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Israel To Be Taken Down For War Crimes By UN?

PressTVUK Videos – BREAKING: Gaza Under Attack as UN report Slams Israeli Crimes See Also: (Robert InLakesh) – Ilhan Omar Destroyed Donald Trump’s Arguments on Anti-semitism Ilhan Omar Scares Trump, the Congress and Starts A Much Needed Conversation. Ilhan Omar Is Right and Trump Is

Why Ilhan Omar Is Not Antisemitic : Ben Shapiro Destroyed

Ilhan Omar Is Not Antisemitic, Here’s Why! See Also: (PressTV) – Palestinian School Girl Terrorist or Mainstream Media Propaganda? A 16 year old Palestinian schoolgirl was just killed by Israeli soldiers, was she a terrorist as she was described? Or a victim of occupation? Robert

Gaza bombed again

Robert Inlakesh joins ANC Report to talk about the recent Gaza conflict – Ryan Dawson See Also: (Ryan Dawson) – News on Gaza and new platform Also: (Ryan Dawson) – Yemen tells Saudi Arabi to get bent Huge truck bomb wipes out an entire Saudi