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Lionel: #SpyGate & The Electric Jag

Clapper may be the spy who shagged America but Trump is pulling back the curtain and setting the DeepState’s liars’ pants on fire. And just how pathetic is Prince Harry’s electric classic Jaguar? Lionel joins David Knight to explain. See Also: (David Knight) – LBJ

Why Do We Ignore Obvious Murder?

A great question. See Also: (Lionel) – In Order for Trump to Once and For All Destroy the Deep State He Needs Us Committed and Focused The internecine battles are beyond problematic. Beyond troubling. They are deleterious and invasive and continue to destroy the path

Why People Hate #Vegans and #Plantbased Diets: The Answer Will Amaze You

This is a must watch video. Greger at his best. Mind-blowing, kids. Truly.… These are the best sources I have found to research questions as to plantbased diets. Don’t assume anything. Reserach. And know who’s doing the preaching. Good luck and good health. Dr. Michael

Lionel: Serial Murder of Privacy, DNA of Tyranny

Lionel joins David Knight to look at how the media is spinning the NXIVM & Schneiderman stories and look at the implications for privacy in how DNA was obtained to catch the Golden State serial killer.

What Does Rudy Giuliani’s Bizarre Hannity Appearance Mean?

On Wednesday’s (May 2, 2018) broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Rudy Giuliani, a member of President Trump’s legal team, stated that President Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen for the $130,000 that Cohen paid to Stormy Daniels and that while, to his knowledge, the president

It’s NOT OK To Be Boys: Scouts BSA (BullS**tting America)

Lionel joins David Knight to ask why they talk about “toxic masculinity” but not “toxic feminity”. It’s OK to continue to have Girl Scouts open to only girls, but the Boy Scouts cannot continue and will now be called “Scouts BSA” and open to both

Lionel Fills In on the Alex Jones Show/Infowars

The world is changing. The news is almost too fantastic to believe. Lionel incorporates the latest dispatch from #Q and it has him more intellectually and spiritually uplifted than I’ve been in quite a while. The clarity of focus, the confluence of vectors and the

Hollywood Is The Entertainment Division Of The Pentagon

Lionel discusses how Hollywood and the Pentagon are one in the same. See Also: (Lionel) – The Perilous Pitfalls Of Frivolous Litigation Lionel takes a call about the Tomás Yarrington controversy. Also: (Lionel) – Confronting And Defining Evil Lionel outlines the evil threats our planet

Dead Broke DNC Gambles With Bogus Lawsuit

Taking on a status of sore loser never before seen in American politics. The Democrats have filed a lawsuit alleging that the Trump campaign and Russia colluded to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election. Superseding Robert Mueller’s nothing burger investigation. Although this lawsuit has Hillary

Trump, Hannity, Cohen: Got Lawyers?

Lionel joins to talk about Attorney-Client Privilege (it depends) and what’s ahead in the legal wars. And what’s going on with the “gas attacks” in UK & Syria?

Live Stream: War Insanity. Part Deux. We Never Learn.

I am not a lapdog or @realDonaldTrump lickspittle. I’m not a #Trump toady or fawning obsequious acolyte. I don’t follow and am not tethered to any party, ideology, website or hashtag memetic. I’m all in with no one and nothing. You either agree with me

Surveillance state: Unfolding Facebook data scandal (DEBATE)

RT hosted a debate on what the fallout of the unfolding Facebook data scandal could be. Richard Goodstein, a former advisor to both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s presidential election campaigns, went head-to-head with legal & media analyst Lionel See Also: (Russia Today) – In your

The Truth About Crisis Actors In The Florida Shooting

Alex Jones and Milo expose the truth behind the claim that children have been coached, such as crisis actors, after the Florida shooting to manipulate media reports and push anti-gun, anti-Trump politics. See Also: (Infowars) – Are Child Actors Being Used To Push Gun Control

Gen. Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty – Lionel and Stefan Molyneux

Former Trump Administration National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn recently plead guilty to “lying to the FBI” after making a plea deal with the Special Counsel to testify against President Trump. While the mainstream media immediately took Flynn’s plea as proof that their elaborate Russian

CNN Caught Covering Up Uranium One Story

CNN has once more been caught covering up for the political elite while trying to attack Donald Trump. See Also: (Infowars) – No News Organization Has Been More On Target Than Infowars, That’s Why They’re Trying To Censor Us Alex Jones explains how on target

Follow the Money in North Korea

It’s always wise to follow the money. What are the economic issues behind the war of words between the West & North Korea? Lionel joins David Knight

The Saudi Arabia of Lithium

As President Trump spoke about his u-turn on Afghanistan, Ron Paul tweeted: “We’re there for the minerals” (and the opium poppy fields of course). Lithium, the core element of electric batteries, is the “gold in them thar hills”. Lionel breaks down the Deep State’s 21st