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Flashback Friday – Ep11 – Gillette, Cohen & McJesus

Episode 11 of Flashback Friday begins with Justice Ruth Ginsburg who cancelled two upcoming events. Is her “departure” here? The big BuzzFeedNews story featuring Michael Cohen testimony that is “going to bring Trump down” once and for all, seem to be nothing at all. Steve

The Childless Leaders Destroying The West

Published on Jan 15th, 2019 – Red Ice TV – Leftist leaders without children don’t care about the future of European children because they don’t have any. See Also: (Red Ice TV) – Candiru: The Secret Hacker Firm For Hire in Israel In Israel, a

Feminist Professor: White Nuclear Families Are Racist & Supremacist

‘Experts’ on racism, White supremacy and feminism, agree that White nuclear families are racist and that White women who oppose anti-Whiteness are ‘violent.’ Lana looks closer at ‘professor’ Jessie Daniels who has slandered and misrepresented Lana’s views in many opinion pieces on HuffPost. This anti-White

Why They Censor Us: YouTube Strike 2

Strike 2 on our main YouTube channel came on December 23. We are unable to post any content to the Red Ice TV channel until Sunday January 6th. If a 3rd strike comes, we will lose that channel – and almost 300K subscribers with it

Yule 2018 Live Stream

Join us for our 3rd annual Red Ice Yule live stream. Over 25 guests will join us throughout the stream to look back at 2018 and forward into 2019. * Starts 3 minutes in * SCHEDULE Patrick 9:19 Daniel & Don of Free Sweden 15:25

Whiteness: The Original Sin – Jim Goad

Author Jim Goad joins Henrik to talk about his latest book Whiteness: The Original Sin. See Also: (Red Ice TV) – Global Compact for Migration: Impact on Finland – Impivaara Finland is signing the Global Compact for Migration. This time we analyze shortly what the

Flashback Friday – Ep7 – Our Greatest Ally

In this live stream we cover a lot of important stories related to “our greatest ally.” We begin talking about James Fields guilty verdict in Charlottesville and our Houston, Texas trip last weekend and reflect on what America’s mega-cities are turning into. We also cover

George H. W. Bush, The Legacy of a Globalist – Adam Green

The mainstream media has been doing nothing but praising George H.W. Bush’s internationalism in recent days since his passing. We take an honest look at the conspiracies, wars, secret societies, drug smuggling and the globalist business that Herbert Walker Bush was involved in during his

Return of Climate Change – Impivaara

This time we are reasoning the new climate change trend and its connection to climate refugees. The subject was not dealt for years but only during the last months politicians, the media and for example NGO’s have started to form progressive opinions about climate refugees

Flashback Friday – Ep6 – Gavin Quits Proud Boys

Gavin McInnes quits the Proud Boys, we talk about why and why his counter signaling doesn’t work. They are still seen as a threat to the established order. We also look at some Black Friday footage and compare sale shopping differences between a small town

The Multiple Personalities of Donald Trump – Ramzpaul

Ramzpaul joins Henrik to discuss the many personalities of Donald Trump. At his rallies we get one Trump and the administration gets another Trump. His gung ho Israel support has collapsed his presidency and the “America First” policy has left many American’s with nothing but

Why They Want To Replace White People

Here are reasons why maniac elites want to replace White people. See Also: (Red Ice TV) – Finally, Europeans Make Ballet Shoes For Brown Skin It took 200 years of oppressive Eurocentric ballet shoe shade bigotry. Why didn’t Europeans think of this when they invented

The Chinese Problem: Invasion Of The West

Canada, America and especially Australia are undergoing a silent invasion by the Chinese. The Communist Party of China is influencing Australian politics and civil society. Glen shares his view on Chinese immigration into the west.

Criticizing Those Behind Globalization Is Now Off Limits – Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson from Anti-Neocon Report joins Henrik to discuss his account termination with Vimeo, the confiscation of his Pay-per-view revenue and his censorship issue with YouTube. The establishment are slowly making themselves immune to criticism by outlawing the words and descriptive words used by dissidents.

YouTube Censorship Continues: New Batch Of Our Videos That Are Memory-Holed

In the wake of “whatever-new-outrage-outburst-by-the-left-that-is-dominating-the-headlines” we have gotten several more of our videos “quarantined” into the memory hole. Find out which of our videos that you are not allowed to watch after this new batch was flagged. See Also: (Red Ice TV) – Democrats Want

YouTube Strike 1

Published on Nov 2nd, 2018 – Yup! Strikes Incoming fam. See Also: (Red Ice TV) – Flashback Friday – Ep3 – YouTube Strikes & Birthright Citizenship In this third episode of Flashback Friday we discuss the recent slew of YouTube strikes that was dished out

Halloween Live Stream with Red Ice & Special Guests

Happy Halloween everyone! Tune in to Red Ice TV for a special Halloween live stream. We have guests joining in throughout the evening. We’ll cover some of the origins, history, celebration and ritual aspects of the festivities around this time of year. We’ll also go

The Women Behind The Alternative Influence Network Report

Henrik looks closer at the women behind the “Alternative Influence Network” report by Data & Society. This unscientific compilation, based on “show appearances” relationships, was conjured up by Rebecca Lewis, Joan Donovan and Danah Boyd as a way to put pressure on YouTube to get

Amazon Book Burning: Dissident Pickup Artist Banned – Roosh V

Author Roosh V, best known as a pickup artist, joins Henrik to talk about the banning of 9 of his books from We discuss some of the controversies he’s been involved in over the years and his views on modernity, tradition, women, relationships and

Forced Diversity Is Not Our Strength

There is nothing special about mandatory “diversity.” Lana breaks down why Tucker Carlson was right to question this holy relic of the leftists.

