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Roseanne’s Crime: Assuming the Public Knew More Than They Did

Roseanne Barr explained that her tweet last month referencing Valerie Jarrett and “Planet of the Apes” was about “the anti-semitism of the Iran deal.” She further stated that she didn’t know Ms. Jarrett was African-American. Now, in any other context — say, if Ms. Barr

The Beginning Of The End

Lionel joins to speak about the current issues with with MSM and fake news. See Also: (Lionel) – Theres Nothing Neutral About Net Neutrality Lionel gives his take on what is currently going on with net neutrality and how it will affect you. Also: (Lionel)

Breaking & Broken News

The latest and not so latest. It seems. See Also: (Lionel) – The Anthony Bourdain Suicide: The Brutal Facts About Suicide | The Kate Spade Encore & Auto-Mourn Do you want to mourn suicide? Mourn this. In 2013, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Breaking & Broken News

The latest and not so latest. It seems. See Also: (Owen Shroyer) – #AutoMourn in Full Swing: #KateSpade Hagiographies, Media Murmurations — A Society Bereft of Heroes Human group and flock-like behavior, cultural murmurations in humans, even an ochlocracy may occur when people are drawn

Breaking & Broken News

The latest and not so latest. Here. Now. See Also: (Lionel) – Joy Reid, Roseanne and a Tale of Two Reactions Friday Joy Reid apologized for offensive posts made on her blog in the late 2000s. The MSNBC commentator said she deeply regrets and is

The Rudiments Of Political Reality

Lionel joins Alex Jones live via Skype to lay out the rudiments of political reality. See Also: (Lionel) – Lionel on Newsmax: Weinstein, Roseanne, Kim K and More Than What’s Even Imaginable Lionel takes the issues apart, piece by piece and destroys the appearance of

Lionel: #SpyGate & The Electric Jag

Clapper may be the spy who shagged America but Trump is pulling back the curtain and setting the DeepState’s liars’ pants on fire. And just how pathetic is Prince Harry’s electric classic Jaguar? Lionel joins David Knight to explain. See Also: (David Knight) – LBJ

Why Do We Ignore Obvious Murder?

A great question. See Also: (Lionel) – In Order for Trump to Once and For All Destroy the Deep State He Needs Us Committed and Focused The internecine battles are beyond problematic. Beyond troubling. They are deleterious and invasive and continue to destroy the path

Why People Hate #Vegans and #Plantbased Diets: The Answer Will Amaze You

This is a must watch video. Greger at his best. Mind-blowing, kids. Truly.… These are the best sources I have found to research questions as to plantbased diets. Don’t assume anything. Reserach. And know who’s doing the preaching. Good luck and good health. Dr. Michael

Lionel: Serial Murder of Privacy, DNA of Tyranny

Lionel joins David Knight to look at how the media is spinning the NXIVM & Schneiderman stories and look at the implications for privacy in how DNA was obtained to catch the Golden State serial killer.

What Does Rudy Giuliani’s Bizarre Hannity Appearance Mean?

On Wednesday’s (May 2, 2018) broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Rudy Giuliani, a member of President Trump’s legal team, stated that President Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen for the $130,000 that Cohen paid to Stormy Daniels and that while, to his knowledge, the president

It’s NOT OK To Be Boys: Scouts BSA (BullS**tting America)

Lionel joins David Knight to ask why they talk about “toxic masculinity” but not “toxic feminity”. It’s OK to continue to have Girl Scouts open to only girls, but the Boy Scouts cannot continue and will now be called “Scouts BSA” and open to both