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Globalists Trying To Destabilize And Collapse Civilization

Mike Adams And Alex Jones discuss the actions of the globalists that hate America. A new article from Mike Adams exposes their plan to silence all ideas they don’t agree with. See Also: (Mike Adams and Alex Jones) – Left Declares Jihad Against Freedom Of

Democrats Call For CNN To Be Banned For Creating FAKE NEWS

Democrats show their double standard when it comes to “fake news” when they attack InfoWars yet defend the reporting of networks such as CNN who have been caught ACTUALLY creating fake news in the past. Owen Shroyer and Mike Adams discuss the hypocrisy of the

Peter Strzok In Denial Of Reality And His Own Bias

Peter Strzok claims he’s not biased. Mike Adams weighs in. See Also: (Infowars) – Watch Clinton Hatchet Man Peter Strzok Grilled By Congress Alex Jones presents video footage of Trey Gowdy grilling FBI Agent Peter Strzok about the effect of his own political bias over

The Mask Is Off: Leftists Embrace The Destruction Of America

Everything the left touches turns to hell. Mike Adams reports. See Also: (Mike Adams) – We Must Never Allow The Left To Wield Power Over Us Again The left cannot regain control of the country again. Also: (Mike Adams) – The Coming Civil War Will

Surprising things you never knew about the ORGANIC industry

If you think you really know about organic products and organic certification, prepare to have your mind blown. In this eye-opening interview, I sit down with Reuven Flamer of Natural Food Certifiers, an organic certifier, to discuss many surprising things you probably never knew

Why Kanye West and Alex Jones can HEAL race relations in America

If Kanye West joined Alex Jones on InfoWars, it would be a significant healing event for race relations in America. While many “white” people voted for Obama in 2008 in the interests of racial unity, Obama only delivered hatred, division and heightened intolerance. But Kanye

The 7 Walls of Your Mental Prison: Mike Adams “Counterthink” video

Most people live inside mental prisons, afraid to venture outside the walls that define the “boundaries” of socially acceptable ideas or speech. There are seven walls that have constructed your mental prison, and there are seven enforcers that keep you imprisoned. Those seven enforcers use

Breaking Through The Liberal Bubble of False Truth

Mike Adams continues to break down the full assault on the 1st and 2nd Amendment by the LEFT who live in a bubble where anything goes. See Also: (Mike Adams) – DIAMOND & SILK: The Latest Victims of Online Ethnic Cleansing Mike Adams talks about

If You Get Angry They Call it Hate Speech

Mike Adams reports on why Liberalism is giving up ability to reason. See Also: (Mike Adams) – If You Disagree , You’re Mentally Ill Mike Adams takes a closer look at how the LEFT label those they don’t agree with as…mentally Ill. Also: (Mike Adams)

A Privileged Mentality Makes Societies Decadent

A privileged and spoiled society often decays. See Also: (Mike Adams) – Self Sufficiency Is The Greatest Power Learning to care for and defend yourself can be the greatest form of liberation.

Jim Hoft / Gateway Pundit Confirm Systematic Censorship Purge

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit joins Mike Adams live via Skype to expose the systematic censorship purge against conservatives that has been pushed by the left since the 2016 election. See Also: (Mike Adams) – BACKFIRE: YouTube Purge Will Bring Liability For ALL Content Mike

The Left Wants To Turn United States Into A Turd-World Nation

Mike Adams exposes the lefts’ plan to turn the United States into a turd-world nation, filling the streets with defecation, not the sewers. See Also: (Mike Adams) – Radical Leftists Pushing To End Free Speech And Destroy Infowars An Ex-Trump aide created a media circus

The Mother Of All False Flags Is Coming

Mike Adams joins Alex Jones live via Skype to lay out how the censorship campaign against conservatives is leading up to a giant false flag to be launched after silencing any / all skeptical voices. See Also: (Mike Adams) – Youtube’s Terms of Service: You

Emergency Warning: Scientific Journals Confirm Plan To Sterilize You

Mike Adams and Dr. Ed Group join Alex Jones live in studio to issue a warning to the American public, and the world, about the harmful chemicals introduced into our environment, food, and bodies. See Also: (Infowars) – Medical Clinics Caught Carrying Out Stealth Abortions