Swedish Election 2018

We are going to be covering the Swedish election on September 9th, starting at 8pm Swedish time / 2 pm Eastern. A bunch of Swedish nationalists will join us as election results come in.

Liberalism Unmasked – Richard Houck

Richard Houck joins Henrik to discuss his book Liberalism Unmasked. The book is a treatise against the Left, it diagnoses and disarms modern Liberalism. With its theory of Liberalism as a diagnosable mental illness and its thorough dismantling of dozens of Liberal arguments, Liberalism Unmasked

The Biggest Driver of Migration: Overpopulation – Parse The Noise

Parse The Noise is a YouTuber who engages in media analysis and narrative deconstruction. His video essays provide commentary on politics, metapolitics, culture, demographics, and more. Henrik welcomes Parse The Noise to our program for a discussion about demographic change; multiculturalism; and the deracinated nature

Dinesh D’Souza Pushes The Joke: “Dems Are The REAL Racists”

D’Souza’s latest film, Death of a Nation, makes the claim that Demcrats are the REAL racists, Nazis, and White nationalists. In this longer excerpt from a special episode of Weekend Warrior, we critique Dinesh’s far fetched claims he made in an interview with Stefan Molyneux.

Michael Tsarion – Biblical Deception Egypt Jews and Jesus

Michael Tsarion brilliantly exposes the deception and lies of Judaism and Christianity.The Biblical patriarchs are not who we have been told they are and the Christian story in the Bible is not what we think it is.This is valuable information to help us understand what

Alex Jones’ InfoWars Sent To The Digital Gulag

The biggest free speech battle in modern American history been initiated with the removal of Alex Jones and InfoWars from the Internet. Legislation and mass protests against the monopoly platforms that have banned Alex Jones from the internet is the only way forward.

Trump vs. New York Slimes Fake News & Another Anti-White Journalist

Trump accused The New York Times and other papers of putting lives at risk with reckless reporting while publisher Sulzberger denies fake news and basically cries Nazi. Meanwhile, more hilarious footage of crowds booing CNN emerged. Sarah Jeong HATRED of White people ends up being

Maria Butina The Russian Sex Spy Undermining American Democracy Is Bullshit

The mainstream media has exploded with stories about alleged super spy Maria Butina, who used sex, coercion and “American operatives” to infiltrate the GOP, the NRA and other republican/conservative political organizations – in order to steer the party towards a more “Russia friendly” position. How

Civil Unrest: America Is Coming Undone – Paul Kersey

Paul Kersey is the author of the blog Stuff Black People Don’t Like, and has published many books on race, multiculturalism, and society, including The Truth About Selma, SBPDL Year One, Escape From Detroit, and Whitey on the Moon: Race and the Death of NASA.

Ireland – Blood and Politics – Wolf Age

How can people of Irish heritage – no matter where in the world they live – show their love of their ancestral homeland? Simple: Help preserve the Irish people. Here’s how to do it. Wouldn’t it be great to see Irish patriots and British patriots

Radical Capitalist: For a Libertarian Alt-Right – Chase Rachels

Christopher “Chase” Rachels is a libertarian/anarcho-capitalist philosopher and Austrian school economist. He was formerly employed as an intelligence analyst with the United States Air Force. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of and the author of both A Spontaneous Order: The Capitalist Case For

Support Tommy Robinson… Anyway! – Wolf Age

The motivated, angry, patriotic crowds chanting Tommy Robinson’s name and marching in the streets are far more important than the man himself. For this reason, we must support the “Free Tommy” movement with all our hearts. Angry, passionate white people marching in the streets –

How to Infiltrate the Mainstream – Alex Witoslawski

Alex Witoslawski is a political activist with years of experience working within the conservative movement. Patrick welcomes Alex to Red Ice for a show about activism, conservatism, and grassroots organizing. Alex introduces himself and reveals that he has been an activist for some time. As

The Fight for a Human Future – Wolf Age

Artificial intelligence – AI – promises to be a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, some versions of it constitute an existential threat not just to our culture, but to our very humanity. And just who are some of the people and organizations in favor it it, and

The Sickening Opening Ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem

Henrik looks at the symbolic, glaring ethnocentric opening ceremony of the US embassy in Jerusalem, Israel. A political, financial and religious elite – who all have a primary interests in Israel – gathered at the new embassy to gloat about their blatant control and influence

Identity Politics for Everyone or No One – Frame Game Radio

Frame Game is a Jewish attorney working and living in New York. He posts his thoughts and theories on geopolitics, white identity, and activism on his YouTube channel. Patrick welcomes Frame Game to the show for a discussion about the Jewish lobby, Israel, and Identitarianism.

Why Trump Scrapped the Iran Deal – Seeking Insight

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that America would be withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran Deal. Patrick explains why Trump scrapped the deal, and what the future holds for US-Iran relations.

The Korean Peace Summit: Does Trump Deserve Credit? – Ryan Dawson

Ryan Dawson is a historian with two decades of experience in political activism. He employs and engages with a wide variety of media including blogging, radio, books, film, and television, to articulate his expertise. Ryan has appeared multiple times on Russia Today, Press Tv, CNN,