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Netanyahu Brings More Props to U.N.

RT correspondent Rachel Blevins reports on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim at the UNGA that Iran maintains a secret nuclear warehouse in Tehran, despite producing no evidence to prove the assertion. She asks whether or not Netanyahu is acting as ‘the boy who cried

What You Need To Know About The Escalating War In Syria

The United States has decided to go to war with Syria… except that it wasn’t a decision approved by Congress, and the U.S. has already been waging an illegal war with Syria for the last several years. Why isn’t every member of Congress calling Trump

Gun Control, Background Checks & The Fix NICS Act

Unconstitutional gun control measures are coming, but they won’t appear to be a massive gun grab on the surface. See, the government knows that if it proposes a bill called the “Take Guns Away From Americans Act,” there is no way it will pass. So

What You Need To Know About Trump’s Proposed Tariffs On Imports

President Trump has announced that he plans to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. While the government will try to convince you that this will help create and sustain American jobs, the fact is that, in addition to starting a dangerous trade war with

Why New Gun Control Laws Won’t Stop Mass Shootings

Students across the United States are now protesting in favor of gun control but what they don’t seem to realize is that when a gunman is the only one in the room who is armed, he has all of the control. Every time you create

The Florida School Shooting, Psychotropic Drugs & The FBI

Reports claim that 17 people were killed when a teenager opened fire at a high school in Florida, and while many politicians and media pundits were eager to call for gun control, they are completely ignoring both the FBI’s involvement and the one thing that

What The FISA Memo Says About The U.S. Intelligence Community

The top secret FISA Memo has been released, and we finally have proof that corruption exists within the United States government… Wait a minute, are we really going to pretend like this is the worst thing the intelligence community has done? I mean, if this

Why The Immigration Debate is America’s Favorite Distraction

The debate over illegal immigration is becoming such a massive problem that it caused the United States government to shut down… right? But what if I told you that no matter what side you’re on, every major point in the immigration debate comes back to

What You Need To Know About The Women’s March 2018

The Women’s March is back! And this time, the trendy hashtag is Power to the Polls—which serves as a reminder that after one year we still haven’t learned that President Trump’s policies are perfectly in line with what President Hillary Clinton’s would have been, and

What You Need To Know About The Vegas Shooting Investigation

It has been 3 and a half months since the Las Vegas shooting, and we are just now getting a glimpse into the FBI’s investigation of suspect Stephen Paddock. But the new evidence that suggests he was an arms dealer, seems to have also slipped

5 Reasons Why The United States Wants War With Iran

If there is one thing the government, the mainstream media and even Donald Trump can agree on, it is pushing the United States to spend billions of dollars illegally invading a sovereign nation, and given all of the hype surrounding the latest target, today we’re

What You’re Not Being Told About ‘The War on Cops’

The media will tell you that a man shot four sheriff’s deputies, killing one of them in what appeared to be an ambush-style shooting, but it won’t tell you that the officers entered the man’s home without a warrant and that they knew he had

Why The U.S. Always Passes Its Military Budget During the Holidays

Americans will spend nearly $2 billion a day ensuring that the United States continues to wage wars around the world in 2018, and this seems to be the one topic Democrats and Republicans magically agree on… why isn’t anyone talking about this?! It’s ironic, isn’t

Why The U.S. Is Staying In Syria After ISIS Is Defeated

ISIS has been virtually defeated, and instead of leaving the sovereign nation of Syria, which it is illegally invading, the United States plans to stick around until ISIS 2.0 is created… Why isn’t anyone talking about this?! You won’t hear about it from the mainstream

7 Major Questions from the Las Vegas Shooting

It has been nearly 2 weeks since the Las Vegas shooting and with every press conference, police seem to be making more and more changes to the official story, resulting in more questions about what actually happened on that tragic night. Here are 7 major

What You Need To Know About The Las Vegas Shooting

The families and friends of nearly 60 people are mourning the tragic loss of their loved ones, and the families and friends of over 500 more are waiting for results from surgeries, and preparing for what life will look like with the injuries their loved

Texas Is Showing America What ‘Unity’ Looks Like

You have seen coverage of the violent riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, but have you seen what is happening right now in Houston, Texas?! At a time when the media would have you believe that the United States is more divided than ever before, Americans are

Why The U.S. is Asking for War with Latest Round of Sanctions

Sanctions are an act of war. It seems like it should be a really simple concept, but apparently, 99% of the politicians in Washington still aren’t getting it, seeing as how they have pushed for implementing sanctions against 4 different countries in the last week…

Why You Have The Right To… Resist Police Brutality

Did you know that you have the right to defend yourself against a police officer who is using excessive force? A court in New Jersey recently referenced a State Supreme Court case from 1970, which stated that if an officer “employs excessive and unnecessary force,

Why Questioning Your Government Is What Makes You An American

Questioning your government does not make you Un-American. It shouldn’t be a hard concept to understand, but based on a lot of the messages and the comments I have received this week, it sounds like some of y’all need a little help… The United States

What The U.S. Wants You To Forget About North Korea

On today’s edition of “WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS,” Did you know that the United States dropped more bombs on North Korea in the 1950s than it did on the entire Pacific Theater during World War II? Did you know that the carpet bombing

What You Need To Know About Trump’s War In Iraq & Syria

The number of civilian deaths in the Middle East at the hands of the United States in the last month is staggering, but what’s even worse is the fact that the U.S. is still funding the same enemies it claims to be fighting… why isn’t

Follow The Money: Why Russia Is Triggering The U.S. War Machine

Russia recently announced plans to abandon the central banking system, in exchange for a gold-backed currency, which puts the Kremlin on a special list with nearly every country the United States has gone to war with this century. Why isn’t anyone talking about this?!

Why Trump Is Using Propaganda To Fuel Obama’s War In Syria

The Trump Administration is now formally pushing for the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and it is using blatant false propaganda to finish the mission Obama spent the majority of his presidency attempting to carry out. The same man who campaigned on calling out