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Oh Sh*t, The Lawsuits Are Coming…

Russell Brand – As Big Pharma pushes vaccines for children (who already have natural immunity) while driving up prices for already unaffordable life-saving drugs that people actually do need, the CDC are meeting to discuss permanent legal indemnity for Pfizer and Moderna. Nothing to worry

Hang On, Pfizer Just Admitted WHAT?!

Due to a recent strike on this platform, we’re now having to censor ourselves from talking about, say, Pfizer stating that they didn’t test whether its Covid vaccine prevented transmission before it entered the market. We’ll do our best though – and you can do

There’s More To This

Politicians across the world have been busy expressing their admiration for Russians risking arrest to take part in anti-war marches – but that didn’t stop them voting to restrict the right to protest in their own countries

People Are Waking Up To The Lies

Following news that The US government will stop publishing daily Covid death statistics, are we discovering more links between government health policy and government perception? See Also: (Russell Brand) – “You Will Own Nothing & Be Happy” – Davos 2022 The Great Reset The annual

Joe Rogan DESTROYS MSM As Jon Stewart SLAMS Its LIES

Russell Brand – January 12th, 2022 – As Newsweek reports a Jon Stewart joke as a genuine story, we ask, will the mainstream media say anything to stay in business? See Also: (Russell Brand) – Lab Leak Cover-Up: DAMNING New Fauci Emails EXPOSED As new

“Paid Millions To LIE??” Is THIS Why MSM Is DYING??!

Russell Brand – As corporate news continues to lose ratings and the trust of the public, what does Brian Williams’s exit from MSNBC tell us about the future of mainstream media? See Also: (Russell Brand) – “Hang On… It’s A TRAP!!!” This Is TERRIFYING In

Err…It’s Not Crime WHEN WE DO IT!!!!

Recent revelations in both the US and UK show that sleaze, corruption and lobbying is rife within politics. See Also: (Russell Brand) – Err… So I Guess You LIED, Mr President!! Also: (Russell Brand) – Squid Game – The HIDDEN Truth THAT NOBODY’S TALKING ABOUT!!!!”

CNN Coverage Called Out TO ITS FACE!!!

Former New York Times journalist Bari Weiss confronted CNN’s Brian Stelter about his network’s coverage of, amongst other things, the COVID-19 lab leak theory. See Also: (Russell Brand) – Thought Elections Couldn’t Sink Any Lower?? THINK AGAIN!!! An anti-Trump hoax BACKFIRES Glenn Youngkin wins the

Errr… So If THIS Isn’t Immoral Then WHAT IS?!!

As Elon Musk goads Jeff Bezos about his superior wealth, a new report shows that in the US wealthy individuals in the top 1% now have more collective wealth than entire middle class combined. See Also: (Russell Brand) – Err… REALLY?? How Dishonest Can Big

Was It All A SCAM?! What REALLY Happened With Facebook Crash??!

The global outage that saw Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp go dark for billions of users came just hours after Frances Haugen leaked a series of damning revelations about the company…. just a coincidence? See Also: (Russell Brand) – How Love Will Defeat Hate | Russell

The Truth Is They WANT Us To HATE Each Other!

In this video I speak to Gary Younge about the root and systemic causes of violence in the UK & US and how we can address these problems collectively and rationally. You can listen to this See Also: (Russell Brand) – $TRILLION Wealth Transfer –

Israel / Palestine – This Needs To Be Heard

Many of you wanted clarity on the subject of Palestine and the current conflict. This, from Holocaust survivor Dr. Gabor Maté (on my podcast Under The Skin) is the most beautiful and powerful testimony on this subject I’ve ever heard. From someone with deep connections