTalking with Victor Olevich, Mark Sleboda, and

Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman Debate: An Analysis

A recent debate between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman on Channel 4 has taken the internet by storm. Stefan Molyneux offers his perspective on the debate, the endless onslaught of “gotcha” questions, female agreeableness and the importance of preparation.

Stefan Molyneux’s Eight Hour Christmas Spectacular

Merry Christmas everybody! The first annual Stefan Molyneux Christmas Spectacular features discussions with Gavin McInnes, Roaming Millennial, James O’Keefe, Duke Pesta, Faith Goldy, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Styxhexenhammer666, Michael Malice, Jordan Peterson, Michelle Malkin, Lauren Southern, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, Rev. Jesse

Twitter And The State’s Battle Against Your Liberty

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on twitter announcement on verification of its verified user’s policy, Major moves by Mike Pence and Donald Trump politically, A Jordan Peterson video getting a professor in hot water, your DNA being

Dr. Jordan Peterson On The Collectivist Mindset

The collectivist mindset has usurped that of the individual into a “hive mind safe space” where those who question their beliefs and ideology are considered enemies who seek destruction rather than discourse. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Dr. Jordan