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Roaming Millennial: The Truth About Gun Control

Also discussed; Fat shaming, big media, big tech & more. See Also: (Paul Watson) – How Will Americans React To Gun Confiscation Paul Joseph Watson talks with the Roaming Millennial about how Americans would react to gun confiscation in America. Also: (Paul Watson) – Republican

German Official Tells Public To Accept Islamic Stabbings and Rape

A German Minister has caused controversy after he reacted to reports of increased knife crime amongst migrants by telling German citizens to not “let people get close to you.” Knife crime is surging in Germany, having increased by around 1200% in the last ten years.

The Real Reason CNN Hates Infowars

CNN continues to lob hatred at Infowars. See Also: (Paul Watson) – CNN Turns To Gangsterism To Silence Infowars CNN is using gangster tactics to try to silence Infowars. Also: (Alex Jones) – How Long Will America Put Up With CNN’s Fake News Lies? Alex

CNN Attacks PJW!

Published on Mar 5th, 2018 – CNN is like a jealous ex-girlfriend that won’t leave us alone.

History Documents When The Left Takes Over They Ban Speech

Instead of having a sound debate, the left continues to push for more censorship of those who don’t agree with them. See Also: (Paul Watson) – This Is The Biggest Internet Purge We Have Ever Seen The banning and censorship of conservative voices on social

Milo & PJW: The Culture War

Milo & PJW discuss the hysterical political climate & why Black Panther has backfired spectacularly on the left.

Sweden Continues To Obliterate Itself

Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks has criticised Sweden for not taking in enough migrants, saying that more chain migration would “help integration”.

The Fight For Free Speech

Styxhexenhammer666 joins me to discuss how the legacy media is lobbying YouTube to censor alternative voices.