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Putin, Gunn, Black, Assange and JFK Jr.

Think of the possibilities. See Also: (Lionel) – NY Leftie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is a Complete Moron Whose Win Will Doom the Democratic Party Far-out-leftie New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez completely and magnificently misidentified in a video what party she is ostensibly campaigning for. On

No Russia, No NATO. Any questions?

Streamed live on Jul 18th, 2018 – Why the Russophobia? This. See Also: (Lionel) – The Patriot Agenda: Seizing Control of the Political Narrative, Supporting POTUS and Keeping Faith Remember what Cicero spake, “After victory, you have more enemies.” Fret not. Fear not. Stay the

Election Meddling or Muddling?

Lionel joins David Knight to look at the cognitive dissonance of the swirling conspiracy theories re “election meddling”. See Also: (Lionel) – Trump’s Genuflection Hostage Video Show of Fealty to Russophobic Kremlin-Bating Deep State Intel MIC The Deep State is a not-so-clandestine rats nest of

Trump Was Brilliant at Summit and Fake News Are Going Nuts!

The man refined brilliance. See Also: (Lionel) – Strzok Strikes Comedy Parody Gold: Think Percy Dovetonsils Meets Vincent D’Onofrio Meets Paul Lynde Percy Dovetonsils is a fictional character created and played by television comedian Ernie Kovacs. It is probably the best remembered of Kovacs’ many

Lionel and Alex Jones Discuss Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS Nomination

This is inimitable. Ineffable. And without peer. See Also: (Lionel) – Brett Kavanaugh Scares the Hell Out of Juridically Illiterate Poltroons “President Trump on Monday nominated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, a politically connected member of Washington’s conservative legal establishment, to fill Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s

The Big Tech Information Monopoly Has Got To Go

Big Tech has a stranglehold on the information we digest. See Also: (Lionel) – Amazing! Total Proof Big Tech Is Running A Monopoly to Control Your Mind Lionel provides a powerful allegory to explain how big tech has a giant monopoly on information to control

News Review

“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” ― Richard Feynman See Also: (Lionel on Russia Today) – Remembering My Friend Ed Schultz Ed Schultz, host of ‘News with Ed’ on RT America, passed away on July 5

News Review

“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned.” ― Richard Feynman

Scotus: What It Takes To Be Supreme

A lot of names have been floated for Trump’s Supreme Court pick. But it’s not The Apprentice. Lionel explains what we’re looking for in a judge.

News Peroration & Adumbration

The truth is the most frightening thing you’ll ever encounter. No matter whose version. See Also: (Lionel) – New #QAnon Avalanche: Deliriously Delicious Drops Detailing Dirt, Drama and Data of #DS Devolution #QAnon. Here. Follow. It’s our Bletchley Park, thecentral site for British (and subsequently,

In Search Of The Truth Is Our Only Mission

Lionel talks about the search for truth. See Also: (Infowars) – Leftists Are Losing Their Minds And They Don’t Know Why What will come of the next SCOTUS pick? Lionel joins the Alex Jones Show to weigh in. Also: (Infowars) – Perilous Pitfalls Of The

Silicon Valley Desperately Trying to Burnish Its Pathetic and Putrid Image

Five consumer privacy groups have asked the European Data Protection Board to investigate how Facebook, Google, and Microsoft design their software to see whether it complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Essentially, the tech giants are accused of crafting their user interfaces so

Breaking & Broken News

News emphasizes new as well as North-East-West-South . . . NEWS. See Also: (Lionel) – America Is Now Officially In A Civil War: How We Will Win Convincingly, Triumphantly and Decisively Esteemed author Tom Ricks asked whether we’re heading toward a civil war. “I don’t

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban

The Court explicates its holding precisely in this passage contained herein: The ban] is expressly premised on legitimate purposes and says nothing about religion. The entry restrictions onMuslim-majority nations are limited to countries that were previously designated by Congress or prior administrations as posing national

Breaking & Broken News

The latest and not so latest. As it seems. And is. Vis immersive platforms, no less. See Also: (Lionel) – Swarms, Herds and Flocks of 20,000 Undocumented Unaccompanied Migrant Child Refugees to Enter the US Team Trump may house up to 20,000 unaccompanied migrant children

The Rudiments of Immigration Policy

Federal immigration law determines whether a person is an alien, and associated legal rights, duties, and obligations of aliens in the United states. It also provides means by which certain aliens can become naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship. There, that clears that up.

Imagine What Would Have Happened If Hillary Clinton Had Won

“Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” — Sun Tzu See Also: (Lionel) – Breaking & Broken News