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It’s a Plannedemic

What is going on in Ukraine is a deadly distraction, created by those behind the Plannedemic! The thing the elite are most concerned about are the awakened people of the world, those seeking freedom from the contrivances of those who would deceive the people into

Which Side Are You On

Nicholas DeVincenzo – It’s time to take a stand for our freedoms & civil rights, they want us divided, but will we let them? See Also: (Nicholas DiVincenzo) – WHEN PSYCHOS RULE THE WORLD

Unvaxxed Killers

Nicholas DeVincenzo – I don’t think men like Gates, or Big Pharma planned for a “Pandemic” no they planned it, big difference…

Not In Vain

For those of you sharing the truth, and feel like you’re banging your head against the wall, fear not your efforts are not in vain! Stand firm there are millions of us who see through this Plannedemic, we must and will prevail . . .

Coercion 101

Looks into the deception of the Plannedemic, we must fight this together as free people. Our civil rights are at stake, apartheid is wrong no matter where it rears its ugly head

“Pandemic 101” Trauma Based Mind Control

The “Pandemic” is merely the solution to their problem of getting “the people” to go along with, and actually participate in their own enslavement. See Also: (Nicholas DiVincenzo) – ISRAEL ROSEMARY’S BABY A critical look at the very premise of Cv19, and our relationship to

Gain of Function

Studies, or research that improves the ability of a pathogen to cause disease, that’s the Plannedemic in a nutshell! Gain of function, are the sickos of our world wanting to get their way, but can’t really do it honestly, because they’re control freaks; and under

Talmudism Is The Deep State

Looks into the Noahide Laws and one world governance and the deep state. A light unto the nations, when you look at the plight of the Palestinians you know the exact opposite is true.


Looks into the Great Reset & The Dark Winter . . . AMERICAN PSYCHOS From the planned destabilization of the Middle East, which would include the attacks of September the Eleventh to the creation and funding of ISIS, the American Psycho Ruling Elite have been

The Wise Old Man RIP

A video in memory of Zan Overall a dedicated fighter for truth and 9/11 justice..

Corona Bin Laden

Like 9/11 the pandemic was a contrivance of the elite, it was never meant to be brought under control, that is the facade, what the manufactured pandemic was meant to do is to bring you under their control! We allow the government to govern by

Off To See The Wizard

Looks into the relationship between the United States and Israel.. – Nicholas DeVincenzo

The Truth Is Plain To See

Nicholas DeVincenzo – Looks into the truth of September the eleventh 2001, and the zionist cause behind it . . .

Indoctrination of the Mass Mind

It would be wise to understand the world around us and why things like war happen. American blood and treasure is being spilt for the Zionist cause, and only through their propaganda and black ops will such an abomination as the Zionist state survive .

Might Makes Right (the new state solution)

The Zionist concept is one that humanity should not accept, and by rights should go the way of the divine right of kings. For the divine right of Zionists is one and the same as the divine right of kings, notions that have and should

Off To See The Wizard (into the land of Oz)

Like the land of Oz this video looks into the equally mythical land of the Zionist state. Don’t despair like the divine right of kings so shall it be with the divine right of the Zionists . . .

Restricted videos

Nicholas DeVincenzo – Published on Apr 11th, 2019 – A talk about censorship . . .

The U.S.S. Liberty

This war being waged against us by the Zionist is informational, it will be won by speaking truth to power! If we don’t flood the internet with the truth, the Zionist will flood it with lies and propaganda. Fear not fellow truth tellers Palestine Will

Uncovering Truth (wrestling with zionism)

Most fair minded people including Jews would think the Zionist quest as insane, and something that should be relegated to the pages of history. Especially if the people of all nations are to move in mass towards a more equitable world . . .

Some of my thoughts on racism and the Pittsburgh shooting . . .

My thoughts on racism, White Nationalism and the Pittsburgh shooting . . . Hey I not advocating that people must mix, I just think it’s a natural phenomena, since we all belong to the human race. I just compared Jewish nationalism with white nationalism .

Rothschild’s Israel II

THE ORDER . . . The acknowledgment of the existence of the order is key to dissolving its power. The order, simply put, are people wielding power whom have a long standing agenda of consolidating that power, hence the term A New World Order. (

A Darkness That Must Be Brought Into The Light

We the peoples of the world have a right to be angry . . . For Israel is a complete injustice and epitomizes the notion that Might Makes Right. Millions have died in order to bring this false state into existence. People in general are

The Mob On Steroids (the rise of the zionist state)

When I say the mob on steroids I am talking about power and what’s called the ruling elite, the aristocrats, royalty, empire and so on. Who do the elite rule over? The peasants, the common man, the people, the masses, the pawns in the struggle

Guiding Light (Understanding Jewish – Power)

Inverted Reality & The Authoritative Narrative Of The Corporate Media The mainstream media is seen by most as authoritative, so in truth those who control the media control the narrative. This begs the question who does control the media? (this list may be outdated) “Today,

Gatekeepers Geo Engineering & 911

I for one was a fan of Chomsky years ago, but after 9/11 I lost all respect for the man, as with Amy Goodman. They both threw the 9/11 truth movement under the bus. Chomsky almost single-handedly so.. I called them the high priest and

The Traitors Among Us

Published on Aug 2, 2018 – Nicholas DeVincenzo From a commenter on my You Tube channel . . . “Let’s say I am a Christian, I take your land, take your house, murder half your family and cause you to run for your life. And

Israel An Ill Gotten Gain

“Might Makes Right” When Netanyahu said “we have America” on the Bill Maher Show he meant that Zionists have the blessings of America’s politicians. (The Israelization Of America) Israel is a colonial settler state, sitting on land that was stolen from the Arab population, which