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Miss America No Longer To Be Judged On Attractiveness

Paul Joseph Watson joins the Alex Jones Show to discuss the swimsuit competition being removed from the Miss America Pageant, the political revolution going on in Italy, and how political correctness has gone too far.

Global Media Ban On England’s Pedophile Network

England’s Orwellian media blackout regarding what is known as the Telford Pedophile scandal has seeped into the internet and even American media. English Patriot Activist Tommy Robinson has been given a speedy trial and sentenced to thirteen months after barely beginning to cover the Telford

What They’re NOT Telling You About London

The real causes behind the violent crime wave. See Also: (Infowars) – Learn How Islam Has Already Conquered Europe Alex Jones breaks down how Turkish officials are calling to criminalize “Islamophobia” while the Globalists’ migrant invasion plan continues to collapse the West by destabilizing surrounding

Paul J. Watson Exposes The Evil Alex Jones

Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex Jones live via Skype to expose the dark-hearted, evil side of the infamous Alex Jones. See Also: (Paul Watson) – Communism Is Ultra Cool Says Paul Joseph Watson Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex Jones live via Skype to explain why

Media Panics At Kanye Telling Black People To Become Empowered

The left can’t handle the fact that Kanye likes Trump and Candace Owens. See Also: (Infowars) – Watch Censored Scott Adams, Kanye West Golden Age Theory Video Today Alex Jones went live on Facebook, the view count started to grow but then went back down

Vice Says Conservatives Can’t Date

Vice claims conservatives are having a hard time dating. See Also: (Paul Watson) – Why Conservatives Are Hotter Than Liberals Also: (Paul Watson) – The Truth About Relationships VICE claims conservatives can’t get dates. Really?

Turn Europe Into North Africa Says Macron

“The migratory phenomenon we are facing will be historic,” declared the French president in a television appearance Sunday night, when he announced that “great poverty”, “climate change”, and “geopolitical conflicts” will see Africans flooding into Europe “for many years to come”. See Also: (Paul Watson)

EU Dictators And Soros Cry Over Hungary Election

George Soros has suffered a rather humiliating defeat after pumping millions of dollars into a Hungarian election he attempted to buy. Soros, who was born in Hungary and desperately wanted a hardened fascist to win the election, is now out millions of dollars as Viktor

Trump Fights Back Against China’s Economic Warfare – Full Show

As President Trump publicly humors $100 billion more in tariffs against China, he makes it clear that any “pain” from China only makes America stronger. Locally, Trump literally tossed his scripted speech in the air during West Virginia’s economic roundtable in order to speak from

Vast Majority Of Americans Say Media Guilty Of Fake News

Most Americans no longer trust the media. See Also: (Paul Watson) – CNN Lies To Protect Google’s Anti-Christian Bigotry Google didn’t have a doodle for Easter this year, claiming it doesn’t recognize religious holidays.

Roaming Millennial: The Truth About Gun Control

Also discussed; Fat shaming, big media, big tech & more. See Also: (Paul Watson) – How Will Americans React To Gun Confiscation Paul Joseph Watson talks with the Roaming Millennial about how Americans would react to gun confiscation in America. Also: (Paul Watson) – Republican

German Official Tells Public To Accept Islamic Stabbings and Rape

A German Minister has caused controversy after he reacted to reports of increased knife crime amongst migrants by telling German citizens to not “let people get close to you.” Knife crime is surging in Germany, having increased by around 1200% in the last ten years.

The Real Reason CNN Hates Infowars

CNN continues to lob hatred at Infowars. See Also: (Paul Watson) – CNN Turns To Gangsterism To Silence Infowars CNN is using gangster tactics to try to silence Infowars. Also: (Alex Jones) – How Long Will America Put Up With CNN’s Fake News Lies? Alex

CNN Attacks PJW!

Published on Mar 5th, 2018 – CNN is like a jealous ex-girlfriend that won’t leave us alone.

History Documents When The Left Takes Over They Ban Speech

Instead of having a sound debate, the left continues to push for more censorship of those who don’t agree with them. See Also: (Paul Watson) – This Is The Biggest Internet Purge We Have Ever Seen The banning and censorship of conservative voices on social

Milo & PJW: The Culture War

Milo & PJW discuss the hysterical political climate & why Black Panther has backfired spectacularly on the left.

Sweden Continues To Obliterate Itself

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks has criticised Sweden for not taking in enough migrants, saying that more chain migration would “help integration”.

The Fight For Free Speech

Styxhexenhammer666 joins me to discuss how the legacy media is lobbying YouTube to censor alternative voices.

Google “Fact Check” Targets Conservative Sites

Paul Joseph Watson Is Not Shocked That Google’s “Fact Check” Targets Conservative Sites See Also: (Infowars) – Paul Watson Is Asked Why Google, Facebook, And Twitter Consider Infowars The Number One Threat Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex Jones live via Skype to explain why Infowars

The Truth About Oprah

Harvey Weinstein’s best buddy. See Also: (Paul Watson) – Oprah Winfrey is a Complete Hypocrite Oprah maintained a close professional relationship with Harvey Weinstein over the course of two decades and was caught on camera kissing and hugging the notorious accused rapist at numerous events

This is What a Real Feminist Looks Like

The left spent the last year normalizing the hijab. When actual women’s rights activists in Iran discarded it to fight oppression, western feminists abandoned them.

UK Publication Says Give Your Kids Sex Toys

Degeneracy runs rampant in the terrifyingly liberal national institutions as the media now openly advocates the sexualization of children. See Also: (Infowars) – Child Sex Manual Published By London’s Biggest Paper Alex Jones calls out the Metro paper of London for publishing a child sex

Snopes Exposes The Hillary Clinton Mouthpiece

Snopes, the left wing website that supposedly “debunks” fake news has itself been debunked after new Wikileaks emails revealed that the New York Times colluded with Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Paul Joseph Watson breaks it down. See Also: (Infowars) – Snopes

Logan Paul YouTube SCANDAL

Paul Joseph Watson – Published on Jan 2nd, 2018 See Also: (Paul Watson) – Youtube’s Incredibly Hypocritical Double Standard Paul Joseph Watson reveals YouTube’s double standard when it comes to censoring and restricting videos.

Deep State Still Supporting ISIS In Syria

Paul Joseph Watson explain how the Deep State is supporting and supplying ISIS with the tools and finance they need to continue their takeover of the middle east and beyond.

The Truth About Trump & Britain First

If you’re angrier over a few retweets than 411 injured and dead victims of Islamic terror in the UK this year alone, you need to take a long look in the mirror.