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Steve Scalise Grills Mark Zuckerberg About Facebook Liberal Bias

Published on Apr 11th, 2018 – Rep Steve Scalise grills Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s algorithm and the company’s bias against conservatives. See Also: (Mark Dice) – Mark Zuckerberg Grilled on Censoring Diamond and Silk’s Facebook Page Rep Billy Long questions Mark Zuckerberg about censoring Diamond

Lindsey Graham Grills Mark Zuckerberg

Senator Lindsey Graham questions Mark Zuckerberg during Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees Joint Hearing. See Also: (Mark Dice) – Ted Cruz Grills Mark Zuckerberg Senator Ted Cruz questions Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook’s business practices.

Stop the Insanity!

It’s Valentine’s Day, so of course liberals are upset about it, and trying ruin it for everyone.

Whoops! Wrong Again!

CNN’s Brian Stelter forgot what he said, over and over again, and it’s just too funny! I hope you’re having as much fun as me!