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Destroyers of America are Behind Schedule

The Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams See Also: (Mike Adam’s) – Are you a PREPPER living in DENIAL about how bad it’s going to get? Also: (Mike Adam’s) – HOW IT UNFOLDS: 2024 – 2025 civil war CHAOS plan based on recent intelligence Also:

What We Are All Enduring Now is a COSMIC TEST for Your Body, Mind and Soul

Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams – November 16th, 2023 See Also: (Mike Adams) – Disease, Debt and Death: How the corporate-controlled UNIPARTY achieves ABSOLUTE POWER Also: (Mike Adams) – ISRAELI NEWS LIVE: Steven Ben-Nun interviewed by Mike Adams on Zionism, Palestine and Israel’s escalation

Government response delaying recovery and making crisis worse

Peter Schiff on InfoWars with Mike Adams (3/8/2020) See Also: (Peter Schiff) – The Fed’s Ultimate Weapon The Fed unleashes the ultimate weapon on planet Earth. Also: (Peter Schiff) – More QEs than Super Bowls – Ep 560 Another week, another multi-trillion dollar Fed program.

CounterThink with Mike Adams: Financial Collapse

Mike Adams explains how you can save your assets from crashing market conditions. See Also: (Mike Adams) – CounterThink with Mike Adams: God Save Humanity Mike Adams takes you on a tour of how your reality is controlled by deep state intelligence sources who try

How To Survive An EMP Attack

Published on Dec 28th, 2018 – Mike Adams teaches you how to survive an EMP attack. See Also: (Mike Adams) – Trump legalises WEED?! – Infowars Trump ended the prohibition of hemp which is a type of weed, very useful for human consumption. Also: (Mike

CounterThink with Mike Adams: Highlights from the new film BIOSLUDGED

Biosludged exposes the criminal pollution enterprise known as the “EPA,” which produced fake, fraudulent science in order to “legalize” the mass pollution of America’s soils and croplands with toxic sewage sludge. Watch the full movie at

Full Show: Confiscation of Wealth w/o Charges Begins

As the UK uses “Unexplained Wealth Orders” to seize property without even charging someone with a crime, the US has been doing it for some time — focusing mainly on the poor who don’t have the money to fight in court. Is it any wonder

Mike Adams, Alex Jones publicly predicted false flag attacks on CNN

Published October 25th, 2018 – CounterThink with Mike Adams See Also: (Mike Adams) – Counter Think (Full Show) Sunday – 10/21/18 In this CounterThink episode, Mike Adams talks about who’s financing the “spontaneous” migrant caravan trekking towards the United States. Watch the full episode for

GMO A Go Go – Truth about GMOs explained in new animated cartoon

From and sponsored by, this new animated cartoon covers all the basics on why GMOs are dangerous. Every dollar you spend at the Health Ranger Store goes toward helping us achieve important science and content goals for humanity:

The United States Circus Senate – Brett Kavanaugh confirmation

CounterThink with Mike Adams: The disgusting circus the U.S. Senate has now become under the influence of dishonest Democrats. The mob rule pushed the Senate to delay the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for reasons that will be discussed in more details in this episode.

Civil war warning: “Kill teams” to target conservatives

As Leftists continue to lose political power in America due to elections (President Trump) and Supreme Court nominations (Brett Kavanaugh), their activists are becoming more militant and extremist. Now, we’ve learned that left-wing groups are openly discussing mass executions and planned murders of prominent conservatives,

Why humanity must declare war on Google

CounterThink with Mike Adams See Also: (Mike Adams) – CounterThink with Mike Adams: The best of CounterThink Show Watch the best segments of all CounterThink episodes discussing very hot topics. For more Counter Think episodes, visit: or

Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors

See links to all the cited documents in this video, plus a more detailed written analysis at: See Also: (Counter Think) – We are ALREADY living under many forms of “MARTIAL LAW”

CounterThink with Mike Adams: Stewart Rhodes Interview

Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, joins Mike Adams to discuss the current state of American politics. Oath Keepers is now training patriots to stand against the fascist tactics of the domestic terror group known as ANTIFA.

FAITH MONEY and the Coming Collapse (Mini Doc)

New mini-documentary from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, exposing the coming collapse of the fragile monetary system built on endless debt and propaganda. See Also: (Mike Adams) – Blaming Donald Trump for the Inevitable Economic Collapse (Mini Doc) At one level, many globalists actually want

P.C. Language Control and the Rise of the THIRD REICH (Mini Doc)

This mini-documentary explores how Adolf Hitler gave rise to the Third Reich through language control (political correctness). Today, the same P.C. language control is being pushed by “fanatical progressives” who demand the same intolerant obedience to their agendas that Hitler demanded for his. As history

How North Korea and the USA both keep their sheeple enslaved (Mini Doc)

Mini-documentary from the Health Ranger explains how populations are manipulated by empires to remain obedient and docile. See Also: (Mike Adams) – The Government Parasite Scam (Mini Doc) Big Government is nothing more than a grand scam that deliberately creates huge problems in society to

Globalists Trying To Destabilize And Collapse Civilization

Mike Adams And Alex Jones discuss the actions of the globalists that hate America. A new article from Mike Adams exposes their plan to silence all ideas they don’t agree with. See Also: (Mike Adams and Alex Jones) – Left Declares Jihad Against Freedom Of

Democrats Call For CNN To Be Banned For Creating FAKE NEWS

Democrats show their double standard when it comes to “fake news” when they attack InfoWars yet defend the reporting of networks such as CNN who have been caught ACTUALLY creating fake news in the past. Owen Shroyer and Mike Adams discuss the hypocrisy of the

Peter Strzok In Denial Of Reality And His Own Bias

Peter Strzok claims he’s not biased. Mike Adams weighs in. See Also: (Infowars) – Watch Clinton Hatchet Man Peter Strzok Grilled By Congress Alex Jones presents video footage of Trey Gowdy grilling FBI Agent Peter Strzok about the effect of his own political bias over

The Mask Is Off: Leftists Embrace The Destruction Of America

Everything the left touches turns to hell. Mike Adams reports. See Also: (Mike Adams) – We Must Never Allow The Left To Wield Power Over Us Again The left cannot regain control of the country again. Also: (Mike Adams) – The Coming Civil War Will

Surprising things you never knew about the ORGANIC industry

If you think you really know about organic products and organic certification, prepare to have your mind blown. In this eye-opening interview, I sit down with Reuven Flamer of Natural Food Certifiers, an organic certifier, to discuss many surprising things you probably never knew

Why Kanye West and Alex Jones can HEAL race relations in America

If Kanye West joined Alex Jones on InfoWars, it would be a significant healing event for race relations in America. While many “white” people voted for Obama in 2008 in the interests of racial unity, Obama only delivered hatred, division and heightened intolerance. But Kanye

The 7 Walls of Your Mental Prison: Mike Adams “Counterthink” video

Most people live inside mental prisons, afraid to venture outside the walls that define the “boundaries” of socially acceptable ideas or speech. There are seven walls that have constructed your mental prison, and there are seven enforcers that keep you imprisoned. Those seven enforcers use