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U.S. Lawmakers Call for Cluster Munitions, Long-Range Missiles for Ukraine

While some lawmakers are questioning whether the U.S. is getting a little too involved in Ukraine, others are arguing that Washington’s foreign policy still isn’t aggressive enough. As the Biden Admin warms up to F-16’s, some politicians are insisting Kiev needs long-range missiles, as well

U.S. Hawks Beat War Drums in Bid to Target BOTH China and Russia

When the public loses interest in Russia, just turn to China—that appears to be the strategy of the U.S. Establishment. Biden’s proposed defense budget for 2024 focuses on targeting BOTH countries, as the Hawks in Washington try to argue that tempting WW3 on multiple fronts

Why The U.S. is Refusing to End The Illegal Occupation of Syria

The House rejected a resolution to end the illegal U.S. occupation of Syria… that they never voted for in the first place. Trump made it clear back in 2019 that the remaining troops are there to steal Syria’s oil—not to fight ISIS—and Biden isn’t bringing

The Nord Stream Pipeline Didn’t Attack Itself

A report from legendary journalist Seymour Hersh states that the U.S. was behind the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines, which had been in the works since 2021, at Biden’s command. But the establishment would still rather cry “Russia did it” than to consider the

Pentagon Sending Troops To Saudi Arabia As ‘Show Of Force’ Against Iran

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