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Why GDP Does Not Reflect the Real State of the Economy

Published on Dec 16th, 2018 – Maneco64 See Also: (The Money GPS) – The Fed Is Not a Friend of the People and Never Will Be In this live stream I will be talking about the U.S. Central Bank and a recent interview of Ms.

The Truth About Inflation and Who Is Really Behind It

Published on Dec 12th, 2018 – Maneco64 See Also: (Maneco64) – Is France in 2018 Like Poland in 1989? Collapse of West Imminent? I will be looking at the Gilets Jaunes, Brexit and more and look at how the current environment in Western Europe and

The Great Bank Heist of 1933

Published on Dec 5th, 2018 – Maneco64 See Also: (Maneco64) – Long-Term Dollar Top Pointing to Massive Bull Market in Gold and Silver. Part 2.

Big Government: An Unnecessary Burden

Published on Nov 22nd, 2018 – Maneco64 See Also: (Maneco64) – Bookstream and Q & A I will be going over some of the books that I have read and recommend. I will be also taking questions from the viewers and looking at what the

Where’s the Gold Mr. Carney?

Published on Nov 15th, 2018 – Maneco64 See Also: (Maneco64) – Brexit: Deal or No Deal? Emergency Update on the British pound and Brexit. Also: (Maneco64) – The Debt is The Problem and Everything Else is a Distraction

We Are Pawns in the Globalists’ Game.

Published on Oct 22nd, 2018 – Maneco64 See Also: (Maneco64) – WeekEnd Q & A with maneco64 Also: (Maneco64) – The Pound in Your Pocket Will Keep Shrinking.

Don’t Fight the Fed!

This is a recorded live stream on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018. In this report, I go over the Fed’s monetary policy and its true intentions as it pertains to the financial markets and the U.S. economy.

The Disruptive Effect of the Fed on the Dow/Gold Ratio

Published on Oct 12th, 2018 – Maneco64 See Also: (Maneco64) – Market On Close Coverage with maneco64 I will be talking the markets, economics, monetary policy and more. Also: (Maneco64) – End of the Fiat Money Delusion or Just a 3% Stock Market Correction?

The Fed is Un-American

In the aftermath of the FOMC rate hike today I will talk about the U.S. central bank and take questions from the viewers. See Also: (Maneco64) – Socialism and Big Government Are Throttling Britain’s Economy

Gold is Timeless Fiat Money Is Fleeting

Published on Sep 12th, 2018 See Also: (Maneco64) – How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication. Part2 How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication. Part 1:

Cycles, Big Government and Freedom

I will be talking about whether the last century of big government is on its way out or whether government will get even bigger in the next hundred years.